Getting Out of Babylon

Here is short list of all journal entries that relate more or less to my own personal efforts on my journey to “Get out of Babylon”. What do I mean by that? “Getting out of Babylon” is a Bible term derived from my terrorized childhood upbringing. Our family religion insisted it was the only religion that didn’t hold to ancient Babylon-ish teachings.

Deconstructing One Belief at a Time

Now that I’m an adult, it’s time for me to examine those horrid beliefs and decide what to do with them. Are they valid in today’s world? Or are they so much religious “propaganda” to be evaluated and accordingly integrated into my being — or more likely discarded. I realize it’s not that simple to simply “throw away” a belief, because unfortunately some of our most harmful beliefs are core beliefs. Core beliefs can make or break a person. At the end of it all, it would be nice to be left standing strong in my sovereign self and my inherent vital well-being-ness, without any unnecessary baggage.

Consequently, this website is my tool to decide what beliefs of my parents I’ll keep and which I’ll discard as so much rubbish. As I deconstruct my childhood beliefs, feel free to follow along if you so desire. Take what serves you and leave the rest. It’s your call.

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conceive believe achieve Beliefs

What is the difference between belief and knowing? First, let’s see what the dictionary says about both terms. Belief is “Something believed or accepted as true” — often because others adopt that view — a type of “group think” And we’d “know” because we “possess knowledge, information, or understanding because we used critical thinking to come to our own logical conclusion.” So, where does the New Age movement fit? Years ago, I was told all I had to do was “conceive, believe, achieve”. While it is true that I successfully made changes in my life when I left the Watch Tower cult, I can’t see how the current reality with the global fraud without science  of a distorted cold virus is something which I ever could have conceived. Now, I’m questioning the New Age beliefs I heard about. Is the New Age movement perhaps just another way to put people to sleep and keep them inactive and unable to act against injustice? Read more >>>


Lightbearers convention program croppedLucifer as “Light Bearer”

In the year 2000, I found a starting point to begin a new life, guided by my own inner being, my intuition, my inner guidance inherent in each one of us. We are born with those gifts, yet as Jehovah’s Witnesses we were taught to not trust our inner guidance, and even heard scriptures to silence those inherent gifts. “The heart is more treacherous than anything. Who can know it?” ~ Jeremiah 17:9 (New World Translation of Jehovah’s Witnesses) All the while, humans are meant to live as inherently sovereign humans. Read more >>

I will always do what I know to be rightDoing What is Right Calls Us to Action

Changing the world right now is possible. It’s what I always sensed. It’s why we’re here on the planet at this particular time. But how do people come to this realization when so much is happening so fast which appears to conflict with what we know to be true? When I ponder things like this, I usually receive some kind of confirmation that I’m on the right track. I receive some new information with which I resonate. A song reminds me of something. I have an insightful dream. I remember something from somewhere. Someone says something that clicks. It never fails. Today I quote these words from a recent YouTube video with a meaningful message for men and women. Read more >>

Mother Earth Supports All SoulsEarth Supports All Souls

Yes indeed, Mother Earth supports all souls. The question is, do all beings we see now on the planet actually have a soul? Or have some humans now sold their soul in one way or another to some seemingly “off-planet” being or beings, namely Satan, Devil, Lucifer, the demons, archons, etc., for thirty pieces of silver, or are some beings bribed or blackmailed — or otherwise coerced into submission? Read more >>

codependence describedReligion: A Structure of Codependence

Religion is a structure of co-dependence whereby people are taught they cannot live without it. To be sure, religion cannot survive without its members. Like an alcoholic or drug addict, the religious people “need their fix.” And like an alcoholic or drug addict, the churches need a cash flow to keep functioning — somewhat. Read more >>

hijacking the soul saying Religion makes it easy to deceive a man hard to undeceiveHijacking the Soul

