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I understand the Jesus theology. If I do something “wrong” the rule is ask to be forgiven by Jesus. That is what Christians believe. I also recall that Christianity began with a political conqueror named Constantine. He had a vision of a cross and heard the words “with this symbol go forth and conquer” or words to that effect. Oh, the blood that was spilled on the earth once hunting and killing your fellow humans became legal — and in fact, became your “spiritualized” duty!

Nimrod, the mighty hunter of Babylon, was a hunter of humans, according to The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hislop (1903). Yet, somehow, political murder got overlaid with a mask of honor by “religion.” Killing through political warring was sanctioned by religious leaders of the day, no matter how unjust. As well, with the overlay, anything evil that was enacted “in the name of god” then became honorable. No one could criticize those actions any more. Going to war became a sacred action. Those soldiers engaged in the bloodshed were held up as “patriotic heroes”. It didn’t matter that folks who started the wars were playing all sides involved in the fighting. I see what is happening around the globe at this time. The sacred cow of religion is really political — overlaid with a mask of sacredness.

Finding Jesus — Is He Lost?

In the comments of my YouTube channel I find endless pleas about finding Jesus. Why? Is he lost?

“Because you need him to forgive me?”

“No thanks, dear Christians. I don’t need Jesus.”

If I was guilty of some potential error against another human, the thing I would NOT choose to do is beg forgiveness from a third party. Instead, I’d apologize to the person I wronged — directly. Isn’t there a scripture about that? Sort out the issue between yourselves?

I don’t believe in triangulating my relationships. I learned about Karpman’s Drama Triangle in therapy. I figure using Jesus as a mediator would be triangulating my relationship with another person — it’s disrespectful to do that. The Jesus theology is disrespectful, when held up to psychological scrutiny.

Jesus Theology and Sin Stories

Religions — and politics — often takes that information of wrongdoing and uses it to blackmail people, depending of course if what you’ve done may be held against you by law. Perhaps that’s the entire purpose of creating the Jesus character. I’ve heard of such stories coming out of the Scientology churches. Emotional blackmail and conditional love — that’s what disfellowshipping is in its most extreme form — and the practice is readily found in the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion. “Brothers” appear to get off easily. “Sisters” — not so much.

Jesus Theology? Or Self-Forgiveness

There’s another person to forgive besides the other person — your Self.

After making a mistake, I forgive my Self first. Then I apologize to the other person, letting them understand that I realize my error, offer an explanation, and ask for their forgiveness.

Then I’m done.

No need for a human blood sacrifice. That would be an extreme over-reach of religious law that would over-write natural law. Blood sacrifice would be an over-reaction. It would be disrespectful. It’s not natural. It’s the spilling of innocent blood. Human blood sacrifices are the taking of human life. It’s illegal, for one thing. Another thing is that human blood sacrifices are a type of black magic used in rituals of the Dark Side. It’s a Luciferian, Babylonian belief.

I try to be respectful to others by not using triangulation in relationships. That’s why I broke up with Vince, a previous dance partner I describe in Dance World of My Dreams Part 1 and Dance World Part 2. He allowed his son to triangulate our relationship. I’m glad I didn’t engage in that sick game.

Jesus Theology Produces Guilt

If someone spilled their life blood for me because I sinned, that act would have the potential to create a huge pile of guilt on me. Fortunately, there is no need to wallow in guilt. I don’t need Jesus and I won’t be converted to accept a made-up “rescue”. Christians who insist otherwise may wish to save your keystrokes.

When I make references to Bible texts, its only for pointing people to existing beliefs that break their own religious rules. Religions do it all the time, but cognitive dissonance within their beliefs seem to prevent folks from seeing exactly what they do.

We are not cut-out dolls that we would all think alike — believe alike — with no variations posted in 'Jesus Theology'We are not cut-out dolls that we would all think alike — believe alike — with no variations, as Jesus Theology would insist. Credit: Graphic from

We are not cut-out dolls that we would normally all think alike — believe alike — with no variations. After all, are we not all souls with varying life paths/journeys through this life?

Sovereign Beings

We are also sovereign beings, which means no one has the right to dictate to us what to think or believe. It’s a personal choice that each person makes for themselves. Every belief is valid, even if it doesn’t agree with ours.

So, dear Christians, I understand the Jesus concept because it is also a belief of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I made a conscious choice to purge that belief, along with mostly all of our family’s belief system. Our family was truly dysfunctional. There wasn’t much to salvage from that disaster.

Jesus Theology and Newbies in Eden

Newbies in Eden ate a piece of fruit — so Jesus had to die? For a piece of fruit, we needed a human blood sacrifice? Come on, people!

God couldn’t have said, “Look you two. Since you are newbies on the earthly scene, I’m going to demonstrate a great lesson in love and forgive you.” ???
But no. Instead god threw a tantrum and killed his son. And demonstrated what a truly evil being he was.

We are all so free we can choose bondage — of religion — or is it politics? That line is blurred, especially lately.

Is it a case of politicizing religion? — or “spiritualizing” politics? Again, I just don’t know.

What I do know is it’s an inverted system contrary to nature in which I won’t participate.

Let the blind lead the blind.
Let the dead bury their dead.
Do what’s right for you. I’ll not interfere.

Suggested Research

I’d like to suggest some links where you may wish to conduct your own research, but please don’t limit yourself to the following:
Karpman Drama Triangle in Wikipedia where both Disrespect and Respect Triangles are discussed.
Babylonian teachings as found in the Talmud.
Human Blood Sacrifice as performed in Black Magic rituals and rites.

To summarize, if in my human condition I require forgiveness, here’s what I do:

  • I’d forgive myself.
  • I’d offer an explanation to the person I’ve wronged, trusting they’d understand why I missed the mark of perfection.
  • I’d ask for forgiveness of the person I’ve wronged.
  • I’d move on.

The Jesus theology is a disrespectful belief system.

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