Overwhelming Credentials

governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses have overwhelming credentials?Meet the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. These men have declared themselves to be the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and "Our Mother" of the bible.

When I saw this  long list of overwhelming credentials for the “Faithful and Discreet Slave” of Watchtower Inc., I just had to share. This entire list contains scriptures. The gentlemen in the photo would like members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses to believe that they receive channeled information direct from their god. Tell me, what kind of a god would use men who would hide 23,000 known pedophiles among their ranks? They hide the names and crimes of these criminals in a secret database in their Warwick, NY offices. Gentlemen, may I humbly request that if you want to make up a good story, at least make it remotely credible. Because hiding pedophiles among you does not lend credence at all to your claims of being “chosen” as special by god.

Overwhelming Credentials for the 'faithful and discreet slave' of Watchtower Inc.
As seen in the Watchtower of March 1, 1981, page 27, the above bundle of scriptures apparently prove the association between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" mentioned in the bible. Watchtower corporation applies it to themselves to mean they are the only channel of truth in this world today, and our spiritual mother. Our "Mother"???

Searching the Scriptures for Overwhelming Credentials

Once seen in the Watchtower of March 1, 1981, page 27, I began to look up those scriptures — one by one. I knew it was a stretch to think I could take them at their word. As I searched, it became apparent how utterly nonsensical their reasoning is.

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t seem to understand they are worshiping a corporate entity wearing a mask of religion — nothing but an “image”. Unless, of course, I’m just a dead Apostate, as they love to smear me.

Shedding Layers of Falseness

When I left, I recalled their belief that — upon leaving the religion — all knowledge would be removed from me. Yet, as time went by, I realized I was actually gaining even more insights into my spiritual nature, rather than losing my Self. I began to realize very early that I had been lied to. I felt like I was calling my true Self back to me, instead of losing my Self. Perhaps what I was losing was my faux cult persona. What a relief! What a sense of freedom I was gaining!

Out of curiosity, I kept my New World Translation bible because I thought I might crack it open once in awhile. Now, I find it a useful tool to debunk their religious reasonings and twisted policies. I use my bible just as fluently as ever. In fact, I found it amusing how easily I can use their own publications to prove they are false. Or, at the very least, I can prove how delusional they would like us all to be, if we were to continue to believe. Watchtower’s second president “Judge” Rutherford’s words are so true, namely, that “religion is a snare and a racket”. However, he was always pointing at the “other” religions, while saying the words. It wasn’t long before I was seeing the Jehovah’s Witnesses as belonging in the same box with all “those other” religions.

Overwhelming Credentials Theory Falls Flat

Finally, I concluded what would be the point of looking up each scripture in that made-up list of overwhelming credentials for the “faithful and discreet slave” when the first few had already proved to me the falseness of Watchtower’s conclusions? I’ve got better things to do with my time.

I had to take a few minutes to share this gem about overwhelming credentials, because I thought it was too funny to pass by. Actually, I found the entire article utterly outrageous, if readers must know! But then again, it seems that Watchtower beliefs have many stories of overwhelming credentials, proving to me the utter nonsense of the their theology. For example, the Watchtower religion known as Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t celebrate birthdays, while making reference to two beheadings at two different birthday parties during bible times.

Yet, those same Watchtower “scholars” neglect to acknowledge that Job’s children celebrated special days, in Job 1:4. Some secular bible scholars — real credentialed ones — have stated they were actually celebrating theirs and each others’ birthdays.

4 And his sons went and feasted in their houses, every one his day; and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them.—Job 1:4 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

Family Religion is Filled with Delusions

Looking back over the years during which I believed in the family religion, I have come to realize the height, width, depth, and breadth of the tall tales they were expecting us to believe. For example, who of us didn’t believe that we were going to be blessed with everlasting life in a paradise earth, for being perfectly faithful? Every single one of us had to believe that before we could even get baptized.

Now I realize that those men in the picture could never give us eLife. Nor can be our mother. It’s not in their power to do so, either. They’re making false promises they can never keep. They can’t even save themselves from their pedophile database! How can they offer anyone motherly love, let alone eLife?

Conversely, we as humans in a flesh suit could give back to Mother Earth by composting real food scraps — thereby taking care of, and appreciating the earth — rather than destroying all it’s elements, like some narcissistic humans are doing today. It’s so obvious to me that the Watchtower Corporation can never be seen as our “spiritual mother.”

Our Life-Giving Earth is Under Attack

At present, all elements to sustain life of our beloved planet — our land, water, air, and sun — are being destroyed by greed. Yes, our beloved Mother Earth is being decimated, instead of being loved, supported, and sustained.

Sadly, many people treat our earth as their personal garbage dump. As a result, our earth is filled with litter. Our water is full of plastic waste, abandoned fish nets, and radiation from the crimes committed against Fukishima, Japan. In addition, I won’t forget to mention that corporations are dumping toxic waste into our watersheds, so that humans no longer have access to clean drinking water. If we would only look up from our devices long enough to see our skies, we may feel sad to see the sun is being blotted out by the military’s grids in our sky. Those grids are filled with aluminum, barium, strontium, and other contaminants which are known killers of life. Yet, we are supposed to put faith in governments and religions to get us out of the mess that their corporate human greed has created? Now that’s what I call delusional.

