Sovereign Beings

I was trying to explain to someone that we are inherently sovereign beings, capable of self-governance. The broken system under which we live currently doesn’t teach us that. We don’t learn it in school, nor religion, nor politics. Those “powers” would rather we didn’t know — our knowledge might be too dangerous for the powers-that-wanna-be. And in fact, every day more laws are being implemented to remove what little power humans have left. As a basic starting point, I looked up the term “self-sovereign” in the dictionary, but I suppose that the “powers-that-wanna-be” want us to think that such a thing is not even a real thing. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

My personal definition of self-sovereignty is the “quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority” — over the Self. When I clicked on “see more”, the definition by-passed the “self” completely by taking me directly to “sovereignty”, which carefully avoids defining personal sovereignty. Note my red underlines. What came up was “sovereignty” as if “self-sovereignty” doesn’t exist for you and I. What is becoming of the Internet algorithms these days?

Sovereign Being Definition of self-sovereign bypasses to sovereign underlinedDefinition of self-sovereign hijacked to just plain "sovereignty". What are the the powers-that-wanna-be trying to hide?

My Sense of Self-Sovereignty?

It’s not that people aren’t sovereign beings anymore. It’s more like they no longer have a sense of self-sovereignty. Why? One explanation is simply that the search engine’s artificial intelligence is set to divert attention away from self-sovereignty. Instead, it attempts to turn my attention to those outside my Self as having the only supreme power. In other words only a king or government “over” humans in general would be considered “sovereign”. That tactic just makes me more determined than ever to speak about my ideas of inherent self-sovereignty. Nevertheless, I see what “they” did, and it only raises more questions — and some points of my own to make — around the subject of self-sovereignty. Yes, that’s right. My inherent Self-sovereignty. I won’t be disrupted that easily by brainless algorithms.

Example of Self-Sovereignty in Our World

I am an anarchist of sorts who believes strongly in self-governance. The most recent instance happening today in our news is about our beloved Wet’suwet’en neighbors to the north of us. They are one of the few truly self-sovereign nations left on the planet. Sadly, Canada and it’s pet corporations are creating difficulties for them. Again, Canada is intruding on their unceded land, meaning no treaties exist, no agreements, no compromises to the Canadian government. That matters little, as Canada and it’s corporate buddies have the strong desire to claim the land for themselves for an entirely different purpose. Canada would like us all to believe their intrusive actions are “legal” — when they are anything but.

Canada’s History with Indigenous Populations

For the past hundreds of years, Canada’s vicious Colonial-style governments have been trying dirty tricks to obtain unceded land illegally. Everything from:

  • Sending blankets infected/diseased with small-pox intending to reduce the number of those who the Colonialists call “savages”.
  • Destroying the indigenous wildcrafted food supply by setting fires on their lands and forests.
  • Drowning tens of thousands of migrating caribou in the name of progress when Quebec Hydro spilled their dam during an annual migration. Indigenous people depended on this food source for their continued existence through the harsh northern winters.
  • Poisoning and contaminating indigenous rivers and streams, destroying pure drinking water sources.
  • Stealing indigenous children, installing them in residential schools run by churches, forbidding the children to exercise their beliefs, practice their customs, or even speak their mother tongue. Colonialists inflicted horrendous abuse and trauma on the kidnapped children. Many parents did not even know where their children had been sent. Children were held as prisoners in those schools, not being allowed to see their parents. I heard one story about indigenous parents seeking out their child at the residential school. The headmaster sent the parents away, claiming their child wasn’t there.

All of these instances are historically documented. Tell me, in all honestly, who are the real “savages”?

Canada’s Recent Activity in Unceded Indigenous Land

The violence and murder the Colonialists commit in the name of “progress” continues in their present day activities. Recent history reveals still more illegal acts by Canada.

Red Dresses?

