Doing What is Right Calls Us to Action

Changing the world right now is possible. It’s what I always sensed. It’s why we’re here on the planet at this particular time. But how do people come to this realization when so much is happening so fast which appears to conflict with what we know to be true? When I ponder things like this, I usually receive some kind of confirmation that I’m on the right track. I receive some new information with which I resonate. A song reminds me of something. I have an insightful dream. I remember something from somewhere. Someone says something that clicks. It never fails. Today I quote these words from a recent YouTube video with a meaningful message for men and women. The message is clear: “Doing what is right calls us to action.”:

 I will always do what I know to be right"I will always do what I know to be right and I will not think about consequences, because to think consequences would be to consider not doing what I know to be right." quote from YouTube video.

“We can go into the nature of the force that’s behind this global cult. The force that these Satanists and the global cult worship in their rituals. I’ve looked and met so many people around the world in different cultures, and looked at what the cultures say and what the legends say, what the accounts say, and again and again you’re seeing a non-human force being described as a manipulator of human society. And it seems to take a reptilian form. Not only a reptilian form, but that [form] seems to be the dominant force, the ones really calling the shots.

But then you can go deeper and you can say, ‘well, it doesn’t matter whether we’re looking at something that’s human or something that’s not human — that’s reptilian — that’s one of these greys.’ It doesn’t matter in the foundation of it all, because how that form, if you like, behaves is dictated by it’s perception. So, what we’re looking at, at the bottom of this rabbit hole is a state of perception.

And I’ve been talking about a mind virus for decades. A mind virus that’s manipulating human perception and directing human psychology. Much more recently, I came across the concept in the native American arena the description of a mind virus which they call Wetiko. At least the Cree tribal group do.

And I read about Wetiko and I thought this is exactly the mind virus I’ve been writing about. And it’s a state of consciousness that’s incredibly distorted and inverted. That’s why it inverts everything. And if you look at the word EVIL, it’s LIVE written backwards. And that’s very appropriate because this Wetiko consciousness which drives these reptilians and drives this global cult, drives your Gateses, and drives your Fauxcis and drives your Klaus Schwabs, it’s a[n] inversion of love. In fact my definition of evil is the absence of love. You take love out and you’ve got evil. You put love in and evil is gone.

And so it sounds trite and simplistic, but it’s not. It’s profound. The answer to evil is not more evil. What you fight you become.

It’s Love

And what we’ve done — and it’s been systematically distorted on purpose — is lost the meaning of love. We now connect in the human expression of it. Love with attraction. Part of it can be attraction. It can be a physical attraction.

But the love I’m talking about is well beyond that.

Love is that which connects us to outside this madhouse — which I say is a simulation, actually — to that which drives the vast overwhelming majority of infinite consciousness, infinite possibility. And what’s happened is that humans have been manipulated into a fake reality simulation. Think Matrix that has sought to disconnect us, to separate us from that enormity of love.

And what is love?

Love is all that is, has been, and ever can be.

Love is all possibility. Love is all potential.

Love is that which says, “I will always do what I know to be right and I will not think about consequences, because to think consequences would be to consider not doing what I know to be right.”

I do what I know to be right because I’m coming from love. Love through this heart vortex is how we connect with the great beyond outside of this mind prison — which is what it is — this simulation. This matrix is a mind prison, a perception prison. And the whole idea is to stop us from making that connection, to keep us separated, to hold our point of attention, and our source of attention in the five senses and the immediate subconscious around the five senses. That’s where they want to isolate us. Because what the idea is — is to isolate us in the five senses, and then to program those senses with [their] version of reality. So that version of reality — version of perception — becomes one which allows the force of control — to control to its heart’s content because you can’t see literally beyond the end of your nose when you’re in that state. If you look at how the five senses decodes reality, they can see only certain frequencies that we call form, we call solidity. They’re not really but they appear that [way] to the five senses.

But in between the form, the five senses see empty space. They don’t see anything else. So everything’s apart from everything else to the five senses. It’s the only way it can see the world.

Whereas, when you expand your awareness out of the five senses, you start to realize that everything is connected. There is no empty space. That [which is] between all that which the five senses perceives as empty space — is actually consciousness. Awareness, like one vast conscious wifi field connecting everything and we’re interacting with it. It’s affecting us and we’re affecting that just like fish and sea life are swimming in an ocean. The ocean is that which connects everything. But they don’t want us to realize that we’re part of one massive infinite whole, dominated by love beyond understanding of what love is. They want us to think that we are simply irrelevant powerless individuals, apart from every other individual, apart from every other expression of life like the trees and the air and the natural world in general, so that we are operating as merely one isolated computer system if you like, when we’re actually all connected.”

[Bracketed text mine.]

I transcribed the above quote from a YouTube video, which may be found at

Love without thinking of Consequences
Love from the heart without thinking of consequences. It will set you free.

Other-World Beings and The Soul

Do reptilians, Wetikos, Luciferians, demons, devils, satans, archons, or some other-world beings have a heart? A soul? Do they not understand the concept of love? I don’t know enough about those beings, except after exiting religious life, I know without a doubt we’ve been deceived and manipulated regardless of our religious affiliation. Same goes for politics, education, or scientism. And it doesn’t end there. We’ve been lied to on a grand scale since the day we were born — from numerous influences. The deception is meant to rip the fabric of humanity and our planet to shreds. It’s inconceivable to me, but they appear to hate the very act of creation — unless it is destructive. Talk about Inversion!

