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I remember writing those letters for Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs). That was when I was a “publisher” for 2ion’s Watch Tower Corporation (ZWT), the company who created the religion. These programs were called “Letter-Writing Campaigns” in ZWT’s correspondence to the congregations. The personal handwritten letters were part of a recruitment program. It’s a very effective technique to capture hearts and souls for the cause.

A personal letter makes the Jehovah’s Witnesses appear humanitarian — even benevolent. While some do genuinely care about humanity, it’s conditional on whether you convert or not. Others pretend to care for you personally, even though they’re just rounding up souls for the Corporation. We were following orders, using the script headquarters provided. We counted time and filled out monthly reports, itemizing what we accomplished. I counted 60 hours as an “Auxiliary Pioneer” during campaigns. Some members counted 90 hours a month and were called “Regular Pioneers” because they committed that much recruitment time every month. Those “prestigious” titles meant a lot to those inside the congregations.

The on-going global false flag which I and many others call a “Plandemic” is a great opportunity to capture vulnerable souls. Large numbers of people are extremely fearful right now — too afraid of dying — and too afraid to live.

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity" says Klaus Schwab, throwback to Nazi era.“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity” says Klaus Schwab, throwback to the Nazi era. Apparently the Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken his statement literally.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity” says Klaus Schwab, throwback to the Nazi era. Apparently the Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken his statement literally. The religion is on board all the way finding those “windows of opportunity” which the global terror campaign affords.

The letter-writing campaigns are actually a mind-kontrol program according to an amazing woman I respect greatly named Cathy O’Brien. While she doesn’t name the Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular, she does mention how religion is being used to ensnare souls at this time. She is an incredibly strong survivor who was able to heal from the mind-kontrol put on her from childhood. Thankfully, that beautiful soul is now thriving on the outside of the program.

My first letter-writing campaign happened when I was just a young child. An elder stood on the platform and read out a series of instructions for members of our congregation. We had orders to write letters protesting an ongoing terrible persecution against Jehovah’s Witnesses occurring in a far-away country. My father thought seeing the scrawl of a small child would draw sympathy from that government.

As an adult, I also wrote letters to my neighbors. Sometimes it was too cold to go door-to-door during the frigid Manitoba winters, but we had to count time for promoting the religion regardless. Other times I was too exhausted from going to school, attending five Jehovah’s Witnesses meetings per week, and doing work on the farm such as gardening, looking after the chickens — and generally taking cover from my father’s rages.

I personally received one of those recruitment letters in 2020. I doubt the writer knew he was contacting an ex-member of his religion, as I refuse to engage when they ring my doorbell.

Jehovah's Witnesses Letter-Writing Campaign. Here is the one I received in the mail October 2020Image of letter I received October 2020 during a JW Letter-Writing Campaign.

Since receiving the above letter (undated) I understand there has been another letter-writing campaign in which the JWs obtained special copies of their Watch Tower magazine to send to lists of government officials. Here is an example I describe, accompanied by a news release likely from one of the religion’s public relations representatives. Making use of that narrow window of opportunity — again?

Kim & Mikey uploaded a video about Watchtower’s Letter-Writing Campaign in which politicians are being deluged with these letters. Have a look.

Now, I was never personally “successful” with those letter-writing campaigns — if you label success by Jehovah’s Witnesses standards. That means I wasn’t able to start bible studies with neighbors, or draw people into the organization as converts. Whether my young scrawl stopped the persecution in that far-away land, I couldn’t say. I just obeyed the orders of both my father and his totalistic religion. I was raised to be an obedient child. That’s what kept me alive — my unfailing obedience.

Babylon’s Religious Swamp

To the left is Zion’s Watch Tower Stamp Inc. 1884. You see, Jehovah’s Witnesses — and all religions — receive funding from their respective governments. As a condition of their eligibility, they must also comply with the United Nations agenda, which at the current time supports the New Wor1d 0rder (NW0) programs and agenda. That’s how I know 2ionists run ZWT. Their original name gave them away. Just follow the money, which further reveals that 2ionists also run the governments all the way down the pyramid, right to the most local levels.

Global — National — Regional — State/Provincial — Local/Municipal

The religions all have their bloodied hands dipped into our tax dollars — whether or not we’re personally religious — Babylon’s “religious swamp”???

According to some schools of thought, under Totalism religion, politics, and even scientism are all mind-kontrol programs[1]. Add to that the World Economic Forum. There are other unelected billionaires and their corporations and foundations, as well. Makes me wonder if the “New World Order” —  a term which I heard continuously from Jehovah’s Witnesses kingdom hall platform — has now been replaced by “The New Normal” where everyone must obey non-elected autocrats and technocrats under the guise of a lab-created, enhanced, patented “disease” posted on BitChute,  which is YouTube’s competition.

Personally, my life no longer has a place for politics, religion, or scientism. We are all born free until those “systems” are put on us by our parents’ antiquated religious beliefs, news media, television, and internet. As an adult, it’s up to us to unabashedly discard what doesn’t serve us. It’s time to return to Natural Law, which is simple and authentic. Natural or Common Law was set in place from the beginning of time and is still in effect. It cannot be overwritten by anyone. That’s truly what we were born with. The global parasites wish to overwrite nature with their arbitrary laws, rules, mandates, statutes, commands, oaths, curses, and patents — you may be getting the picture by now. The criminal “scientism” cabal may wish in vain. They aren’t even human. They hate humans and are actively engaged in a global extermination program. Which secret societ(y/ies) put up this evil monument was never revealed. I wonder why.

Georgia Guidestones: First message is about culling humanity. Could this be why 2ion's Watch Tower advertises Armageddon?

The secret society members who supported this agenda do not have my consent. I don’t believe in their “-isms”. I am sovereign. I am free of all their Babylonish “systems”, “programs”, and “campaigns”. Religions are now actively recruiting others into their Babylonish systems. But have no fear. We are all free once we know we are free.

The evil ones on the planet will fail because they are in opposition to life. By their very nature, they are incompatible with nature. They are death cults. Natural Law will be applied to them, whether they realize it or not.

[1] Losing Reality by Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, page 67.

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