Why Write about “Getting Out of Babylon?

I don’t know who else is writing about getting out of Babylon. Simply put, I began journaling at the suggestion of my therapist, after my father died in 1993. In 2010 I began posting my musings. I’m still trying to heal after leaving the family religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the year 2000. They really set me up to fail if I dared leave — I can see that now. They try hard to retain their followers by their innumerable frightening rules and beliefs — the worst being the Armageddon tale of woe.

As well, there are the ever-present threats of being disfellowshipped and shunned — besides the literally endless rules, regulations, commands, and orders that no human can keep perfectly. I think that’s the whole point, actually. Corporate religion would keep their members paralyzed in fear, instead of encouraging members to happily enjoy and live life as free sovereign beings. Besides that, there is the hamster wheel of repetitive activity that keeps members too busy to really stop and use some critical thinking — which we all inherently have. If we only knew how our natural abilities were being hijacked. Sigh.

The good thing is that all the fear-based teachings don’t prevent folks from waking up, and “getting out of Babylon” however. Comparatively speaking, a full two-thirds of those “born-in” end up leaving, according to the Time article America’s Unfaithful Faithful.

“…Jehovah’s Witnesses, with a turnover rate of about two-thirds. That means that two-thirds of the people who told Pew they were raised Jehovah’s Witnesses no longer are…”

Perhaps the ever-heightening levels of mind-control have something to do with the exodus?

Write Like No One Reads It!

journals that turn into blogs about my escape out of BabylonIf I dance like no one is watching, I also write like no one is reading! These days, I write what’s in my heart, even when I’m feeling conflicted. Scribbling words with my pen is kind of amazing, because writing usually facilitates sorting out my disparate — odd — thoughts.

Undoubtedly, writing helped me draw the conclusions I did about such “industrialized” religion from Babylon. I wrote about my disquieting beliefs long before I left the dysfunctional patriarchal belief system. After a hundred journals filled with rants, I thought perhaps others in my situation might appreciate them. So hopefully what I post enables someone else to escape with their souls still intact.

Whatever. Even if no one reads my rants, I still enjoy writing. It helps me sort through my baggage and decide what beliefs are important to me and what to discard. It is an ongoing kind of “therapy”.

Plans for this Page — Babylonian Religion

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  • If you’re an ex-member of a high-control religious group, I welcome your comments and I’d also love to hear your story.
  • If you’re curious about what it’s like after being raised in a cloistered community with a high level of mind-control, manipulation, deception, misogyny, and hierarchical abuses of all kinds, feel free to explore.

Staying well clear of industrialized religion is important for my sense of self-sovereignty and vital well-being. I’m done with being co-dependent with a religion. I am free from it — time to be true to me now — and that feels wonderful!

Feel free to look around! Follow along if you wish. Take what serves you and leave the rest. It’s your call.

Posts for “Getting Out of Babylon”

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing Edmund Burke.Is the Bible Predictive Programming?

First of all, just what is “Predictive Programming”? I figure the books we read, the games we play, and even the movies we watch are meant to somehow — and by degrees — “normalize” what could otherwise be traumatic events. Yes, “normalize” to the point where we don’t bat an eye when confronted by a “real” nasty event. Like we’re “supposed to” exist in a “comfortably numb” state. I realize the “official” description is quite different from life in the real world, feet-on-the-ground experience. I just remind myself Read more >>

History of Zion's Watch Tower front cover thumbLetter Writing Campaigns

I remember writing those letters for Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs). That was when I was a “publisher” for 2ion’s Watch Tower Corporation (ZWT), the company who created the religion. These programs were called “Letter-Writing Campaigns” in ZWT’s correspondence to the congregations. The personal handwritten letters were part of a recruitment program. It’s a very effective technique to capture hearts and souls for the cause. A personal letter makes the Jehovah’s Witnesses appear humanitarian — even benevolent. While some do genuinely care about humanity, it’s conditional on whether or you convert or not. Others pretend to care for you personally, even though they’re just rounding up souls for the Corporation. We were following orders, using the script headquarters provided. Read more >>

Put on your rose-colored glasses to read Watchtower and PoliticsWatchtower and Politics