When I understood that “The Program” is capable of hijacking the soul, my eyes came into clear focus. “The Program” and the Soul are two vastly different things. Interestingly, “The Program” includes religion, which is very much like Mind Kontrol (MK-Ultra). Religions are capable of paralyzing the thinking mind, replacing it with rigid rules requiring absolute obedience, thus utterly dis-empowering all who believe. The only difference between MK-Ultra and religion is that religion is the drug — but it upends the soul much like LSD, a popular drug used in MK-Ultra experiments. Such a covert agenda — so contrary to nature — alienates us from our soul. After all, nature is my measuring rod for evaluating agendas. Is it conducive to nature? — or does it oppose nature? Read more >>

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret AtwoodSovereign Beings

I was trying to explain to someone that we are inherently sovereign beings, capable of self-governance. The broken system under which we live currently doesn’t teach us that. We don’t learn it in school, nor religion, nor politics. Those “powers” would rather we didn’t know — our knowledge might be too dangerous for the powers-that-wanna-be. And in fact, every day more laws are being implemented to remove what little power humans have left. As a basic starting point, I looked up the term “self-sovereign” in the dictionary, but I suppose that the “powers-that-wanna-be” want us to think that such a thing is not even a real thing. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we?  Read more >>

As my commentary on Jehovah’s Witnesses, I have read an official English translation (from Dutch) of the Utrecht University’s report called “Sexual Abuse and Willingness to Report Sexual Abuse Within the Jehovah’s Witness Community”. I have included this report in it’s entirety, downloadable at the link under Related Reading. I also make many references to the parent organization called Watchtower. Read more >>

’Silence is the voice of complicity’ posted in Watchtower Enables Predatory BehaviorWatchtower Enables Predatory Behavior: A Woman’s View

For me to come out publicly and state that Watchtower enables predatory behavior might sound like conspiracy. However, I can’t keep quiet about crimes I personally know about in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, my family religion. As I reached out to other ex-members, I found I’m not alone. Many others who have now left the religion have similar stories. Read more >>

Trojan Horse infiltrated Troy, to destroy their families and cultureOverwhelming Credentials

When I saw this long list of overwhelming credentials for the “Faithful and Discreet Slave” of Watchtower Inc., I just had to share. This entire list contains scriptures. The gentlemen in the photo would like members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe that they receive channeled information direct from their god. Tell me, what kind of a god would choose men who would hide 23,000 known pedophiles among their ranks?  Read more >>

disillusioned by religion? You don't need religion to have morals. You need empathy, not religion.Disillusioned by Religion

“In the past I thought religion was all about ‘belonging’ and ‘Jesus loves me.’ But, when I attended church we felt so terribly judged,” my friend Ella explained how she felt about religion. Clearly, she was disillusioned by religion. It was not satisfying her soul. Ella is like a sister to me. Perhaps a “soul sister.” We have had a similar religious journey in some ways. Read more >>

Cover of old Elders Manual Mirrored horizontallyHidden Images in Watchtower Publications

I’ve been using a mirror to find hidden images in Watchtower publications. Children seem to find these images quickly, and it frightens them. My daughter used to cry when I read her stories in “My Book of Bible Stories” and I finally figured out why. That book has some of the most hideous images imaginable. For a children’s book, I find the practice objectionable. I’ll be sharing more as I have time, and as more images become available. Read more >>

Watchtower Cover May 2019 see horned devil in insetReligious Dilemma—Sin? or Crime?

Watchtower cover of May 2019 magazine reveals a horned devil, hidden in plain sight. See inset. This, in the same magazine that appears to protect pedophiles. Why am I still so shocked by the religious dissonance? One of several recent videos drew my attention to the religious dilemma of whether child sexual abuse could be more properly viewed as a sin or a crime through the Watchtower’s corporate lens. Read more >>

Molech - god from babylon engaged in human blood sacrifice - dear christiansDear Christians, There’s Something I Wish to Say

Dear Christians, There is something I wish to say. If you have ever been in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion, and you escaped with your soul, everything religious has the potential to be a triggering event. If you have never been JW, then there are certain things you might not understand about us when we leave. Many of us come away with … Read more >>

you don't need religion to have morals found on Respect in Religion – Is it Lacking? My Journey out of BabylonRespect in Religion – Is it Lacking?

