Save My Soul

Crosses are symbol of Christianity A woman on the bus tried to save my soul yesterday. Perhaps its because of the Easter season. Nevertheless, she began by asking if I believed in Jesus.

“If I believe anything about Jesus, it would not be the biblical version. Instead, it would be the Gnostic story in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene escaped their would-be murderers to become healers in a far-away land,” was my reply.

“But, don’t you believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?” she persisted.

Was I being proselytized?

I have blogged about the limits of my belief in Jesus and the subject of Human Blood Sacrifice. I claim my inability to embrace any theology about a father willfully electing to slaughter his son. Human blood sacrifice is nothing short of murder, to my way of thinking.

Black Magic?

Black magic utilizes human blood sacrifices to appease their blood-thirsty gods. Perhaps that is the most accurate definition I can think of to define modern Christianity. Credence in human blood sacrifice is a primitive theology that no thinking person could possibly embrace, as such an action lacks civility. It is the farthest thing from love or salvation imaginable.

Truly, if my soul needed saving, I’d find another way to salvation. Perhaps those fearful Biblical beliefs were among the reasons people throughout history used to justify murdering one another, right into our modern day. Primitive Christianity described in the Bible may be a reason for mass killings and extreme positions about the need for gun ownership. I can think of several mass murders in which the killer claimed belief in Christianity.

Saving Souls — Christianity or Insanity?

Sometimes it is difficult for me to differentiate between Christianity and insanity. Furthermore, entire nations go to war in the name of God, justifying the slaughter of other nations with non-Christian notions, without a any regard for human life. Religious folks may claim that foreign sects are “wrong” because only Christianity is “right.” Not just any “Christianity” but their version of Christianity — exclusively!

Any genuine “Christ consciousness” would represent a loving and compassionate personality, someone non-judgmental, devoid of any attitude of superiority of their peculiar brand of conviction over others. Strangely enough, all religions claim to be loving and forgiving, yet much is conditional, based on the level of one’s adherence to its specific theology.

Even worse, many religious people have never questioned the teachings imposed on them by their parents or whoever. I believe its time to look deeply into where some of these dangerous ideas came from and release all those ideals that do not serve the highest good of humankind. After all, it’s peace time! Isn’t it?

Save My Soul? Or Yours?

So often it is the proselytizers who would do well to examine their beliefs. From now on, when I am being proselytized by Christians, I won’t allow those proselytizers to go unproselytized. Well, maybe not proselytized so much as questioned to encourage critical thinking. I am feeling more confident in letting myself be heard, as of late. I have only recently learned that my point of view is just as valid as anyone else’s, without carrying more or less credence than anyone. Even if it’s a secular belief, it’s just as valid as anyone else’s religious opinion. Religious people require challenging of their long-held fallacies sometimes. Questions and quandaries seem to awaken the critical thinking process — and that’s great!

“It’s not just Christianity that causes people to go off the deep end, Esther. It’s most religions. Most of the world’s wars and bloody battles have been because of religious differences and extremists,” my dear readers remind me.

Soul-Saving or Unconditional Love — Which is Preferred?

Without a doubt, most religions are found at the root of much of the world’s violence and divisions. However, I figure that may be about to change. I feel people becoming more aware, and so consequently, religion will not continue to play such a big role in lives of people.

Many folks may stop and think of the foolishness of some ingrained beliefs. Once they did, they might let those failed theologies go back from whence they came. Perhaps, as more folks awaken to the dangers of religious indoctrination and mind-control, a little less “save my soul” and a little more unconditional love could become the standard of the day. More acceptance of each others’ differences could bring much harmony for everyone. It’s a great vision to hold, don’t you think?

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