What is the difference between belief and knowing? First, let’s see what the dictionary says about both terms. Belief is “Something believed or accepted as true” — often because others adopt that view — a type of “group think”.

Belief: Something believed or accepted as true., mostly because others adopt that view. - a type of "group think" Belief: Something believed or accepted as true, often because others adopt that view — a type of "group think"


Knowing means possessing knowledge, information or understanding. We wouldn't simply believe because others did. We'd  know.We'd know because we possess knowledge, information, or understanding because we used critical thinking to come to our own logical conclusion.

And we’d know because we possess knowledge, information, or understanding. We wouldn’t simply “believe” because our friends, or others did. Rather, we’d know because we used critical thinking to come to our own logical conclusion.

Where does the New Age movement fit? Years ago, I was told all I had to do was “conceive, believe, achieve”. While it is true that I successfully made changes in my life when I left the Watch Tower cult, I can’t see how the current reality with the global fraud without science  of a distorted cold virus is something which I ever could have conceived. Now, I’m questioning those New Age beliefs. Is the New Age movement perhaps just another way to put people to sleep and keep them inactive and unable to act against injustice?

New Agers have a mindset that they must not dwell on negative scenarios. “Don’t judge”, “pretend everything is normal and okay”. Are we to see everything as “acceptable”? — when in truth, much of what we see at present — with the muzzles, isolation, and job loss — is anything but. I learned in my explorations after leaving the family religion about how to manifest my grand new life. Apparently, all I had to do was “believe, conceive, achieve”. The New Age Movement makes no mention of “taking action” toward a desired goal. New agers won’t even look at negatives. They pretend everything is rosy. But consider this. If they pretend everything is “great” at present, how will they create desired changes — when they reject their healthy desires for something better which actually might be preferred, if we allowed our mind to go there? Action is a critical step toward manifesting and creating change. Interestingly, that step was left out of the New Age teachings.

conceive believe achieve"Conceive, Believe Achieve", an expression from Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich (1937).

Is Denial Healthy?

Seemingly, humanity’s inaction is what enables the global parasites to advance their agenda at an horrific rate, while much of humanity remains in denial of some serious challenges. “Belief” that everything in life is rosy and wonderful is useless to create healthy change. For example, if a person believed they could jump off a cliff, is their “belief” endangering the life of the believer if they were to act on such a belief? I’d say so. Why not be realistic about our “belief” system? Why not turn our attention toward nature? What does nature teach on the subject of — for instance — jumping off a cliff?

Are Beliefs Found in Nature?

Study the animals. Which animals do you see walking off cliffs with the mistaken “belief” that they could fly? They instinctively know not to take such a reckless action. Where is their “belief” system? Do they require beliefs? — or instinct. Would you agree that instinct is needed here? Where is the human instinct in such a scenario? Haven’t people jumped off cliffs with the mistaken “belief” that they could fly?

Our first response might be, “Hmm…they must have been on drugs.” Or “they weren’t in their right mind”.

Indeed, people who jump off cliffs may have had a wonky “belief” system. Their common sense and intuition that would have normally warned them of danger could have been over-written by a dangerous belief. Seems there is a lot of over-writing of common sense these days.

Here is why I am offering a suggestion that these kinds of beliefs are insane, if they allow such to trump common sense — dumber than an animal that holds no sense of belief.

So, it might look like I’m picking on New Agers. The concept is fresh in my mind because I have a New Age friend who won’t speak of “negatives” — and it worries me. But seriously, bad beliefs aren’t exclusive to New Agers. Now, don’t get me wrong. Like religions, it seems the New Age movement could have been started by a group involved in MK-Ultra. It could have been started by the bottom-feeders that some call the “elites” on the planet, who have too much greed and not enough common sense. Belief systems are an effective tool to divide and conquer people — and entire nations. Bear with the example if you are able.

What about if a person sincerely believed they could fly off their balcony from 21 floors? Then, could they take that leap of action? For comparison, let’s study the birds. Do they believe — or know — they are capable of flying. Inherently they know — and no such “belief” is necessary.

How did Humans Divert So Far
from Natural Law?

Pondering all of this makes me think the concept of “belief” is a man-made construct, because I don’t observe it in nature. Feel free to follow along as I continue, if you wonder similarly.

