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With the family’s death wish hanging over the author’s head — and a belief system in which it was impossible to exist independently of the cult — well now you, dear reader, might know why it was imperative that Esther purge the family belief system.

That’s her journey to safely — a long, circuitous, confusing, and complex route. And she’s only part way there. She has her ups and downs. Some days go really well — and other days — well, she slides into a dark hole. Yet at a soul level, she has not given up on her right to live. Instead, she crawls out of her despair and seeks the root source of the split belief within herself, in order to bring herself into balance.

She now believes that it is utterly impossible to co-exist caught between two conflicting belief systems.

A story of survival — one woman’s challenges in abandoning the patriarchal religion of her family of origin — a lifetime of fear-based conditioning. Read this poignant story of one woman’s challenge to outgrow co-dependency and limiting beliefs.

A book dedicated to her two beautiful children who were marvelous students of her teachings. Esther holds the vision they have the tools to leave as did she.

Comments from Readers

This book shows how a patriarchal religion attracts and supports psychopathic men, who are fathers and husbands, who inflict lasting damage on their spouses, children and extended families. Written “from the inside”, it is a case study that will be of interest to those studying the psychology of fundamentalist religion and the process of cult recovery.” — Manager with wide-ranging interests working in the Infotech Field

Reading your book has helped me to put all of those feelings of being watched, feelings of being judged, as well as other weird sensations into words, so as to validate my feelings,” — A Non-believer with JW relatives

I really never have been a big reader but this is one book I am sure I won’t be able to put down. It will shed some light on matters that have a real close meaning to me.” Then a later email arrived saying, “It is now 10:30 p.m. and I have just put the book down. I am at chapter 13! Awesome!” — An Ex-Member

“I resonated with what you said about if you asked your family / husband, they wouldn’t have thought they were being abusive.  So true, their thinking gets all turned and twisted, they don’t know which way is up.” — A Forum Comment

For Immediate Release “Phoenix of Faith”

Can a woman leave a patriarchal belief system and survive a lifetime of fear-based conditioning?

Like the mythical bird who rose out of her own ashes, Esther Harrison was treated as dead by adherents of her former religion. It is not easy breaking the mold. Old ways of living served a purpose — namely keeping her bound by antiquated patriarchal traditions and rules. But what happens when those rules no longer serve a useful purpose? Esther woke up to realize she was in a dysfunctional marriage and a religion that enabled the behavior. Upon leaving both her marriage and the religion, her former religionists turned on her. Her own children shunned her. That would straighten her out — teach her the error of her ways!

Or would it?

The author moved far away from her childhood, including the beliefs she was raised with. British Columbia was distant enough to give her a fresh perspective and insights about the past which have helped her in the writing of this book. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Here it is: “Phoenix of Faith”!

Phoenix of Faith ISBN: 978-0-9739956-0-2 ($29.95)

(368 pages)

“Phoenix of Faith” is a true story which takes place in Manitoba (Arborg, Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Teulon, Selkirk, and Winnipeg), Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina), Alberta (Lethbridge and Calgary), British Columbia (Vancouver and Burnaby)

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