Hijacking the Soul

“The Program”

When I understood that “The Program” is capable of hijacking the soul, my eyes came into clear focus. “The Program” and the Soul are two vastly different things. Interestingly, “The Program” includes religion, which is very much like Mind Kontrol (MK-Ultra).  Religions are capable of paralyzing the thinking mind, replacing it with rigid rules requiring absolute obedience, thus utterly dis-empowering all who believe. The only difference between MK-Ultra and religion is that religion is the drug — but it upends the soul much like LSD, a popular drug used in MK-Ultra experiments. Such a covert agenda — so contrary to nature — alienates us from our soul. After all, nature is my measuring rod for evaluating agendas. Is it conducive to nature? — or does it oppose nature?

hijacking the soul saying Religion makes it easy to deceive a man hard to undeceiveWhen we believe in a god requiring our total obedience, we have already given away our self-sovereign nature — to that invisible, deaf, mute thing called a god. Seriously, if we believe in a god who is sovereign, and we are created in it’s image, we too are already sovereign and don’t need any god. Did our religion ever teach us that? No, because religion short-circuits all belief in the Self as being inherently sovereign — and we give away our power to a non-existent being. Like I said, religions are eerily similar to MK-Ultra applications. The end result is the same in that either one steals our personal power and victimizes it’s targets. Religion does that. The curriculum of religion then becomes responsible for hijacking the soul’s growth, quite literally.

Watchtower Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watchtower’s second president, “Judge” Rutherford aptly stated, “Religion is a snare and a racket”. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t comprehend that statement applies to them though, because their hearts, minds, and souls have already been commandeered by Watchtower’s twisted belief system. Sad to say, there appears to be a war between “The Program” and the soul — blindsiding members — literally hijacking the soul.

After much research into the religion, my sense now is that religion was created to control, divide, conquer, and dumb people down. My own personal experience informs me that religion is not evolving or advancing in a healthy direction. Jehovah’s Witness elders control every aspect of the lives of their members. Elders even feel entitled to inquire into the activities in the bedrooms of their members. The reality is what goes on in our bedrooms is private — none of their business. I don’t wish to live in a totalitarian system of control. I want to steer my own soul, rather than be bound neck and heel to some patriarchal men in suits, who are themselves victims of “The Program”.

Meet Your Soul

I’m sorry if you’re struggling as a result of the damage inflicted on you by religion. However, I do have a few suggestions that might ease the discomfort.

1) Seek Therapy

Sometimes therapy helps a person get more centered. You may want to find out if a potential therapist is knowledgeable about high-control groups before committing too much time or money. Just be aware of some therapists who like to keep their clients off-balance, because that’s another similar program to religion — it’s psychological.

2) Write it Out

My collection of journals. Image by Esther 2021.

One of the most important tools my therapist suggested was to start writing, using a pen and paper. I found a smooth-writing pen and got myself a pretty journal and started writing out my memories of abuse. She encouraged me by saying that writing engages a more logical part of my brain. That was one way I could work through my fears and concerns. Looking back, I could never have imagined how effective writing could be.

3) Try Meditating

Be still and quiet with your Self — your Soul. Use your senses and your intuition to look inside your Self. You may wish to close your eyes and take a look into the void of the Soul — the womb of creation. The answers are already inside you. Most of us got tricked by looking “out there” for the answers that are already inherently within. The answers come to you when you need them. Understanding comes from your inner being, the soul, conscience, common sense, intuition, and even your imagination. With some practice, and acquaintance with your inner Self, you’ll discover, learn, and gain wonderful insights. You’ll also recognize your own wonderful gifts with which to navigate successfully through life.

Contrary to what religions teach, elders, priests, and other religious leaders do not possess secret knowledge the rest of us can’t access. Especially is this true since they don’t use intuition or common sense. Think about it. Who knows you better than you know your Self? No one. Certainly not elders who barely know their congregants. They may or may not even remember our names. That’s why they have files on each one of us. That’s why it’s imperative that you get to know your Self.

4) Stay Grounded

Sovereignty is about living in our body, remembering that we are human, and staying human while living on this planet. That’s what sovereignty is about. Such freedom doesn’t come from religion, governments, a “good” job, money, drugs, or other “instant” fixes. Rather, it comes from you and your acquaintance with your inner Self. I write much more about how to ground here. Scroll down to the heading, “So, How Do I Stay Grounded?”

5) Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to ground and learn about life. Study nature — the birds, animals, bugs, plants, trees, and literally everything else we meet in the natural world. These teach us much about groundedness, life in general, living harmoniously in community, and with the Self.

I do trust you will find these few suggestions helpful in easing the discomfort of outgrowing religion. Most folks in the exjw community really do care about one another. I wouldn’t have this website or be on YouTube if I didn’t care what happens to others. I’m grateful for the help I received, so will pay it forward, in whatever ways I am able.

Aboriginal Beliefs Helpful to Release “The Program”

Personally, I love what the aboriginals believe, as a result of having several such friends including a favorite professor. Indigenous groups possess the most ancient, unadulterated wisdom available on the planet. Their wisdom existed and endured long before patriarchal religion ensnared humanity’s spirituality. If you ever get a chance to speak to these truly free people, do engage with them! I sensed their inherent wisdom immediately. They believe in the self-sovereign nature of humanity, even offering wisdom for folks who wish to be free, after hijacking the soul has occurred.

