In Chapter three of my book I write about my childhood recollections around having money. I didn’t know what to do with money when I was five years old. Having abundance was an enormous responsibility, to my childish way of thinking.

Excerpt from Phoenix of Faith

“Once, at a convention in Arborg, Manitoba, my grandma gave me a coin. My eyes shone, as I looked up at her with gratitude, then back to the gleaming coin in the palm of my hand.

“Thank you, Grandma!” I said in my quiet voice, as she turned back to talk to my mom.

I was scared to put it down, so I clung onto it tightly in my little fist. I had no pocket in my dress. I wondered what to do with my newly acquired money, as I walked around the convention hall by myself with this most unfamiliar gift.

I hung onto my coin and looked at it all through the morning program, while I listened to the booming voice talk about Armageddon and The Paradise.” — Chapter 3, Phoenix of Faith

It wasn’t the last time I was challenged in that way when it came to possessing money. What was I supposed to do with abundance?

Esther as a young child on abundanceAllowing Abundance

Abundance revealed itself again recently. Yesterday, while walking to work I passed by a row of beautiful Scotch Pines. Even through my headset, I caught another sound breaking into the classical music. I recognized it as the chirping of hummingbirds. Not just one or two — but the entire pine grove was filled with the happy chirpings of these magical little birds. What was I to do with such a joyous presentation, except stop and delight in their presence! Simply allow this awesome gift! So I did just that.

Naturally, I pulled out my ear buds, eager to hear every chirp. I stepped to the edge of the sidewalk, conscious not to step too closely, lest I distract them from their social interlude. Ah, to watch the hummingbirds chirp and flit between, around, and among the trees with such carefree pleasure as they interacted with one another. This was a pleasure I hadn’t ever encountered before in my entire life! My heart swelled with love for these amazing winged creatures.

Ah, the sweetness of life. I now savor abundance when these ever-increasing windows of bliss appear in my life in the now. It was another miracle of my amazing present life, so different from my childhood days. As well, I was reminded that abundance comes in many different forms and in this case all I had to do was allow it and enjoy it in its fullness!

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