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Here is short list of all blogs that relate more or less to my own personal efforts to “Get out of Babylon”. What do I mean by that? “Getting out of Babylon” is a Bible term derived from my terrorized childhood upbringing. Our family religion insisted it was the only religion that didn’t hold to ancient Babylon-ish teachings. Now that I’m an adult, it’s time for me to examine those horrid beliefs and decide what to do with them. Are they valid in today’s world? Or are they so much religious “propaganda” to be evaluated and accordingly integrated into my being — or more likely discarded. I realize it’s not that simple to simply “throw away” a belief, because unfortunately some of our most harmful beliefs are core beliefs. Core beliefs can make or break a person. At the end of it all, it would be nice to be left standing strong in my self-sovereign being and my inherent vital well-being, without any unnecessary baggage. So, this blogsite is my tool to decide what beliefs of my parents I’ll keep and which I’ll discard as so much rubbish. Follow along if you wish. Take what serves you and leave the rest. It’s your call.

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False nails overlay real ones and cause damage to the real nails cropFalse Overlays on Reality

What are false overlays on reality when looking at deception practices in institutions these days? In a previous post I showed how the Watchtower Corporation uses a deception strategy called “Inversion” to confuse and mislead vulnerable hearts and minds to follow their cult. I decided more needs to be said about this common practice of inversion used in their religion. In the image I posted, I show how the inverted image is embedded into the Watchtower itself.  Read more >>

Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Corp uses Inversion as mind controlInversion Systems as Mind Control

Quoted from CC BY SA Energetic Synthesis. All content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. “In everyday life, Inverted Systems allow for the production of artificial storefronts or business facades that more effectively hide the real intentions of that industry from the public, which allows for easy dark infiltration to feed corruption, reversals and blackmail. The imposters hire Psychopaths and marketing propaganda teams to represent them, while operating from within the deep compartmental layers built upon the same inverted system of energy. Read more >>

JW wheel perfect for congregational judgment and comparison generates fearReligious Judgment and Comparison Generates Fear

One of my readers wrote a letter explaining a rather odd behavior in her family. While her side of the family is not Jehovah’s Witness, her husband’s side was raised in the religion, but hubby was never active. She is very comfortable and relaxed with the immediate side of her own family and they freely express and interact with one another lovingly. On the other hand, when her hubby’s family members sporadically come around, she senses a very different feeling. She describes it as a stiffness, an artificiality, a feeling that she must watch herself. Why is that? Is it really true that JW religious judgment and comparison generates fear? Read more >>

Journals used during the writing of "Phoenix of Faith"Why I Wrote Phoenix of Faith

From Delusional Beliefs to Discovery of the Self — a book about my abandoning the family religion. What if you found out your faith was built upon sand? Did humans create religion to support their pre-existing beliefs? Is God real? Do you require proof or faith in order to believe? Faith is Defined as Read more >>

Introduction to Phoenix of Faith

As my introduction to Phoenix of Faith, I will jump in and say that while it is true I kept a journal for many years, I did not begin writing Phoenix of Faith until the day after I discovered my daughter was getting married and I was not invited. I was devastated. What kind of monster had I become that my beloved daughter had to distance herself so completely from me, her own mother? I believe a man at the beginning of his marriage does not willfully intend to treat his wife badly. Likewise, a man at the beginning of fatherhood does not set out to hurt his daughter. But spouses and parents frequently carry emotional baggage from their respective families of origin. If the father’s behavior is dysfunctional as a result of unhealed wounds of his psyche, his daughter may go on to follow her mother’s example. She may choose a husband resembling her father — a man to “fix.” Depending how well or poorly the young couple’s patterns interact determines how happy or miserable that marriage becomes. Read more >>

2012-02 My son sent me this photo which looks like shunningHearts of Stone

My Jehovah’s Witness elder/brother sent me a photo of my son and my granddaughter after twelve years of nothing. By any chance, does this look like shunning? Oh *sigh* I suppose this is what can happen when Mercury is in retrograde — it’s the only time I can despair so deeply — and come up with poetry titled “Hearts of Stone”: When I left religion, I sacrificed my beloved children on the altar of religion. I left and they stayed. Now I’m shunned. Abandoned by their love. Yet, I am free from religion. But religion turned our hearts to stone. Read more >>