Put on your rose-colored glasses for this one, folks. On a hunch, I was doing a search on Internet for political connections with Watchtower and I happened to find something interesting. The title seemed to indicate that Pres1dent Tr-mp and VP Pence and their wives visited a Washington, DC kingdom hall to express favorable news about the ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Jehovah’s Witnesses were abuzz, even joining the meeting from other areas, just to catch a glimpse of the POTUS and his wife. The question had to be asked — Are Watchtower and politics an item? Read more >>

Masonic cross and crown symbolSecret Society

Is the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses a secret society?—or is it a society of secrets? I hope you like dark secret society stuff because it seems to be popping up as a subject for discussion more and more frequently. Especially is this true among the ex-members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community. Religious members demonize us, get employers to fire us, and say all kinds of lies about us. As a direct result of these attacks, ex-members awaken to the truth about the organization and it’s close affiliates at the speed of light. Lately, it occurred to me… Read more >>

'We are All One' posted in Outgrowing Religion Outgrowing Religion

We are All One, aren’t we? Except that’s not what our family religion taught, which made outgrowing religion extremely painful for me. Whether or not folks realize or not, Jehovah’s Witnesses is one of many religions full of oppressive rules which members are not allowed to question. If a member had doubts and questions, he/she is viewed as a “Doubting Thomas.” The member is then watched with suspicion, as he/she might be an “Apostate” — a heretic, an infidel, a Judas. After all, he/she might be the one bad apple that spoils the entire bushel basket. The only way to prevent “spiritual contamination” Read more >>

Babylon book dedicated to god almighty no mention of restoring ancient Babylon is a deceptionWhy Write about Ancient Babylon?

Why would I write about ancient Babylon? What relevance could that ancient pagan city have for me today? Imagine my surprise when I began my research! I found some eye-opening books on the subject, which left me with an even more pressing question. What does the “worldly” book entitled The Two Babylons and the Watchtower book Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God’s Kingdom Rules! have in common? According to The Two Babylons the religious leaders had one job to do: Read more >>

When God was a Woman in Gods and Goddesses book cover by Merlin StoneIn the Name of God?

I look around at religions these days at the horrific things being done “in the name of god” and think to myself we may have forgotten our humanity. Wars are fought, fathers, mothers, and children are being sacrificed daily. People hate each other over religious or political ideals. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder how I could have possibly shunned my own beloved mother, while under the spell of a religious theology. What would makes folks — me included — take such extreme actions, even against folks we claim to love? I am a truly bookish person. When I read books, including the bible, I can’t help wondering what is the tipping point for us as cultures and individuals to forget about being human. It seems that no one behaves quite so badly, as those who perform their evil deeds while believing their god would wish it to be so. Read more >>

Yellow flowers more posted in Depression and Suicide in ReligionDepression and Suicide in Religion

I know of a Jehovah’s Witnesses woman who is currently in the psychiatric ward because she tried to commit suicide. Sadly, she is not alone. Other women in this religion have also tried that exit route, including me back in 1996. Naturally, I would not be able to see her, because I’m currently being shunned by members of the religion. But, if she was receptive of a visit, what could I say to her — or someone like her? Read more >>

Depression is a direct result of patriarchal control of women in families and congregationsPatriarchal Control

The Bible is full of patriarchal double-talk used to control its members. As far as I’m concerned, the Jehovah’s Witness patriarchy is out of balance, considering only men are allowed to claim special knowledge of the human condition. Many such men have been designated “elder” in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion may have never been married or had children. Among other things, it is their job to instruct women how to be good wives. Even though, they’re intent on having patriarchal control of the flock. I’ve even heard elders being referred to as “spiritual physicians” Read more >>

Cover of old Elders Manual Mirrored horizontallyHidden Images in Watchtower Publications

I’ve been using a mirror to find hidden images in Watchtower publications. Children seem to find these images quickly, and it frightens them. My daughter used to cry when I read her stories in “My Book of Bible Stories” and I finally figured out why. That book has some of the most hideous images imaginable. For a children’s book, I find the practice objectionable. I’ll be sharing more as I have time, and as more images become available. Read more >>

Jesus Curses the fig tree. Does the bible promote a Babylonian death cult?Does the Bible Promote a Death Cult?

