Lucifer as Light Bearer

In the year 2000, I found a starting point to begin a new life, guided by my own inner being, my intuition, my inner guidance inherent in each one of us. We are born with those gifts, yet as Jehovah’s Witnesses we were taught to not trust our inner guidance, and even heard scriptures to silence those inherent gifts.

“The heart is more treacherous than anything. Who can know it?” ~ Jeremiah 17:9 (New World Translation of Jehovah’s Witnesses)

All the while, humans are meant to live as inherently sovereign humans. I learned that I have all the tools already inside me to heal and fix my broken life. And I’m well along my path!

Must People Accept the Savior Theology?

Which brings me to the subject of the Jesus Theology found in Christian religions. I now realize that teachings about needing a savior flies in the face of being sovereign. I figure it is just another Luciferian trick to remove us from following our own inner guidance — our intuitive knowing. I found it puzzling that the Jesus Theology was heavily promoted in the book The Two Babylons. Downloadable free here. I was confused, wondering why religions were ordered to destroy their adherents’ faith, wherever possible. Strangely, believers could still accept that one Jesus theology about needing to look outside the self for salvation, for redemption, for atonement (At-One-ment). Slowly, the answer began to reveal itself: “To separate us from our own inner light.”

Now, another twist: Lucifer translates as “Light Bearer” — notice, not “Light Being”. This light is more like a lantern by definition. A “carrier” of light.

Lucifer defined as Light BearerLucifer is defined as "Light Bearer". I take that to mean Luciferians do not possess their own light.

Now, I know Luciferians do not possess their own light. They are dark entities. They steal light from humans who carry their light within. Then they reflect it back at us to make it appear that it is coming from outside ourselves. It’s a deception. It’s a trick of the eye. Humans are led along like that, and away from our inherent inner wisdom. They love being with humans. They love our energy. They steal souls from unsuspecting humans. Maybe it suggests the idea of “possession” to some people.

Light Bearers District Convention of JWs 1992-1993 coverIn 1992-1993 Jehovah's Witnesses held district conventions with the theme of "Light Bearers". What was that religion doing associating members with Lucifer "Light Bearer"? Was it a red flag for members? [Image from author's photo albums]

Cognitive Dissonance in Jehovah’s Witnesses

By the way, back in 1992-1993 JWs had a convention with the theme of “Light Bearers” which we attended. What was Watchtower Inc. doing, associating members with Lucifer? Was that a test of how effective the JW mind-control program was going? Was that deliberate, knowing JWs are obedient sheep, believing everything from their Watchtower handlers, while sleepwalking in a kind of hypnotic trance? Even if some rules contradict other rules? Isn’t that the definition of cognitive dissonance? Or are JWs really Luciferians and not Christians after all? Is this Watchtower Inc.’s way of introducing Babylon to their members, while keeping true to the instructions in The Two Babylons?

Cognitive Dissonance defined by Psychology  TodayPsychology Today defines Cognitive Dissonance as holding several contradictory beliefs, ideas, etc., which have a detrimental effect on the well-being of those affected.

I’ve been doing research about MK-Ultra, which is a mind-control science developed by Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor from the 1930s. He was brought to the USA after WWII, where the same “mad science” has been used by the CIA for nefarious purposes. Politics, religions, science, etc. are now using it to destroy families, to cause divisions, to isolate and destroy communities and entire countries. How many JWs are noticing these sabotage tactics?

Why the High Control in Religion

It’s not just JWs who use high control. Scientology, Mormons, Catholics, Christian Science, and others are using shunning to supposedly “protect” their members from a “bad influencer”. Contrary to what JWs teach, it’s not exjws who decide to shun. It’s a strict Watchtower organization rule. Worse than that, JWs are blatantly dividing their congregations and family members from one another. I figure that’s one of the reasons why JWs re-organize congregation boundaries every couple of years — just to break up friendships and families. Can’t get too familiar with one another. Got to split up those tight groups and cliques. Create pockets of isolation and loneliness. Lose a few in the shuffle.

I didn’t fully grasp the tight control elders had over the individuals to make us leave our friends and relatives. Nor did I notice how we had to think, act, speak, and dress the same — using strict dress codes. No beards or pink shirts for men, for example. Complete obedience to rules instead of operating from our own common sense. We were creations — clones — of Watchtower Inc. — ripe for being taken over by authoritarian governments. Is that the agenda of religions? Again, that appears to be the indication according to The Two Babylons.

At the present time, kingdom halls are being sold. In Selkirk, Manitoba, JWs who wish to attend meetings must now travel to East Kildonan in Winnipeg. It must be more difficult than ever to make new acquaintances and friends, wouldn’t you agree? Especially since 2020 with the arbitrary rules about six feet apart, face muzzles, lockdowns, getting jabbed, plus the constant fear narrative spewed daily from the mainSCREAM news media.

Did YOU know the jabs were not yet tested on humans? And humans who accept the jab are guinea pigs? If not, you may want to do some independent research using DuckDuckGo for a search engine browser because those subjects are censored on el G00G.

Some Words of Encouragement

Happily, people are able to wake up from this trance-like state used by religion, politics, and other cults — recognized as “scientism” these days. Cathy O’Brien is an MK-Ultra Mind-Control survivor from the political realm who was able to wake up, with the help of someone in the CIA who saw the harms of the mad science. If you’re curious, she’s on YouTube and shares her story of escape and how she was able to heal her life. I saw this years ago and I was fascinated. Now I read or watch anything related to mind-control. I recognized many similarities from my life after hearing her story. She calls it Trauma-Based Mind-Control.

But not to frighten anyone. Like I say, our own soul can awaken us. I doubt I could help someone if they love their slumber.

I thought my ramblings might intrigue you, my dear readers.

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