From my point of view, nature’s wisdom becomes overwritten by belief. Moving away from my New Age theories, may I remind other religionists of something they teach which is problematic for me. It seems they “hand down traditions” without much thought about the meaning, and here is one such example now,

“And thus you make the word of God invalid
by your tradition [a belief system?]
which you handed down.”—Mark 7:13 (NWT)
[bracketed text mine]

Several examples of invalidating natural law come to mind. My religion of origin teaches it is good to shun — even beloved relatives who leave the faith for no other “sin” than having ever-growing doubts. By conditioning vulnerable minds in such a manner, their members believe they must shun as a form of “tough love” to draw errant family members back into the religious fold. It is a religious command which compel members to obey, lest their god be displeased and they get shunned. It is a big threat to frighten members into inaction and silence. The reality is that being shunned — or being ordered to shun is painful to all concerned. It destroyed my family. The Disfellowshipping Order tore me away from my family and other loved ones. Obeying this particular religious order is extremely painful. I have been at the receiving end of both the shunner and now the shunnee  — the one being shunned. Being shunned could even be seen as a type of religious censorship. Fortunately, I am awake to the evils of religion and would never return to the fold via such mental manipulation. Shunning is actually a form of emotional blackmail. Isolation via shunning is a cruel form of punishment used in prison camps using mind-kontrol. So, in other words, under such a system of belief, shunning is actually religious mind-control. Imagine that, dear reader. Religious cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses have the institutional settings to use tools of mind-kontrol on their members![2]

Abandoning My “Belief” System

When abandoning my “belief” system, it would have been most beneficial if I could have communicated with my family about the details of my change of heart. Open dialogue might have enabled other members to express their doubts, concerns, and questions. Ah, therein lies the problem for the religious leaders. In my case, being shunned didn’t permit any communication. That way no one else could collect their brain from the coatroom and follow me out of the kingdom hall door — forever. Yes, I used to be a Jehovah’s Witnesses member. I was born and raised in that stiflingly high control environment.

“BELIEF is the enemy of knowing
EGO is the protector of belief”
~Aleister Crowley

To realize that religion is a deadly form of mind-kontrol was a shock to me. I was a fortunate one who escaped successfully. Sadly, some who leave commit suicide. They become horrifically ungrounded and desperate when their entire world gets ripped away from them. Some lose their entire family, their circle of friends, their jobs, and even their homes. When I was still a member, I personally knew several people who killed themselves when they got shunned. Each loss left an indelible mark on my heart.

The JW Religion teaches a “belief” that the only valid “help” when doubts arise is to consult elders, read the bible more, pray more, and read the JW literature more. Outside sources are forbidden. The advice members receive in that cloistered religion is terribly ineffective — if not downright harmful. I’m truly grateful I had a therapist and a group of “worldly” (non-JW) friends for support when I left. I ended up moving to a new province for the promise of a job. Not everyone is so fortunate. I trusted my gut and used common sense to resettle and start over, far away from anyone I knew inside the family religion.

Soulful Help to Act with Wisdom

The one thing that helped me the most was an assurance from my own soul. When I heard the news that I was disfellowshipped — kicked out and shunned by the family religion — I felt a deep sense of peace. I was astonished! Where was that bolt of lightning for my treasonous sin of leaving? It was non-existent. Instead, I was bathed in an utter peace and a clarity — a knowing — that I’d be okay, even if I didn’t have a plan. It seemed I’d outgrown those religious beliefs. I just didn’t need them anymore, as they held me back from growing my soul, learning new ways of being, making new friends, and blazing my own path. I felt free to be me, instead of living a cloistered life with people who could only live within a restrictive high-kontrol set of antiquated beliefs which only serve the leadership, while restricting — constricting — it’s members. If I didn’t take action by moving away, would I have improved my situation? Changes were badly needed — and I took appropriate action.

What about Covid “Beliefs”?

I see another problem with beliefs. So much of humanity is presently caught up in the covid narrative. This time we are all supposed to believe there is a global “pandemic” which will supposedly kill millions of humanity. I’m supposed to believe mask-wearing — a self-suffocation device — is good for me. I’m supposed to adopt a “belief” that social distancing — a type of shunning my new friends and loved ones — will preserve our well-being. And I’m supposed to isolate my Self in the “belief” that it is healthy behavior — even though humans are naturally social beings and we need to be close to our loved ones, even to sustain a healthy immunity. I’m very sensitive about this subject and for good reason.

Right off the bat, I saw all of those covid “beliefs” fly in the face of natural law. And those are the tip of the iceberg. Then there is the closing of businesses, supposedly attached to a “belief” of preventing the spread of the scary disease. The problem with that is so obvious, I’d have to be sleepwalking not to realize something else is going on and the “pandemic” narrative is an attempt to gaslight us all into submission, just like a high-kontrol religion. The “science” around this is false on so many levels, it would be laughable, if the consequences of “blind belief” or obedience to this new “religion” of scientism wasn’t so criminal.