This has been on my mind for awhile and I’ve simply got to put this out there: Does the bible promote a death cult? I’ve come up with several examples to support my hypothesis. Almost every day during my activism, I encounter some idiotic explanation of something that was said to occur in the Bible and was otherwise “explained away” by some pompous religious official. Initially, the idea sounds really inhumane, but someone with “authority” twists it around to sound “reasonable” if you are someone easily swayed by nonsensical explanations. Read more >>

Geo-engineering the skies, courtesy of geoengineeringwatch posted in Love, Light, and SongLove, Light, and Song

When I go for walks, I regularly see criss-crosses in the sky and I wonder, “What can little me do about this crime against humanity?” I’m only one person. Who else is even aware of this monstrous crime against nature? While walking and pondering, I made up a little saying that soothed me. I wake up with songs in my head some mornings, so I set the words to my new music. I call my new song “Love, Light, and Song”. Read more >>

No amount of belief makes something a fact. Why isn't recruiting children a crime?Why isn’t Recruiting Children a Crime?

Why isn’t recruiting children a crime? Recently I watched a YouTube video that shook me to my core. The content creator saw a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) woman by her cart, in a playground setting, surrounded by small children. I’d leave a link, but she appears to have taken down the video. She was terribly upset as she described what she observed. When I heard what she had to say, I was disturbed also. She watched a religious organization recruit children. It’s bad enough that Jehovah’s Witnesses indoctrinate their own children, but when they try to lure other people’s children into their nasty religion, that’s where I draw the line. Read more >>

Crimes of Jehovah's Witnesses' where bad policies protect predators and victimize childrenJehovah’s Witnesses and Pedophilia

Destroying files of pedophiles in the congregation is common practice? Elders concealing offenses due to “church policy”? In other words, church policy enables pedophilia in congregations? The Jehovah’s Witnesses organization settled nine lawsuits — so far? A Judge recently fined the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization with $4,000 a day for hiding pedophile members’ files? Who knew that Jehovah’s Witnesses and pedophilia could appear in the same sentence? Read more >>

Kuan Yin Goddess of Compassion cares about sex abuse victims in religionChild Sex Abuse Among Jehovah’s Witnesses

Recent headlines reveal that child sex abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses is pervasive. Here is an article located on a Catholic news website about the legal problems which the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion are now facing. This issue may or may not take some of the heat off the Catholics: Jehovah’s Witness leader urges elders to destroy sex abuse records. Read more >>

Tower of BabelConfusion as a Weapon

There is a Bible Story found in the book of Genesis where humans decided they would build a tower into the heavens and make a great name for themselves. It became known as the Tower of Babel. According to the rulers of the day, “god” apparently wasn’t happy with their plans, so used — of all things — confusion as a weapon of choice. He confused their language. Out of one became many different languages.  Read more >>

Book Cover "Of Water and the Spirit" by Malidoma Patrice SoméConflicting Beliefs

Malidoma Patrice Somé, who authored “Of Water and the Spirit” says his village elders believed that it is utterly impossible to survive being caught between two conflicting belief systems. In his case, the conflicting beliefs occurred between his family of origin and the residential school system, with no common ground. Unhappily, coming from two such opposing backgrounds is a deadly combination. Read more >>

Computer with Virus needs to purge old programmingSometimes Leaving is Healthy

As I write I am reminded how, when I left the family religion, I recognized the urgency of purging the old beliefs. Ask my mother if it was healthy for her to leave her abusive husband, my dad. Ask someone who leaves a toxic employment situation if they did the right thing. Yes, sometimes leaving is healthy, but then what? The leaving is just the beginning. Obviously, since part of the mind control of the dysfunctional marriage, or oppressive work situation, or religion taught that “you can’t survive if you leave”. Read more >>

Laws of Nature Predate and Supercede all man-made lawsDeconstructing Belief

Why is it so important to deconstruct my belief system as an adult? What could possibly go wrong with the beliefs with which we were raised? Don’t laugh — these are valid questions. To me, the need for a deconstruction process became obvious and I trust my readers will soon readily understand also. When I write, I see my father in me, especially Read more >>

Cartoon Christian Bear, Christians believe in human sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a " sacrifice"?Cartoon: Christian Land

Strange things have been happening in our so-called Christian lands. So many rules and contradictions it boggles the mind! The cartoon does leave me with a few questions, though. Christians believe in human blood sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a “sacrifice”? Read more >>

