Selling Happiness

Do following Babylonish religions bring happiness? Or is there something sinister attached to the quest for happiness within a religious organization? Is selling happiness a “thing”? Why is it so difficult to find happiness? How on earth could happiness be turned a resource that folks would buy in their pursuit of happiness? Is it true that religious people are the happiest people on earth — or is that a myth? Is it possible for folks to find happiness without belonging to a religion of some kind?

Many questions. Let’s examine some examples of the pursuit of happiness as well as the selling of happiness in the religious arenas of the world.

Feel free to look around. Take what you can use from these blogs and leave what doesn’t serve your well-being and happiness.

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Religion in the business of selling happiness and here's the literature to prove it!Selling Happiness

What dollar amount would I pay if I could go somewhere and “buy” happiness? The next logical question I might ask: Who might be selling happiness? A supermarket? Amazon? Politics? Religion? What if someone was selling everlasting life? Or peace? What if they were having a sale! Seriously, what would you say if someone rang your doorbell on Saturday morning, got you out of bed, and you opened the door to this: “Hello, my name is George and I’m selling happiness.” A rational awake person would laugh and close the door, yes? After all, is happiness a product you can trade on the commodities market? By selling happiness, are religions selling Products or concepts? There’s a thin line between corporations selling products and yes, selling concepts. Then you might argue, “But concepts aren’t the same as products” — and you’d be correct. In reality, some companies do sell concepts, Read more >>

Pick up your cot and walk Mark 2:9Pick Up Your Cot and Walk

“Pick up your cot and walk.” (Mark 2:9) Those were Jesus’ words, weren’t they? Just after he healed a paralyzed man?Whenever I think about the Bible, I flash back to some point of time when I used to belong to a patriarchal religious organization. Listening to the elders speak from the platform was a challenge, as I had to wrap my head around the most bizarre ways of thinking. For example, an elder used an illustration about when someone fell down and could not get up. Read more >>

Becoming Human Book Cover by Jean VanierLoneliness or Solitude

Loneliness and solitude are two different things. We can be alone yet happy, because we know we are part of something greater than one’s self. On the other hand, loneliness is a feeling of not being part of anything — of being cut off. It is a feeling of unworthiness, of an inability to cope. I have experienced both loneliness and solitude. Maybe that’s why I chose to read Jean Vanier’s book, Becoming Human. I felt lonely during my first marriage because my ex-husband and I lived in two different worlds. I didn’t understand him and he didn’t understand me. We didn’t communicate very well about our differences. Read more >>

1992 Four generations of Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh, aren't we blessed!Mom Gets Reinstated

If anyone wonders how much our family was blessed with happiness when Mom gets reinstated, you’re in the right place. I was convinced our family could be truly happy if Mom would just come back to the family religion to which I clung. Finally, in the year 1990, Mom appealed to the elders to get reinstated as a Jehovah’s Witness. She decided to go back to the family religion after being disfellowshipped for 13 years, and I shunned her for seven of those years. Read more >>

Snowdrops beside our homeWelcome Snow Drops!

“You are a most welcome sight, beloved snow drops!” I exclaim joyfully. The first signs of spring are upon us, and peeking out of the ground is solid proof. They’re a little late coming up this year, but I say better late than never. Usually, by the middle of January, those sweet and lovely little snow lilies (or snow drops) poke up through the snow. This year, they cheerfully announced themselves the first week of February, just before another couple of snow dumps. Have a look. Read more >>

Great saying! "Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves" - Pema Chodron
Is Self-Care Selfish?

Is it Selfish to take care of your “Self” first? I’m saying taking care of the “self” first is not selfish, unlike what many of us were taught. It’s a very important aspect of acquiring and maintaining excellent health. Personally, I been active in taking care of my health for many years. An ongoing development process began in the 1980’s. When my health underwent significant shifts, Read more >>

Wedding Day for Uncle Doug and Aunt Virginia.Inner Child Work

Feel the energy on this old family picture. It’s a wedding, and it appears to be a somber summer day in the late 1950s. Perhaps this is an ideal time for me to do some inner child work. Since the 1980s and 1990s I did much inner child work along with my therapist, as well as on my own, once I finished therapy. This year, during Mercury retrograde, I used this photo in a visualization to work with my inner child. Read more >>

Esther little girlAbundance!

In Chapter three of my book I write about my childhood recollections around having money. I didn’t know what to do with money when I was five years old. Having money was an enormous responsibility, to my childish way of thinking. Read more >>

Evolution of AzaleaBeing Authentic

What does “being authentic” mean? Here might be a good example of authenticity. I hurried home from work yesterday so that I could spend quality time with my cousin who I’m just now getting to know. I also — finally — met her husband for the very first time, even though they have been together for many years. Why, after all this time are we — not until this moment — getting to really know each other? Could it be Read more >>


I don’t know about you, but I have a very busy mind. “Monkey-mind” it is often called. Oh, it’s bad — unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, inconstant, confused, indecisive, uncontrollable — all that and more, just what the great gurus of the world absolutely dread. My friend suggested to me, “Why don’t you meditate?” Read more >>

Meditate on Koan What is Vital Well-Being?Koan: Meditate Well-Being

As I change my views about well-being, updating my profile is a must.  After all, a writer’s profile resonates much the same as an intention. While journeying along in this life, my aspirations inevitably must change, as seeking vital well-being requires. The profile description  has changed several times already since beginning blogging in 2010. The most recent was Read More >>

Vital Well-Being

Is it possible to support my vital well-being while between jobs? It’s a situation which tends to make me a rather anxious. I remind myself I have been through rough spots several times in my life. In fact, I’ve come through several massive life changes — what I call “dark night of the soul” stuff. No matter how huge the challenges, I’ve always maneuvered through financial issues successfully to reach a new plateau of vital well-being. Read more >>

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