“Getting Out of Babylon”

Here is short list of all blogs that relate more or less to my efforts to “Get out of Babylon”. What do I mean by that? “Getting out of Babylon” is a Bible term derived from my terrorized childhood upbringing. Our family religion insisted it was the only religion that didn’t hold to ancient Babylon-ish teachings. Now that I’m an adult, it’s time for me to examine those horrid beliefs and decide what to do with them. Are they valid in today’s world? Or are they so much religious “propaganda” to be evaluated and accordingly integrated into my being — or more likely discarded. I realize it’s not that simple to simply “throw away” a belief, because unfortunately some of our most harmful beliefs are core beliefs. Core beliefs can make or break a person. At the end of it all, it would be nice to be left standing strong in my self-sovereign and my inherent vital well-being, without any unnecessary baggage. So, this blogsite is my tool to decide what beliefs of my parents I’ll keep and which I’ll discard as so much rubbish. Follow along if you wish. Take what serves you and leave the rest. It’s your call.

Blogroll for “Getting Out of Babylon”

flip flops jw shun don't shunShun Don’t Shun

The Jehovah’s Witnesses do flip-flops on their theology. It is an “on-and-off” system of belief when it comes to the issue of disfellowshipping members they judge as “sinners.” In a span of five years, they went from “don’t shun it’s cruel” to “shun! It’s our tool of power and tyranny that finds no parallel!” The most revealing  Read more…

Heather with her GrandmaShunning Mom

I never would have imagined that by the end of a week-long visit with my beloved mother that I would be shunning her. It was 1985. I lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and my Mom lived in Selkirk, Manitoba. I had been asking — begging — Mom to come and visit us ever since we moved to Saskatoon from Selkirk, in 1978, a period of seventeen years. 1978, the year of my baptism as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, was also the same year that my husband was laid off. Our family was in transition on so many levels. Read more…

Vancouver Trolley Bus via WikipediaKindness of Strangers

I was half a block away from the corner when the bus rolled up to the stop. “Oh, darn,” I thought, looking down dejectedly. “There goes my bus.” It was Monday morning and I was feeling sorry for myself. I looked up again noticing the bus was still sitting at the corner. That was unusual. Read more…

Esther little girlAbundance!

In Chapter three of my book I write about my childhood recollections around having money. I didn’t know what to do with money when I was five years old. Having money was an enormous responsibility, to my childish way of thinking.
Read more…

Jehovah's Witnesses selling happiness literatureSelling Happiness

What dollar amount would I pay if I could go somewhere and “buy” happiness? The next logical question I might ask: Who might be selling happiness? A supermarket? Amazon? Politics? Religion? What if someone was selling everlasting life? Or peace? What if they were having a sale! Seriously, what would you say if someone rang your doorbell on Saturday morning, got you out of bed, and you opened the door to this: “Hello, my name is George and I’m selling happiness.” A rational awake person would laugh and close the door, yes? After all, is happiness a product you could trade on the commodities market?
Read more…

Photocopier lights can bring on a migraine headacheMigraine!

The other day I watched a bright flickering light near my computer at work. I was reminded how a flickering light, or the flash of a photocopier, or even a camera at one time could bring on a migraine headache. I paused for a moment and thought about the last time I had endured a migraine. It must have been 2005.
Read more…

Evolution of AzaleaBeing Authentic

What does “being authentic” mean? Here might be a good example of authenticity. I hurried home from work yesterday so that I could spend quality time with my cousin who I’m just now getting to know. I also — finally — met her husband for the very first time, even though they have been together for many years. Why, after all this time are we — not until this moment — getting to really know each other? Could it be Read more…

Cartoon Christian Bear, Christians believe in human sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a " sacrifice"?Cartoon: Christian Land

Strange things have been happening in our so-called Christian lands. So many rules and contradictions it boggles the mind! The cartoon does leave me with a few questions, though. Christians believe in human blood sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a “sacrifice”? Read more…


I don’t know about you, but I have a very busy mind. “Monkey-mind” it is often called. Oh, it’s bad — unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, inconstant, confused, indecisive, uncontrollable — all that and more, just what the great gurus of the world absolutely dread. My friend suggested to me, “Why don’t you meditate?” Read more…

Meditate on Koan What is Vital Well-Being?Koan: Meditate Well-Being

As I change my views about well-being, updating my profile is a must.  After all, a writer’s profile resonates much the same as an intention. While journeying along in this life, my aspirations inevitably must change, as seeking vital well-being requires. The profile description  has changed several times already since beginning blogging in 2010. The most recent was Read More…

Esther and partner enjoy dancing quickstepFollowing My Soul’s Normal Desires

As a young girl I was taught to feel ashamed of my normal desires. For example, when I was about four my Grandma watched me glued to a show featuring ballroom dancing. She and Mom asked me if I would like to dance like Ginger (as in Fred and Ginger). Oh, how my innocent child-self adored watching them dance. I looked up from her grainy black and white TV long enough to beam and nod my head, while Grandma and Mom roared with laughter at my “foolish, childish whim.” Read More…

Vital Well-Being

Is it possible to support my vital well-being while between jobs? It’s a situation which tends to make me a rather anxious. I remind myself I have been through rough spots several times in my life. In fact, I’ve come through several massive life changes — what I call “dark night of the soul” stuff. No matter how huge the challenges, I’ve always maneuvered through financial issues successfully to reach a new plateau of vital well-being. Read more…

Laws of Nature Predate and Supercede all man-made lawsDeconstructing Belief

Why is it so important to deconstruct my belief system as an adult? What could possibly go wrong with the beliefs with which we were raised? Don’t laugh — these are valid questions. To me, the need for a deconstruction process became obvious and I trust my readers will soon readily understand also. When I write, I see my father in me, especially
Read more…

More to come!

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