Mother Earth Supports All Souls

Yes indeed, Mother Earth supports all souls. The question is, do all beings we see now on the planet actually have a soul? Or have some humans now sold their soul in one way or another to some seemingly “off-planet” being or beings, namely Satan, Devil, Lucifer, Yahovah, the demons, archons, etc., for thirty pieces of silver, or are some beings bribed or blackmailed — or otherwise coerced into submission?

Those of you who know me understand that I’ve been condemned to death at the Jehovah’s Witnesses prescribed genocide they call Armageddon. Why? Simply because I left the family religion. Apparently, I committed treason against their much touted New World Order, now glaringly present on the earthly scene. Nevertheless, during the growth process of my soul I came to realize a few things we were never taught while involved with that religion.

1. Watch Tower Religion Is a Mind-Bending Cult of Morbid Proportions

JW bible - Silver sword versionMind-Kontrol is alive and well in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. Oh, the strange things I used to believe. We were commanded to “love” Jehovah, a god we never met or knew much about, except what we read in their distorted bible. This god never communicated with “ordinary” humans. As a child, I believed the elders at the kingdom hall represented god. Apparently, god only communicated with the early presidents of the 2ion’s Watch Tower corporation, or more recently, the governing body of said corporation.

When I look back at what we were expected to believe, I shake my head. But, what can I expect, being born and raised in that religion? I knew nothing else. How could my parents be wrong about such an important thing? They were so wise, after all. And I was just a little kid. As the years went by, and especially upon leaving, I became more compassionate with my vulnerabilities with respect to the family religion.

Thankfully, I’ve grown up since those days. I’ve shed all those silly beliefs. I discovered how to let go of the fear of mortals and their false gods.

2. Turns out Their God is a Malevolent, Perverted, Sex-Mad Creature

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ head office in upstate New York is in possession of a database of member pedophiles. Many of these predators held positions of responsibility — including elders — in their religious cult. The alleged perpetrators named in the database are protected from the prying eyes of the law. If anyone followed the Australia Royal Commission Case Study 29, the Analysis of the Jehovah’s Witness organization’s during their investigation showed that:

  • the allegations, reports or complaints that the organization received relate to at least 1,800 alleged victims of child sexual abuse
  • 579 of those against whom allegations were made confessed to having committed child sexual abuse.
  • of the 1,006 members against whom allegations of child sexual abuse were made, 108 were elders or ministerial servants at the time of the first instance of alleged abuse.
  • 28 alleged perpetrators were appointed as elders or ministerial servants after an allegation of child sexual abuse was made against them.
  • 401 alleged perpetrators were disfellowshipped as a result of an allegation of child sexual abuse and 230 of those alleged perpetrators were later reinstated.

These data represent only the Watch Tower secrets held in their Australian — not their global database. My reason for mentioning these few points of observation is that their god appears to protect member predators from their crimes against innocent children. Jehovah is a most malevolent and perverted god.

The above information is publicly available. It’s also the tip of the iceberg. The full report is downloadable in pdf format directly from the website of the Royal Australian Commission.

Measure of Health of Society is How They Treat Most Vulnerable Members
Do not fear mortals and their false gods. Mother Earth Supports all Souls.

3. Eight Strange Men Want to Hijack Your Guidance System

That’s a creepy thought, to fathom someone wants to hijack your guidance system. I write more about “Hijacking the Soul” so won’t go deeply into how right here. Suffice to say, I did not come into this life to experience giving my authority away to some cult-ish men. However, Watch Tower Corporation’s eight men in upstate New York — who I don’t know and have never even met — have designated themselves to become my guidance system. As if I’d allow it now that I’ve broken their spell and their control over me. What a sick joke. Especially since discovering my soul is my true guidance system. After all, we are all inherently sovereign beings, though many folks seem to have forgotten.

Just remember folks, we did not come to this planet unprepared. We did not arrive without all the tools required to navigate effectively and fearlessly. So, let’s trust our inherent guidance system. I suggest let’s consistently take some time every day to connect with our precious inner guidance, our soul, our Divine Nature, or whatever each of you might call it. I allow my soul to guide me through challenging times.

4. Religion’s Cognitive Dissonance

Religions can only function by using mind-kontrol tactics on it’s followers. Why do I say that? Consider this: on the one hand, religions must covertly push the United Nations agenda to rebuild Babylon globally, in order to qualify for tax free status and other funding programs to “Build Back Better” — or perhaps more accurately “Build Back Babylon“…? But I digress.

On the other hand, religions profess to teach followers the bible, a supposedly “moral” book. Even though, when reading the book, I discovered that their god has undesirable attributes, such as competition with a rival, jealousy, greed, abuse and destruction of women and girls, love of war, and even a lust for human blood sacrifices.

How do followers reconcile Watchtower’s cognitive dissonance? They don’t. They can’t. Their minds are at an impasse — a type of paralysis or even a circular reasoning loop. Both cognitive dissonance and circular reasoning continue to be effective mind-kontrol tools in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion.

 Jehovah's Witnesses circular reasoning from jwsfacts.
Among other "programs" Watch Tower Corporation uses a mind-kontrol tool of "circular reasoning" to keep their followers captured. Here is a good example. Credit image to

Deep Insights from a Card

Earth Supports All Souls
I received a card recently with an image which really impacted me at a deep level. What was so special about it? I was presented with a couple of butterflies, a dragon fly, as well as a frog sitting on a lily pad. My eye was drawn to the frog, at ease with life, grounded on that circle of greenery bobbing atop the water. I began to realize how those lily pads grow out of the mud and muck at the bottom of ponds. They send out a long stem to reach the top of the water, then a large leafy lily pad emerges to collect the sunlight. Seems the stem and pad are strong enough to support the frogs. Interestingly, we have come out of our mucky childhood in a similar way to the lily. That image reminded me that if Mother Earth supports the frogs, certainly she will support us when life throws us challenges — if we are connected to our souls! Ever so gently and lovingly, this card was a reminder to me that Mother Earth supports all souls, if we keep ours safe! Why? Because our soul is our guidance system — not the cloud, and certainly not religious leaders in Watch Tower Land!

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