Follow the Money

It is obvious to me that covid is nothing short of a global deception. When we follow the money, we realize that the players are the billionaires on the planet all vying to become gazillionaires. They’re not elected government officials. They’re not even health experts. When the fake pandemic was announced, new websites sprang up immediately, like it was all part of a grand plan — because it was — I can’t build a website in one day! The first one that comes to mind is the World Economic Forum with a pompous old man right out of the Nazi era, telling us the way our New World would look. We’re just supposed to believe he has our best interests at heart. Then there is that computer geek presenting himself as such a benevolent being for wanting to largely vaccinate seven billion of humanity with his new patented “cure”. Doesn’t matter it would overwrite our own inherent natural immune system with his untested “therapy” not even a medicine, by technical definition.

Somehow, at last count, now three jabs will be required, along with certification and tracking systems to make sure we’re all monitored and stalked into obedience. Eerily, it’s similar to my old religion, where we’d all be turned into robots, check our brains at the covid door and submit to the rule of greedy gazillionaires who want to overwrite our natural world with all their patented inventions to make loads of money.

Call to Action

Seems to me we humans are being called to action again. Our first calls could include throwing away those insipid muzzles, going to see our loved ones and hugging each other, and telling the gazillionaires who want to control us that we don’t require their corporate services. Our most popular sentence could be, “I do not consent”.

We are created to breathe oxygen freely without restrictions, we choose to open up our shops without fear of reprisals, and we embrace and hug our loved ones. We call back our power, which was literally stolen from us by deceit, manipulation, and outright lies. Our governments are compromised. We-the-people don’t need them anymore as they seem to have forgotten they were elected to serve us, not the greedy billionaires. We can organize ourselves into small communities and take care of ourselves and each other. We are sovereign beings who pattern ourselves after nature. We’re better than okay. We’re free when we throw away the shackles that the global psychopaths believe they could impose on free beings. Who the hell do they think they are?

The one thing they believe — wrongly — is they underestimated our human spirit. Really, it appears they are psychologically immature children to believe they could get away with their plans for a global genocide — or a “Dim the Sun” project — like they know anything about nature. Or control seven billion free beings with a computer system. Or vaccinate our natural immune systems out of existence. Or destroy our livelihoods or our families and friends. Or rape our babies and steal their young organs and their blood. Or feed us poison food and water. Or poison and kill our beloved planet with their chemicals from the Nazi days. Or try to restrict us from breathing oxygen.

New World Order

Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of We-the-People stop consenting to the criminal actions being carried out against humanity and our planet. If our planet is so repulsive to the New World Order beings, wouldn’t it make sense for them to find somewhere else to live? After all, they aren’t even human. Through my eyes, their plans have already failed epically! And another set of Nuremberg Trials are now being organized.

We-the-people love our planet and will happily restore it to it’s most natural state not seen in a very long while. It will be healthier than ever — without any so-called “sustainable” initiatives of eugenics organizations who refer to themselves as “health” organizations.

Who else remembers when we looked up to see a beautiful warm golden light in our blue skies? Our beloved sun is now a silver glow ball in a sky of hazy lines and crisscrosses. “Scientism” geoengineers know nothing about nature. They need to admit defeat trying to take on the sun.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see those criminal foundations and corporations abolished and dismantled? Also, the corrupt court systems. Every. Single. One. We will be replacing them with Common Law Courts, also called Natural Law, or Universal Law courts which serve we-the-people. Any monies could be utilized to compensate for all the trespasses committed in the name of the faux “Panic-Demic” — an appropriate expression I heard on The David Knight Show.

Let Nature Be Thy Teacher

These days I spend time in nature as much as I can. I study the wildlife I encounter. Natural law makes so much sense to me now that I’ve discarded old beliefs that have outgrown their usefulness. Now, nature and common sense are my measuring rods of what is true or false. Nature is a wonderful teacher. It doesn’t try to control, manipulate, blackmail, or bribe me into an uncomfortable “submission”. It’s actually a healthy way of life. Unlike what pHARMa would have us believe, where people are afraid to go outdoors, nature is a comforting and soothing place to spend my time. Nature is real. It loves and supports humanity. It is not a scary, disease-ridden, germ-infested environment — those are pHARMa lies. Yes, our beloved Mother Earth is fully capable of supporting all of us on her belly, just as soon as billionaires and their big governments stop messing around.

I can now thank religious “beliefs” because they taught me what bondage was. Dump your beliefs and you are free.
[1] NWT is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, the official translation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

[2] Losing Reality by Robert Jay Lifton, p 67.

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