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Losing My Religion is a song by REMIt was important for me to get out of Babylonish religion, especially so because I didn’t know I was steeped in it to begin with. Most folks — regardless of their religious affiliation — would likely argue they aren’t involved with Babylon, as did I. What I understood much later, and these folks might not immediately understand, is that religion is a mind control program designed to steal your soul.

Folks often get involved in religions via being “born in”. In other circumstances, they voluntarily decide to find a faith home at a later time in life. These posts are my archives to explain my stance for leaving the family religion and not embracing another faith. For me, it’s imperative to be free, and I felt trapped by the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs! How about you? Have a look around, use what is useful — and leave the rest behind.

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“The Sick One”

What is an expert? According to Danish Physicist Niels Bohr, “An expert is a person who has made all possible errors within a limited range of human experience.” I can certainly claim my fair share of obstacles and “errors” during my lifetime which challenges the very foundations of mental health and emotional wellness. Early on, I became labelled as the “sick one” in the family. Let me explain. After growing up in an abusive family environment dominated by an oppressive patriarchal religion, I found myself in a marriage to an alcoholic husband — apparently women sometimes marry a man much like their father. However, I didn’t consciously know that at the time. Read more >>

Whatever arises love that Matt KahnFeeling Safe

When I run into problems, I normally feel resistant, wondering what I have done to create this seemingly insurmountable problem. In the past I always blamed myself when I had to face or heal something I considered “awful.” Recently, I have had to face a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, which several doctors say could take a couple of years to heal. As a result I’ve been trying to calm and soothe myself, without feeling I had the tools to do so. Meanwhile, the human resources department at work was trying to put undue pressure on me to fill forms and run to the doctor each time I missed a day of work. All my feelings of “pressure to perform” — “not good enough” — “undeservability” came up. Read more >>

Tree courtesy of wikimedia commonsShadows of Patriarchal Religion

What is it really like living in the shadows of a patriarchal religion such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses? “The Boys” — as my siblings were known — always came first, before me, in our family. The one girl — me — was a “waste of good food”, according to my patriarchal father. My father figured girls have less value than boys. Sadly, his warped ideology impacted me greatly as a child. I was keenly aware of the imbalance between me and my brothers because their scorn was always “in my face”. I always existed in the shadow of my six brothers. Read more >>

From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained Book CoverObedience Frighteningly Crucial

I tried hard to be a good girl so I could live in that happy paradise where all the good people would live someday, if they could be obedient enough. It was crucial to be obedient. Frighteningly so. My school friend Vicky said our family was going to hell because we didn’t go to her church on Sunday. She also informed me that her religion was the truth and ours was false. “Are we Catholic?” I asked my dad at our next bible study session. “Could we go to Vicky’s church?” Read more >>

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