Andy 2004I’m playing this one for you, Andy! Don’t You Wish it Was True by John Fogerty. It was one of his favorite songs.

I am Andy’s sister. He took great pride in saying I was his favorite sister — of course I’m his only sister — but that didn’t stop him from saying that each time we saw one another.

I am here for Andy, to celebrate his life. He passed from this world on February 4, 2012. He had a hard life, but he had many joys, too. He has two wonderful children who he absolutely adores. I’m using the present tense because I’m sure he still absolutely adores them from his new presence.

Judging the Self

The thing about Andy was that he judged himself harshly while on this earth plane. The past few years he looked at himself in the mirror and he saw himself as “broken.” He looked at each of us. He looked into our eyes and he could tell if we loved him unconditionally. The message from our eyes and heart told him, “I love you and accept you just as you are. I see you as a beautiful and whole person.” Love is simple. I speak from my heart now and say, “Andy, I love you because you are my brother. I love you and accept you just the way you are. You are a beautiful being, filled with love and light.”

2010-10 Robin likes our birdbathLove of Nature

Indeed, Andy was filled with love and wonder for life, he loved nature and the outdoors. He had a bird bath in his back yard and told me — and everyone I’m sure — how the robins would cue up on the garage roof, waiting their turn in the bird bath. And if one bird would take too long, the ones in cue up on the roof became impatient, leaning over the edge in anticipation of when their turn would occur. He learned about the birds because Mom had given him a book of birds. He spent many happy hours studying his beloved book of birds. If he was anything like me, one reason for his fondness of that book from Mom would be just so he could feel close to her, who left the planet in the year 2000.

Andy was Caring

Andy was generous. He would help anyone in need and never asked for anything back. He loved being surrounded by friends and family. I loved that he could let himself feel the full range of emotions. He could laugh and he could cry. We laughed and cried together sometimes. He knew it was okay to let himself feel what others felt. Sharing feelings allows for healing of emotional wounds. Like Andy would say, “And that’s a beautiful thing!”

We are all one, we are all connected. We are all human, each with our challenges. Andy always knew what place we were coming from because he was a beautiful, sensitive soul filled with love for all of us here.

Andy, I bless you to your path. There is no harshness where you are now. Only love. Pure love. Here’s one more song for you, beloved brother. It’s Wildwood Flower made famous by the Carter Family. Andy played this many times on his guitar. He learned it from Uncle Don and Uncle Dewey.

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