I have a friend who actually quit attending church because of the lack of respect from her church elders. Ahem, respect in religion — is it lacking? Let’s have a closer look. I had an opportunity to see old friends on New Years’ Eve when my partner and I went out dinner-dancing at a wonderful club where our group occasionally enjoys gathering. We talked with our friends about how busy our lives have become over the past year. Read more >>

JW cart witnessing child endangerment on Over-riding Maternal Instincts and Getting Out of BabylonOver-Riding Maternal Instincts

As a pre-amble to the subject I’m talking about, I just want to say that both men and women have intuitive abilities if we choose to exercise them. The more we “exercise” them, the stronger they become. Over-riding maternal instincts weakens these abilities, and is actually a deadly trap set by religion. Due to the content here today, I’m being more specific about women, but I’m not discounting men.  Read more >>

Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a Time in Watchtower-landKill the Apostates!

Jehovah’s Witnesses consider themselves a “moderate” religion. However, what follows is an excerpt from their Watchtower magazine, which reveals a truth about them that they might not wish to discuss when they ring your doorbell. They wish to literally kill the apostates: Read more >>

No amount of belief makes something a fact. Why isn't recruiting children a crime?Why isn’t Recruiting Children a Crime?

Why isn’t recruiting children a crime? Recently I watched a YouTube video that shook me to my core. The content creator saw a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) woman by her cart, in a playground setting, surrounded by small children. I’d leave a link, but she appears to have taken down the video. She was terribly upset as she described what she observed. When I heard what she had to say, I was disturbed also. She watched a religious organization recruiting children. Read more >>

Love energy feels nice. It's energy of the heart. Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeMind?—or Heart?

Living from the mind or heart — which do I prefer? I’m back from my walk, after enjoying the singing finches, the sweet smelling hyacinth in our back yard, our front yard, as well as areas throughout the neighborhood. This walk really got me into my heart. The walk inspired me and I began thinking about the difference between living in my mind vs. living from my heart. Read more >>

running on a treadmill of religion? Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeRespect and Disrespect Drama Triangles of Human Interaction

When I was in therapy with Dr. Kat (not her real name) she taught me her own expanded version of the Karpman Drama Triangle. Her example contained both Respect and Disrespect Drama Triangles. If you don’t know what the tools of Respect and Disrespect Dramas are, bear with me while I explain. Read more >>

We are not cut-out dolls that we would all think alike — believe alike — with no variations. Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeJesus Theology

I understand the Jesus theology. If I do something “wrong” the rule is ask to be forgiven by Jesus. That is what Christians believe. I also recall that Christianity began with a political conqueror named Constantine. He had a vision of a cross and heard the words “with this symbol go forth and conquer” or words to that effect. Oh, the blood that was spilled on the earth once hunting and killing your fellow humans became legal — and your “spiritualized” duty! Read more >>

Crosses are symbol of Christianity, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeSave My Soul?

A woman on the bus tried to save my soul yesterday. Perhaps its because of the Easter season. Nevertheless, she began by asking if I believed in Jesus. “If I believe anything about Jesus, it would not be the biblical version. Instead, it would be the Gnostic story in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene escaped their would-be murderers to become healers in a far-away land,” was my reply. “But, don’t you believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?” she persisted. Read more >>

gnostic gospels by Elaine Pagels Book Cover, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeHuman Blood Sacrifice

The Christian God Jehovah (YHWH) is a father who is actually proud that he contracted his son’s death for 30 pieces of silver. Yes, I hear you screaming that it was Judas. Considering that the all-powerful god couldn’t prevent it means he enabled the abuse of his son. Then, for the rest of our human lives we are beholden via guilt to worship this vile god. He demands our worship and our utmost obedience. Humans are threatened by fear and death to obey a god who made abusive demands on his son and continues to make similar disrespectful demands on any followers. This god then compels by threat of death, insisting that we owe our life, our gratitude to him for offering this human blood sacrifice. Read more >> 

Green New World Translation of the Bible Jehovah's Witnesses, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeBible Bigots