Great saying! "Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves" - Pema ChodronIs Self-Care Selfish

Is it Selfish to take care of your “Self” first? I’m saying taking care of the “self” first is not selfish, unlike what many of us were taught. It’s a very important aspect of acquiring and maintaining excellent health. Personally, I been active in taking care of my health for many years. An ongoing development process began in the 1980’s. When my health underwent significant shifts, I decided to try some alternative treatments. I responded well and was able to stop taking prescription painkillers. Religion can be called selfish if their members harm themselves or others because of hurtful beliefs. Religions’ harms is a topic for serious discussion, especially because religion has been put on a pedestal that no one is allowed to address or question, lest they question God. Read more >>

Snowdrops beside our homeWelcome Snow Drops!

“You are a most welcome sight, beloved snow drops!” I exclaim joyfully. The first signs of spring are upon us, and peeking out of the ground is solid proof. They’re a little late coming up this year, but I say better late than never. Usually, by the middle of January, those sweet and lovely little snow lilies (or snow drops) poke up through the snow. This year, they cheerfully announced themselves the first week of February, just before another couple of snow dumps. Have a look. Read more >>

Monty Python's Life of BrianFree Will in Religion

You may wish to read my earlier post called “Walking Away from Religion” before analyzing the level of respect in your religious institution. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being honest and open with yourself. Here are some questions about free will to ask yourself: Is critical thinking allowed? In other words, are you frowned upon if you have doubts and questions? Are you afraid to voice your uncertainties because you may be judged as a “doubting Thomas” or as a “weak one”? Read more >>

respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happyWalking Away from Religion

After walking away from an antiquated patriarchal belief system, “Phoenix of Faith” author has to admit that some days are better than others. Being “born into” the family religion means that I knew no other way of living, other than being frightened into submission. Walking away from religion took a paradoxical leap of faith. How do I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me, or makes me happy? Let me explain. Read more >>

Wedding Day for Uncle Doug and Aunt Virginia.Inner Child Work

Feel the energy on this old family picture. It’s a wedding, and it appears to be a somber summer day in the late 1950s. Perhaps this is an ideal time for me to do some inner child work. Since the 1980s and 1990s I did much inner child work along with my therapist, as well as on my own, once I finished therapy. This year, during Mercury retrograde, I used this photo in a visualization to work with my inner child. Read more >>

Revelation Climax Destruction at Armageddon crop p 233Armageddon!

Is Armageddon “real”? It’s a real “teaching” — but is it a real thing? Or is it just there in religion for the purpose of inducing fear. Fear works, but it is not a motivator — quite the opposite — because it has a paralyzing effect. The religious tenet of wicked people being destroyed at Armageddon (claimed to be god’s war) is a serious lie that flies in the face of love. In the summer, we traveled fifty miles to Winnipeg for religious conventions with the “paradise people.” Ever since I was old enough to remember, my mom and dad, brothers, and I Read more >>

Fuji Apples from wikipedia.comCrime & Punishment

A man gets arrested for stealing an apple. Instead of dealing with the thief directly, the judge’s son gets murdered to pay for the theft of the apple that someone else ate. When it comes to crime and punishment, does the punishment fit the crime? The light went on for me some time ago. As a result, the “logic” of Christianity eludes me. When the Easter season rolls around, I think about the cruci-“fiction” story and shake my head. At this point on the calendar, patriarchal Christian religions are sure to point to a scripture in the Bible to justify the insane reaction by their punishing god. Read more >>

“The Sick One”

What is an expert? According to Danish Physicist Niels Bohr, “An expert is a person who has made all possible errors within a limited range of human experience.” I can certainly claim my fair share of obstacles and “errors” during my lifetime which challenges the very foundations of mental health and emotional wellness. Early on, I became labelled as the “sick one” in the family. Let me explain. After growing up in an abusive family environment dominated by an oppressive patriarchal religion, I found myself in a marriage to an alcoholic husband — apparently women sometimes marry a man much like their father. However, I didn’t consciously know that at the time. Read more >>

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