Just allow me to inquire after one more thing about those men in the photo above who claim godship over others. How do we, as the real humans, ever trust you when you are hurting and abusing the most vulnerable members of society — our beloved children?

Destroying Families

Fortunately, folks are waking up in droves from the falseness of religion, politics, and other corrupt man-made institutions and corporations. When humans pretending to be benevolent are proving false, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”—Matthew 7:20

Not only are the earth’s elements being attacked. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a dangerous cult that destroys families. Even when I existed inside that organization, I heard talks many a time about how governments were toppled because the enemy had infiltrated and broken up families. Once families are destroyed, it became easy for their enemies to topple the entire nation. It seems to me that humanity has another enemy now that wishes to destroy families. Their agenda is to own our souls this time, not just our land.

trojan horse in wikimedia commonsTrojan horses filled with infiltrators were used in ancient times to undermine enemy nations. Image by Wikimedia Commons with my gratitude.

Religions and governments call themselves “sovereign”. It’s easy for folks to believe — being ungrounded — having given their power away to differing religious and political ideals. By giving their power away, they have given away their souls. Folks need to call back their souls and follow their own souls, rather than governments and religions who wish to deceive us and steal our personal power and resources. It’s time to get grounded with the earth and reclaim our humanity and our own personal sovereignty. Forget those lying religions, governments, industries, and corporations!

Faith in Self Needed Now

After leaving the JWs, I am in the process of reclaiming my Self. I am rebuilding my life, much better connected to planet earth. I love our planet and wish for vital well-being, not just for myself, but for everyone.

I find answers when I go inside myself. I write journals filled with ideas, and problem-solve. My therapist reminded me many times that when we write, we use another part of our brain which helps us sort our issues out. Even writing this blog is helping me now. I journal endlessly about subjects that concern me.

After all is said and done, I don’t believe I was meant to give away my sovereignty to someone else. I am supposed to live as a human, enjoy my human-ness, and let my soul guide my sovereign self from the inside. I no longer understand why people look outside their own soul for answers. When we give away our power, we give away our precious soul parts. And then, we lose our groundedness and our connection to the earth.

How Did I Lose Soul Parts?

As a born-in Jehovah’s Witnesses member, I gave my soul to a god — a human construct — which removed my sovereign power. Religion removes sovereignty deliberately and knowingly from humanity. Governments call themselves sovereign. Religions call themselves sovereign. Yet they’re not sovereign at all, because they’re false. They cannot be sovereign because they’re not even human, even if they are human constructs. Tell me, how many folks even KNOW that they personally are inherently sovereign beings?

Those things — religions and governments, etc. — aren’t even real. In fact, they are soul-less. But you and I are REAL SOULS. We could call our own sovereign power back and rightfully reclaim it as our own. Yes, it’s ours to own. That’s where true freedom resides. By following our own sovereign soul’s whispers. Writing helps us to connect with our own soul again. That’s what I did.

So, How Do I Stay Grounded?

Here’s what I do now to stay grounded:

  • I write in my journal about whatever is on my mind for as long as I feel is required.
  • I drink lots of filtered water in a day (at least four pints). I also take a pint of water to bed with me to drink throughout the night, if I awaken.
  • I prepare and eat healthy foods that I enjoy, including plenty of raw organic salads and home-made fermented foods.
  • I spend some time every day outdoors, going for a walk in the forest, or at the very least, around several blocks. I choose somewhere with at least some trees. I touch the greenery along the way.
  • I grow a vegetable garden and spend time there. But, even when I didn’t have a house, I would always grow something green, even if only in pots on a balcony.
  • I talk lovingly with myself. I post loving affirmations around my work area to remind myself of my needs.
  • I keep my body in good form.
  • I treat myself to a Bowen massage every month. I have an awesome massage therapist!
  • I play or listen to relaxing music. My favorite is classical piano and violin together. Pipe-organ, or flute is great, too.
  • I dance and interact with true friends. My favorite dance is the Argentine Tango.
  • At bedtime, I always meditate within — to my inner self/soul — for a self-care check-up.
  • I check my email and attend to necessary business.
  • I sleep with a grounding pad and I also ground myself at my computer, with products from earthing.ca. There are some great videos about getting grounded.

There, that’s it. Simple, wonderful, and my soul loves it. It’s truly how humans were meant to live.

Bottom Line—Connect with the Earth and Each Other

Let’s not allow religion, politics, and numerous other false human constructs break up our families and our communities.

The bottom line for me at this present time is that if I have faith the size of a mustard grain in my own soul, and live as a real authentic human, connected fully with my REAL Earth Mother (not a fake Mother at Watchtower) that is all that I would ask of my sovereign self.

I believe I came to live my life on this earth as a real human in a fleshly body. I came to understand how the earth sustains me and all humans. I am not supposed to reach for my eternal self until I have learned all my human lessons about being an inherently sovereign human being.

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