Over-Riding Maternal Instincts

As a pre-amble to the subject I’m talking about, I just want to say that both men and women have intuitive abilities if we choose to exercise them. The more we “exercise” them, the stronger they become. Over-riding maternal instincts weakens these abilities, and is actually a deadly trap set by religion. Due to the content here today, I’m being more specific about women, but I’m not discounting men.

Most unfortunately, with so many laws, rules, policies — and even advertisements — put upon humanity now by governments, corporations, and religion, much of our innate abilities, common sense, and maternal instincts have been over-written. There are definitely down sides to the practice of over-writing nature or what we call “natural laws”. So, over-riding maternal instincts is what this post is about.

When we over-ride our maternal instincts with religious rules, specifically, we over-ride natural law which pre-existed any law of man or any book. Yes, nature even pre-dates the so-called “holy” books. When I over-ruled my maternal instinct with religion, all that was left were patriarchal rules and an unbalanced self that even drove me to shun my own beloved mother. I didn’t know that at the time of my indoctrination, but I do know now.

Nature presents itself as male and female in balance — ying-yang. If I eliminate the feminine in my life, nature becomes unbalanced. Religions unbalance nature. When women over-ride their maternal instincts, they become unbalanced.

Religion Invalidates Nature

We may recall a scripture about how tradition made the word of god invalid. Well, I say no, it was the “word of god” that makes nature invalid. We were born with inherent wisdom which was negated by the man-made “word of god”. Therein lies the deception which is the inversion overlay on nature — called religion.

Religion taught me to fear. Because of my religious indoctrination I felt uneasiness about god, death, my own heart, and gut for sensible decision-making. I worried about the “world”, the devil. I dreaded everything and everyone. I suppressed my natural desires, my abilities, and my talents. I experienced trepidation about all these things until I became someone I didn’t recognize. I feared Armageddon, men, being disfellowshipped, being shunned, making a mistake, imperfection — yet at the same time I was taught I’m imperfect. I FEARED LIFE, so much so that I became afraid to live my life! That’s what religion did for me.

So, the more I can deconstruct the harms of religion, the more I am able to reclaim my life, my right to exist, my sovereign nature, my freedom to move about, and be free. I can choose to shed those fears put on me by my parents and the family religion.

Does not religion claim the “moral high ground”? Don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to be the “happiest people on earth”? Then why don’t religious folks reflect those qualities?

That certainty didn’t occur in our family by a long shot. My father — and so many fundamentally religious people — act like psychopaths and narcissists. Why? I attribute that to the unbalanced nature of men influenced by patriarchal and hierarchical — Babylonish — religions, where there existed pharaohs and slaves. Where’s the balance in that? It doesn’t exist, does it? Interestingly, men too have a feminine side. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very noticeable in the family religion, where all actions were precipitated by harsh rules and orders to OBEY, instead of intuition.

Examples of Over-Riding Maternal Instincts

There are scriptures that religions will use to make it seem normal to hand over your power to religious elders. What about the one that tells folks not to trust your heart? “The heart is more treacherous than anything. Who can know it?” Isn’t that the one Jehovah’s Witnesses use to make members lost trust in their own inherent abilities to make their own healthy decisions? But, on the other hand, how many folks heard about the “heart of wisdom”?~Psalm 49:3

Additionally, I recently learned that groups of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been recruiting children — the bulk of them being women. Perhaps they are not aware of the implications for attempting to recruit children, being an insular group, turned in so much on itself, oblivious of the real world around them. Certainly, in my experience, maternal wisdom would never allow such risky actions.

Notifying Police and CPS When Appropriate

JW cart witnessing child endangermentIn the photo, please note that a toddler is being used to potentially attract other children to the literature cart.

Block parents, crime-stoppers, and other folks who notice risky behavior in the neighborhood are advised to notify police or even Child Protective Services (CPS) if they observe activities in the neighborhood that might endanger children. Police and other legal entities may warn these naive ladies and even monitor them to ensure their risky behavior and actions are discontinued.

Hovering around parks and playgrounds and showing children pictures could even get these individuals cited and profiled — or even booked for child endangerment. Adults could be showing children anything, including pornography, for all we know. In the case I know, women were luring children to a literature cart full of Jehovah’s Witnesses propaganda. These women were using JW comic books and JW videos for children — an obviously clear recruitment agenda directly from the religion’s own website.

Opening Doors for Predators?

police visit Jehovah's Witnesses literature cart. Over-riding maternal instincts is a deadly trap set by religionPolice visit Jehovah's Witnesses literature cart. Over-riding maternal instincts is a deadly trap set by religion. Source: Reddit.com

At the very least, if a group of women shows children “innocent” images from the Internet, that alone could open the door for predators to get ideas of how to approach and lure those same children. Women, how come your maternal instincts didn’t pick up on this possibility? Where was your “spidy-sense”? Where was your foresight to protect children instead of exposing them to potential further dangers? How would you feel if you knew your actions of approaching children led to those children in the park being molested — or worse?

These women may be inadvertently — or not so inadvertently — teaching children that it’s okay to speak to strangers and look at their pictures and listen to what other adults who are strangers tell them.

Another point I’ve covered in another blog, but worth repeating is that it’s dangerous for children to be around a group known to have policies that protect pedophiles. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a religion known to victimize children who have been sexually abused. When the victim — or their families — try to protect children from crimes against children, religious elders quite often threatened and attempted to silence those speaking up.

Over-Riding Maternal Instincts is a Trap

To summarize, religion enables the over-riding of maternal instincts, especially in women — and it’s a trap. Especially is it a trap for our most vulnerable members of society — our beloved children. Remember that children are vulnerable because they lack life experience. That reason alone could be why mothers and women in general normally would have a keen maternal sense. By design, women would normally protect the children within a community. Seemingly, not so among the women who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Call back your sovereign nature, people. That will help bring the masculine and feminine back into balance, whether male or female. That balance will keep our children safe from predators of all kinds, including religious predators.

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