Without a doubt, the Bible is a most influential book, and not in a healthy way. As a child, the Bible was used by my parents to teach me obedience and subjection. It was a book that instilled fear — a book of oppression filled with harsh, punishing beliefs, and frightful images. My parents used the Bible to produce compliant children who were easy to control and manipulate. My parents were Bible bigots. Now, as an adult, I still see the influence of the Bible by authority figures. Being biblically conditioned, I subsequently — and most unfortunately in my ignorance — used that same book to indoctrinate my children. Read more >>

JW wheel perfect for congregational judgment and comparison generates fear, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeReligious Judgment and Comparison Generates Fear

One of my readers wrote a letter explaining a rather odd behavior in her family. While her side of the family is not Jehovah’s Witness, her husband’s side was raised in the religion, but hubby was never active. She is very comfortable and relaxed with the immediate side of her own family and they freely express and interact with one another lovingly. On the other hand, when her hubby’s family members sporadically come around, she senses a very different feeling. She describes it as a stiffness, an artificiality, a feeling that she must watch herself. Why is that? Is it really true that JW religious judgment and comparison generates fear? Read more >>

are you being shunned by family members survey, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeReligion is Manipulative

Secular authorities appear to know little about how religions operate, using manipulation. Aayan Hirsi Ali, political scientist and author, spoke a universal truth when she said “government seems to feel they must enshrine cultural religions and hold [them] as sacred, no matter how dysfunctional these people act.” Read more >>

Great saying! Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves - Pema Chodron, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeIs Self-Care Selfish?

Is it Selfish to take care of your “Self” first? I’m saying taking care of the “self” first is not selfish, unlike what many of us were taught. It’s a very important aspect of acquiring and maintaining excellent health. Personally, I been active in taking care of my health for many years. An ongoing development process began in the 1980’s. When my health underwent significant shifts, I decided to try some alternative treatments. I responded well and was able to stop taking prescription painkillers. Religion can be called selfish if their members harm themselves or others because of hurtful beliefs. Religions’ harms is a topic for serious discussion, especially because religion has been put on a pedestal that no one is allowed to address or question, lest they question God. Read more >>

Monty Python's Life of Brian, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeFree Will—In Religion?

You may wish to read my earlier post called “Walking Away from Religion” before analyzing the level of respect in your religious institution. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being honest and open with yourself. Here are some questions about free will to ask yourself: Is critical thinking allowed? In other words, are you frowned upon if you have doubts and questions? Are you afraid to voice your uncertainties because you may be judged as a “doubting Thomas” or as a “weak one”? Read more >>

respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy, Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeWalking Away from Religion

After walking away from an antiquated patriarchal belief system, “Phoenix of Faith” author has to admit that some days are better than others. Being “born into” the family religion means that I knew no other way of living, other than being frightened into submission. Walking away from religion took a paradoxical leap of faith. How do I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me, or makes me happy? Let me explain. Read more >>

Revelation Climax Destruction at Armageddon,Getting Out of Babylon, Deconstructing One Belief at a TimeArmageddon!

Is Armageddon “real”? It’s a real “teaching” — but is it a real thing? Or is it just there in religion for the purpose of inducing fear. Fear works, but it is not a motivator — quite the opposite — because it has a paralyzing effect. The religious tenet of wicked people being destroyed at Armageddon (claimed to be god’s war) is a serious lie that flies in the face of love. In the summer, we traveled fifty miles to Winnipeg for religious conventions with the “paradise people.” Ever since I was old enough to remember, my mom and dad, brothers, and I Read more >>

Fuji Apples from wikipedia.comCrime & Punishment

A man gets arrested for stealing an apple. Instead of dealing with the thief directly, the judge’s son gets murdered to pay for the theft of the apple that someone else ate. When it comes to crime and punishment, does the punishment fit the crime? The light went on for me some time ago. As a result, the “logic” of Christianity eludes me. When the Easter season rolls around, I think about the cruci-“fiction” story and shake my head. At this point on the calendar, patriarchal Christian religions are sure to point to a scripture in the Bible to justify the insane reaction by their punishing god. Read more >>

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