Resources to Set Myself Free from Babylonish Religion

Babylon Ishtar Gate Credit Library of Congress via Wikimedia in Resources to set myself free from Babylonish Religion

Babylon Ishtar Gate Credit: Library of Congress via Wikimedia

I was afraid when I figured out the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion had an ulterior motive in writing their study book, Babylon the Great has Fallen — God’s Kingdom Rules. Especially when I learned that the book The Two Babylons was a source book did I become concerned! Now, I’m studying each one, with a critical eye. I needed resources to set myself free from Babylonish religion!

Babylon the Great Has Fallen - God's Kingdom Rules wake up call to escape religion in resourcesI was overwhelmed when I first left the family religion that I once thought was the “only truth”. Where do I begin as far as resources to set myself free from Babylonish religion? I was devastated when I found out my entire belief system was built upon nothing but a delusion — sand!

On my blog Is Self-Care Selfish, I stress the need to be mindful of bodily health while undergoing a massive transition such as leaving the family religion. More than that, taking care of my “self” first is not selfish, unlike what I was taught. Parents and the religion taught harmful beliefs about serving others first, giving till it hurts, etc., so it came as a surprise for me to learn that self-care is a very important aspect of acquiring and maintaining excellent health.

The first resource I sought was professional help from a psychiatrist, because I recognized the utter mayhem and confusion in my life. The very first suggestion my therapist suggested was to journal about everything that was on my mind. That would help me to organize my confused thoughts.

Resources to Purge Harmful Beliefs

Again, I emphasize the traumas I experienced had to be validated in order for healing to begin. Validation made my feelings real, and then a plan of action could be implemented to reclaim the lost parts of my Self harmed by dysfunctional religion. It was extremely important that I purge the harmful beliefs in which I was raised. It was time to claim resources that could set myself free from Babylonish religion!

For me, it was wise to consult a doctor. Fortunately I already had a great family doctor. I was glad I didn’t have to locate one at such a low time of my life. A professional helped me to find the help I needed, including a therapist who understands the religious fears instilled in members of a cult. And yes, Jehovah’s Witnesses do fit into Dr. Robert J. Lifton’s definition of a cult, I learned. I wouldn’t have understood that if I wasn’t ready to see it.

Once I purged the beliefs, I had to replace them with something that felt healthy and didn’t offend my soul or my common sense.

Resources to Set Myself Free from Babylonish Religion

Resources: Required Reading

Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz is required reading to set myself free from religionI read the book Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz, a member who left the head office of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I would recommend this book as Required Reading for all Jehovah’s Witnesses who want to be free of that Babylonish religion. This is the one book that helped me see Jehovah’s Witnesses religion was not “of god” and did not have “god’s holy spirit” as the religion falsely claimed.

Resources on YouTube

Here are some of my favorite resources that set me free on YouTube:

  • Esther (that’s me!)
  • JWvictims
  • Kim Mikey
  • For Christianity, I suggest studying Babylon-ish teachings, then take note of the similarities in the two belief systems. For starters, some of my own articles are listed at the bottom of this text.

Freeing Myself from Babylonish Religion

Robert J. Lifton’s definition of a cult I scrolled down the page till I located the subheading “Lifton”.

Reddit #EXJW A place to vent, converse, and comment.

Barbara Anderson’s Story Ex-Member from Bethel.

JWvictims Cult Exodus Best commentary from a woman’s point of view. Facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses they may not wish to discuss when they ring my doorbell.

For Christians to Ponder

Shadows of Patriarchal Religion contains relevant points about shadows being instructive.

Human Blood Sacrifice

Save My Soul

Bible Bigots

Off Site Reading

How could something like human blood sacrifice “catch on”? Read Blood Sacrifice, Then and Now

Watch on YouTube

Watch Dear Christians There is Something I Wish to Say on YouTube

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