Knowledge is Power

Once we understand the agenda for the simulation — the faux reality — we humans with intact souls are able to take action. Once we realize the importance of family and community, we can let go of the false evidence appearing real (FEAR). We are then able to reach out to our neighbors and our alienated relatives and loved ones. Humanity can unite. There is strength in numbers. It helps to remember we are many. They are few. When we reconnect with our souls — our inner guidance — when we stop consenting to the tyranny, stop obeying, get clear about our own personal vision for our future, we can create it. We can create a new perception in our hearts and minds and bring it into being.

So How Do I Create?

Let’s get real. The Luciferians and their pals know how to create. They wrote it all down in a book of predictive programming that many know as a holy book. It’s in all cultures. Are you sensing the depth of the deception yet? Your holy book, no less.

But I digress. The Rockefellers think tank wrote their simulated future in “past tense” — like their dream future has already happened. Unfortunately for humanity, these Luciferians hold a very different dream of the future than most of us would desire. Yes, if you’re at all aware, you must have noted how the LORD GOD is just as evil as his counterpart. And who is his counterpart? The answer may surprise you. Actually, they are two sides of the same coin, described in a previous article at That’s why I say we need to write our own future vision based on our values, morals, hopes, dreams, wishes, aspirations, and desires. Then start living it, and watch for the manifestations. We too could write it out in “past tense” as if we already have everything we want. Isn’t that why people have vision boards? Isn’t that why people paste pictures of what they want their lives to be like on posters and call it a “Mind Map”? Perhaps people can use Pinterest boards to gather together all our favorite things, whether or not we own them — or simply wish to own them. Conversely, religion teaches that living our dream is selfish. But again, that’s what they want us to believe because it’s in their best interests, not ours. They use scriptures to manipulate their members to “give Jehovah your valuable things”.

“Honor Jehovah with your valuable things and with the firstfruits of all your produce. Then your stores of supply will be filled with plenty; and with new wine your own press vats will overflow.”—Proverbs 3:9, 10” New World Translation.

watchtower 2013-11-15-p9-give jehovah your valuable thingsWatchtower organization wants to be listed as beneficiary of your insurance policies, retirement and pension plans, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, real estate — literally everything you own. Their organization has a Charitable Planning Office to help members out of their possessions. Image source: Watchtower 2013-11-15-page 9

-Key words “valuable things”.

Giving doesn’t end with cash donations. Watchtower wants to get their hands on all your valuable things! Especially is this the case where unbelieving relatives are involved. Cut them out — and instead — give everything to Watchtower! Watchtower’s greedy organization who wants to be listed as beneficiary of your insurance policies, retirement and pension plans, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, real estate — literally everything you own. Their organization even has a “Charitable Planning Office” to help members out of their possessions.

Why does Watchtower need so much money and property? I speculate it may be greed. Again, the selfishness isn’t with us. The religious propaganda with which we were programmed is designed to instill guilt and shame in members. Rather, listen to our soul. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s time to follow our own path. And yet again, Watchtower wants us to feel only how they want us to feel. And they like to heap guilt on members about where their possessions would go — or wouldn’t go — upon death.

Don't follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!

This is a poster I saw back in 2000 shortly after I left the Watchtower religion. It inspired me to move forward and re-create my life into something real that I desired.

Fortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses members are waking up in droves at this time. I still have hope that my adult children wake up to the deception of our family religion, Those horrid beliefs have been ingrained in five generations of our family now.

  • 1st Generation: Grandma & Grandpa
  • 2nd Generation: Mom & Dad
  • 3rd Generation: me and my siblings
  • 4th Generation: my children
  • 5th Generation: their kids.

The religion has been manipulating members of my family all those years. Since the early 1900s with the International Bible Students — to the Zions Watchtower (corporate seals 1884 and 1956) — to the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society — to the Jehovah’s Witnesses (1931) — to their modern day digital platform JW [dot] org. By their name they indicated their desire for global interests. Their name has changed several times over the centuries, of course. Nevertheless, it must be said I remember hearing from the platform that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a global, world-wide organization. That was back in the 1980s, when I was still an active member. Today, that religion is more entrenched than ever, creating their global slave reality.

A red flag pops up with Jehovah’s Witnesses corporation. They have split their money in so many directions and naturally I wonder why. Perhaps they are hiding their money because they fear the governments will come after them and take their money and close them down. I’ve heard talks about such terrors ever since I was a child. Maybe they aren’t as clear as they could be in the direction they are moving. Clarity of purpose is needed to manifest their dreams. But if they have an Armageddon mentality, it could get in their way. The Watchtower organization may be manifesting riches, but at what cost? A bowl of lentil stew? Thirty pieces of silver? Their very souls? Clearly, collateral damage costs may not have been calculated.

Among Watch Tower’s commercial ventures is their latest plan which involves building a huge media center, according to Newsweek at My thoughts are that they’re expanding their religion into a mega-church like the ones they condemned in their printed literature. Or will this become Hollywood East???

So, what would you like for your reality? You might want to start writing it out, or cutting out pictures, speaking about it, and moving toward your goals. We could re-create our lives, literally, starting today!

Yes indeed, changing the world right now is possible. I know I’m not the only one to come to this realization. Even though so much is happening so fast which appears to conflict with what we know to be true, I just know there is something more. When I ponder things like this, I usually receive some kind of confirmation that I’m on the right track. I receive some new information with which I resonate, such as the video with which I opened this article.

One more thing I’d like to remind readers. We aren’t selfish. Rather, we are very generous where ever we saw a need, even if the need was a ruse to ease us out of our hard-earned cash. Who we are — are men and women who deeply love our planet. So, let’s nurture ourselves and our planet! Let’s watch things change the more we realize we are powerful men and women with the ability to create our own reality. We are not subject to outside influences. We won’t just “go along to get along”. So, let’s look inside ourselves and begin the healing process, shall we? Let’s do what is right for ourselves!

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