Human Blood Sacrifice

The Christian God Jehovah (YHWH) is a father who is actually proud that he contracted his son’s death for 30 pieces of silver. Yes, I hear you screaming that it was Judas. Considering that the all-powerful god couldn’t prevent it means he enabled the abuse of his son. Then, for the rest of our human lives we are beholden via guilt to worship this vile god. He demands our worship and our utmost obedience. Humans are threatened by fear and death to obey a god who made abusive demands on his son and continues to make similar disrespectful demands on any followers. This god then compels by threat of death, insisting that we owe our life, our gratitude to him for offering this human blood sacrifice.
This evil god sounds more and more like an abusive marriage partner who demands that his partner love him, no matter how awful he/she treats the other.
“Do you love me?”
“How much do you love me?”
“Prove it!”
YHWH Jehovah is Demiurge in Human Blood SacrificeYHWH or Jehovah as the Gnostics saw it by

Gnostic Gospels

gnostic gospels by Elaine Pagels Book CoverAn ancient group known as the Gnostic Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went on to raise a family with his beloved wife, Mary Magdalene. The Gnostic gospels say that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were healers who shared their gifts with the people of their day. The Gnostic Jesus sounds like an “empowered” Jesus, rather than a “victim” Jesus. People need to feel empowered rather than victimized. IF a leader is self-empowered and self-directed, then his followers also can likewise feel self-empowered and self-directed. Sadly, self-empowerment rarely happens because human egos will get in the way.

Even so, just because I mention the Gnostic gospels, doesn’t necessarily mean I follow Gnosticism either. It’s an alternate view which is preferable to those who are repulsed by the concept of human blood sacrifice, is all. Better still, we can follow our own internal guidance, rather than some self-described leader.

Human Blood Sacrifice of the Light—Or Dark?

A human blood sacrifice, in my estimation is “of the dark” rather than the light. Does not the Bible itself say, “Do not be owing any one a single thing; except to love one another”? So, why do we “owe” obedience, guilt, fear, or penance? Why accept the guilt and fear of displeasing a god who insists on a human blood sacrifice to be his follower? Perhaps such a god is really a devil wearing the mask of love. Do not allow yourself to be fooled. Many false gods and Christs have gone forth deceiving. For folks who still believe, the Bible also warns its readers, “By their fruits you will recognize these men” — or gods.

It seems likely to me that these horrible blood sacrifices — any of them — originate in Babylon, not Christianity.

Jehovah of the Watchtower corporation’s Bible sounds eerily similar to the human blood sacrifices demanded by Babylonian gods who teach the hell-fire or Armageddon doctrines. Each of these religions are “punishing” belief systems. I’ll not participate in punishing belief systems again, after abandoning the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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