Hidden Images in Watchtower Publications

I’ve been using a mirror to find hidden images in Watchtower publications. Children seem to find these images quickly, and it frightens them. My daughter used to cry when I read her stories in “My Book of Bible Stories” and I finally figured out why. That book has some of the most hideous images imaginable. For a children’s book, I find the practice objectionable. I’ll be sharing more as I have time, and as more become available.

If the subject of hidden images in Watchtower publications interests you, there is much great information on the Internet. Please do your own searches. I’m not the only person making these discoveries.

In more recent times, I’ve found a few hidden images in tracts that have been slipped into our mail slot. Some are more obvious than others. Let’s have a quick look.

Demons in Women’s Hair

Hidden images in Watchtower publications, hidden within an image, demons in hair in mirrored image on JW convention invitation[Click to enlarge.] Jehovah's Witnesses presented their 2019 "Love Never Fails" Convention Invitation. Using a mirror, I quickly located a demon's face in the hair.

Incoming Tsunami

Hidden images in Watchtower publications: Giant green frog and Tsunami on JW convention invitation 2019 "Love Never Fails"[Click to enlarge.] A giant green frog and incoming tsunami appears on the same 2019 "Love Never Fails" Convention Invitation. I couldn't spot this with eyes only. Again, I needed a mirror to see how the family was running to low ground, while a tsunami was approaching land.

Weird Armageddon Art

Hidden images in Watchtower publications: Weird Armageddon art. God at war with people mirrored at bottom of scene[Click to enlarge.] God is at war with the unbelievers on the planet, according to Jehovah's Witnesses propaganda. My trusty mirror showed me a fierce demon in this art.

Horned Black Devil

Hidden images in Watchtower publications: Watchtower Cover May 2019 see horned devil in inset 
[Click to enlarge.] Watchtower cover of May 2019 magazine reveals a horned black devil, hidden in plain sight in the midst of the family. See inset. This, in the same magazine that appears to protect pedophiles. Why am I still so shocked by the religious dissonance?

The subconscious mind sees these hidden images, and they generate fear. From being an ex-member of the religion, I can verify that the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion uses fear to enslave it’s followers.

Themes of a Sexual Nature

Many of us will recall the recent version of the songbook, with a large phallus prominently displayed on the back cover — hidden in plain sight. Some folks are able to spot those kinds of images easily. I use a mirror to help me find images that don’t normally belong in a certain kind of picture. Other folks never see them. But, the subconscious mind does see them and it leaves a message in the brain. For those folks who don’t consciously see the images, they often blame themselves for having a desire to visit porn sites on Internet. Unfortunately, they don’t comprehend that those images are being fed to them through the so-called “beneficial” Watchtower literature. Yet, unfortunately, they are feeding at the “table of demons,” as Watchtower elders would accuse, if a member confessed to an uncontrollable habit of masturbating, or visiting porn sites.

Here’s another recent example I found on ex-jw Analyzer’s YouTube Channel:

Return Visit Watch the shadows shift to reveal two different images having nothing to do with field serviceReturn Visits. Watch the shadows shift to reveal two different images having nothing to do with field service. [Click to enlarge] On the left, ahem, is that a nipple on the woman taking the call at 6:50 ? Also, is the publisher pregnant?
And, a little further, did the shadow-woman turn into a man, draw in closer, revealing a phallus at 15:05?

The misled members are blindsided, when the elders turn against them, racked with guilt. If folks knew that Watchtower Inc. was deliberately undermining their own members’ confidence in themselves, would they continue to be so gullible in self-reporting their so-called “sins” — of being human?

I will be adding more, now that I have a blog post dedicated to this weird religious art.

Why the Terrible Hidden Images?

After having escaped from the Babylonish religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I believe one of their main tools to capture souls and retain followers is the tool of fear. Once I realized that fear can be used as a restraining tool and even as a paralyzer to keep folks stuck, it was easy for me to see why religion would use fear in this nefarious way. The men at the top of the Watchtower Inc. pyramid understand the concept, and even quote a scripture to let members know, if they were awake to the deception. Otherwise, the evil remains hidden in plain sight. Sadly, most members don’t go beyond the explanation provided by their congregation’s elders. From the Jehovah’s Witnesses own Bible, we read,

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint.“—1 John 4:18 [Emphasis mine.]

It is important for members to be aware of Watchtower strategies to keep them bound to the religion, using fear as the restraining tool. Effective, isn’t it?

Being Like the Moon

The Two Babylons - the book to turn folks back to babylon, instead of freedomIt is my humble opinion after reading The Two Babylons, I believe religions are designed to lead folks back to Babylon rather than help folks escape religious bondage.

“Oh, Esther, you are such a uber-conspiracy-theorist!” I was accused recently by someone on YouTube.

I understand that the label of conspiracy theorist was created by folks who wish to shut others up from speaking truth and exposing false ideals. As a result, I wear that label as a badge of honor. When I get attacked by Internet trolls, it confirms that I am “over the target”.

Frankly, I figure I’m being like the moon, shining my light most brightly in the darkest hours of human confusion. After all, I cannot stop speaking about the things I have seen. For bible readers, isn’t that a scripture?

I am being like the moon, shining shining light in the darkest hours of human existence

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