Hijacking the Soul is “Experiential”

Aboriginals also believe that our soul comes to earth just to experience — exactly what we experience! For example, I “came in” to this life with the Jehovah’s Witnesses parents to undergo mind-control by the family religion, then raise my kids in that twisted worldview, too. Only later did I wake up.

I figure we have several points in our lives where we have the ability to wake up and choose our own path. I look in my rear view mirror and see several of those potential exit points clearly. I didn’t have to wait till my children were mind-kontrolled by religion. Yet, my soul does not judge me for my poor choices. My soul is only glad that I did free myself, finally! By Grace!

Soul and Ancestry

Indigenous populations, when uncontaminated by colonialism and it’s associated religions, also believe that their ancestors are available to provide guidance at any time. We can easily call on our own ancestors and they will meet us during meditations, from inside our own soul Self — because we are all ONE.

'We are All One' posted in Why flounder in religious darkness with a hijacked soul, when we can go within for our own fount of ancient wisdom? "We are all ONE" Image by Esther.

Assuredly, we can heal from the religious damage, or whatever damage was inflicted on us by our parents or other “authority” figures. If we’re fortunate enough to have woken up while still young, we have every reason to be optimistic. We still have our whole life ahead of us. Beyond that, the more we can purge those harmful beliefs, the better quality of life we’re bound to experience. It is reassuring to know hijacking the soul can be undone — I’m living proof!

Life and Death

I’m considered an “old soul” not because of my physical age, but because I’ve lived many lifetimes already. I remember some of those lives in which my soul experienced a variety of scenarios. I have dreams about certain past lives. Also, I have been to places and realize, “I’ve been here before” — yet never in this lifetime.

Dreamtime is genuinely significant to me. I record my dreams in journals. I sense into them for insights from my soul. Sometimes my beloved mother or grandmother visits me from inside my soul’s void. Sometimes my children — who shun me in real time — visit me during the dreamtime. Precious moments — these —  for which I am truly grateful!

What is Death?

So, when we die, I figure we just go back to our Spirit Self because life is eternal — the eternal life of the soul. We can reincarnate again if we want — when we want. My sense is — and I’ve heard others say — that we are all here in this lifetime to experience the chaos we see right now. It’s up to us to wake up and take back our sovereignty. How is that possible? By aligning our own disparate parts. All the out-of-balance things we observe in the world are in some way teaching us something about our Self. Maybe not always literally. Yet, when we heal the environment, we heal our Self. If we work with nature by protecting — rather than poisoning, polluting, littering the land, water, and air — we heal aspects of our Self. Even hijacking the soul can be undone — healed!

Importantly, I always test my Self to see what actions and beliefs resonate with me personally. What my journey is may not appear the same as another person’s journey through this lifetime. Interestingly, sometimes, we come to experience things and conclude, “Well, that’s definitely how I DON”T want my life to appear!” Then we are able to change course and grow our soul in other healthier directions. This is a lesson in self-empowerment.

“The Program” Teaches Fear

Once I learned these new views of death which aligned with nature, I’m no longer afraid of dying. One of the biggest harms of religion is to teach members to fear death. Fear is a paralyzer which prevents our soul from growth. Fear keeps us stuck, unable to move or grow. That’s what makes religion a snare and a trap. That’s what makes religion so dangerous and malignant. The various lies and deceptions within religious dogma are a sad commentary on religion.

Humanity needs to be free from religion to be truly sovereign. Additionally, at all times, we get to choose between “The Program” and the Soul. Like I said earlier, a wonderfully freeing feeling came over me when I woke up from religious manipulation. Freedom is grace — truly a gift from our soul when we recognize the possibility, then allow it.

Fear of Death?

Death is nothing to fear because our soul determines our future in this lifetime — with some choices for us to make along the way. Again, when I look at what nature teaches us about death, I enable my Self to be open to a healthier belief system than what religions promote. For example, I studied a tree. Each year, the leaves die on the tree, fall to the ground, and the tree goes to sleep. In the spring the tree wakes up and starts growing all over again. New leaves bud forth. That is the closest comparison to death and rebirth I can think of.

Or what about the bears? They hibernate through the winter. Their heart rate slows, and they don’t eat anything for months while their metabolism slows down. They wake up in the springtime. Bears aren’t afraid of hibernating, are they? They know instinctively that what is happening is completely normal. Do bears require “The Program” of religion for their soul’s guidance? Must they deprogram the instincts out of their soul? Hijacking the soul of the bear would be harmful. It would be contrary to nature, wouldn’t it. Same with humans.

Once upon a time, humans knew that death was nothing to fear, but then religion happened. Indeed, we are capable of learning many valuable life lessons from nature!

The Heart of Soul

As I explained at the beginning, “The Program” and the Soul are two vastly different things. “The Program”, among other things, includes religions with agendas to paralyze the thinking mind, replace it with rigid rules requiring absolute obedience, in order to utterly dis-empower and suck humanity back into Babylon’s slavish ways.

The only difference between MK-Ultra and religion is that religion is the drug — instead of LSD. I remind my Self that we are all inherently sovereign beings. Now I allow my soul to be my guide — I categorically reject religions and their Babylon-ish dogmas.

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