From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained Book CoverObedience Frighteningly Crucial

I tried hard to be a good girl so I could live in that happy paradise where all the good people would live someday, if they could be obedient enough. It was crucial to be obedient. Frighteningly so. My school friend Vicky said our family was going to hell because we didn’t go to her church on Sunday. She also informed me that her religion was the truth and ours was false.
“Are we Catholic?” I asked my dad at our next bible study session. “Could we go to Vicky’s church?” Read more >>

Love energy feels nice. It's energy of the heart.Mind or Heart

Living from the mind or heart — which do I prefer? I’m back from my walk, after enjoying the singing finches, the sweet smelling hyacinth in our back yard, our front yard, as well as areas throughout the neighborhood. This walk really got me into my heart. The walk inspired me and I began thinking about the difference between living in my mind vs. living from my heart. Read more >>

False nails overlay real ones and cause damage to the real nails cropFalse Overlays on Reality

What are false overlays on reality when looking at deception practices in institutions these days? In a previous post I showed how the Watchtower Corporation uses a deception strategy called “Inversion” to confuse and mislead vulnerable hearts and minds to follow their cult. I decided more needs to be said about this common practice of inversion used in their religion. In the image I posted, I show how the inverted image is embedded into the Watchtower itself.  Read more >>

Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Corp uses Inversion as mind controlInversion Systems as Mind Control

Quoted from CC BY SA Energetic Synthesis. All content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. “In everyday life, Inverted Systems allow for the production of artificial storefronts or business facades that more effectively hide the real intentions of that industry from the public, which allows for easy dark infiltration to feed corruption, reversals and blackmail. The imposters hire Psychopaths and marketing propaganda teams to represent them, while operating from within the deep compartmental layers built upon the same inverted system of energy. Read more >>

JW wheel perfect for congregational judgment and comparison generates fearReligious Judgment & Comparison Generates Fear

One of my readers wrote a letter explaining a rather odd behavior in her family. While her side of the family is not Jehovah’s Witness, her husband’s side was raised in the religion, but hubby was never active. She is very comfortable and relaxed with the immediate side of her own family and they freely express and interact with one another lovingly. On the other hand, when her hubby’s family members sporadically come around, she senses a very different feeling. Read more >>

"Women and Their Fathers" Book Cover about dynamics of mental illnessThe “Sick One”

What is an expert? According to Danish Physicist Niels Bohr, “An expert is a person who has made all possible errors within a limited range of human experience.” I can certainly claim my fair share of obstacles and “errors” during my lifetime which challenges the very foundations of mental health and emotional wellness. Early on, I became labelled as the “sick one” in the family. Read more >>

What is conscience?Following My Conscience

Every once in awhile I see political or religious leaders speaking of women’s rights. These are mostly (but not always) men who know nothing of what it means to be a woman. They claim authority based on their adherence to a religion or some public policy. They profess to be following their conscience.What conscience? I know from being an ex-member of the fundamentalist Jehovah’s Witness religion on the far left of the spectrum that there are various definitions of conscience. According to Wikipedia, conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition, or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong. Read more >>

Pagan Events — Then and Now

Halloween: My beloved teacher in Grade Two said if any of us had a younger brother or sister, we could bring them to school one special day. It was Halloween and I proudly invited Andy, my brother next in line. The teacher handed out a picture of a cow for all her students and guests to color. I looked over to see that Andy was coloring his cow in different-colored polka-dots. I thought his picture was so great that I asked the teacher for another picture. I wanted to color my cow with polka-dots too. The other kids thought that was just awful because real cows didn’t look like that. They were brown with white, or black and white, or beige — but never pink, blue, and green polka-dots! Read more >>

Truth is truth and lies are liesBrainwashed!

How does someone become “brainwashed”? Years ago, I heard from the platform an elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses bragging. While going door-to-door he was asked, “How can you let yourself get so brainwashed so as to believe this stuff that you are saying?” His reply? “My brain needed a good wash!” His comment emoted a chuckle from the audience. Apparently, the congregation believed brainwashing was a good thing. How do patriarchal religions become radical so as to promote practices such as female sexual mutilation (like some Muslims), or Polygamy (like some Mormons), or shunning of family members (like Jehovah’s Witnesses)? Read more >>

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