Canada allows the raping and murdering of indigenous women and girls in order to destroy the possibility of regeneration. The red dresses speak about the 1,000-plus missing, murdered indigenous women along “The Highway of Tears”. I have to ask, isn’t the raping and murdering of women and girls viewed as an act of war by hostile invaders?

Sovereign being red dresses to honor murdered missing indigenous women via thefirstnationscanadaRed dresses speak loudly to remind the invading Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)[1] about the unsolved 1,000-plus missing, murdered indigenous women who disappeared between Prince George and Prince Rupert in British Columbia. "The Highway of Tears" refers to a 724 km length of Yellowhead Highway 16 where many women (mostly Indigenous) have disappeared or been found murdered. [Image credit: The Narwhal]

Pipelines?—in 2020?

Currently, Canada wishes to force a gas pipeline through indigenous drinking water sources. I was flabbergasted to look on as Coastal GasLink (CGL) representatives offered in exchange for the indigenous river of pure drinking water a gift — a few cases of bottled water and some tobacco? I wasn’t surprised when the gifts were rejected. Worse yet, I was dumbfounded to observe the RCMP-protected corporation had already illegally invaded the unceded indigenous lands. It was as if the “gifts” were an afterthought.

Corporate CGL continues forcing it’s unsustainable project where it is not welcome. Interestingly, the majority of non-indigenous Canadians are also opposed to the pipeline projects. Yet, fracked gas and dirty tar companies press ahead with their toxic projects. Three projects are underway in British Columbia. More on that below.

Man-Camps for Foreign Temporary Workers

14 work camps are planned to support the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Nine are already in operation, with additional camps expected to be built in 2020, according to a spokesperson with TC Energy, formerly TransCanada, which owns the pipeline. The man-camps pose many problems for the indigenous people, including “murders, sexual assaults, domestic disputes, illegal drugs, gun violence, and human trafficking cases”. Clearly, man-camps are hazardous to the well-being of indigenous people.

Sovereign Being CGL Man-camps for foreign workersThe Wet'suwet'en people are concerned about the presence of unwelcome "man-camps" on their unceded land. These transient foreign workers "man-camps" are accompanied by increased occurrences of violence, murders, accidents, sexual assaults, domestic disputes, drug busts, gun threats, and human trafficking cases. [Image Credit: YouTube UnistotenCamp]

Accompanying CGL into the indigenous territory are swat teams of RCMP to harass and terrorize their communities at gunpoint, arresting innocent aboriginal people without cause. The police have enabled the destruction of sacred land — desecrated grave sites, historical battle grounds, plant medicines grown in the wild and used by natives for their nearby healing centre.

CGL cut down many acres of trees to make room for their illegal project. No permission was ever granted by the aboriginals’ Heriditary Chiefs — the only ones with signing authority — to begin the project. CGL, along with the RCMP simply broke down the barricades, barged in, and began their illegal desecration and destruction.

Three Projects Under Way in BC?

Much confusion surrounds what’s really going on because three separate projects are what the BC government is attempting to inflict on our fair province — actually two pipelines and a dam. BCers are not happy about any of these projects. BC works for corporations now, because they sure don’t listen to we-the-people. Election promises assured folks no dam would be built, no pipeline would get expanded, no LNG plant or pipeline would be built. People voted according to these empty promises. Meanwhile, the disillusionment levels keep rising.

Here’s a quick rundown of the projects in BC’s political “pipeline” which deeply concern most of us.

Sovereign Beings fight 3 illegal projects in BC Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Trans Mountain Pipeline and Site C damThere is much confusion about what's really going on because there currently exist three separate projects the BC government is attempting to inflict on our fair province — two pipelines and a dam. [Image: CBC]

Coastal GasLink Pipeline

The Coastal GasLink Pipeline is the project in question which the Wet’suwet’en are opposing. It is a gas pipeline which will run from Dawson Creek, to Kitimat, according to the CBC map above. The gas that every corporate and government official claims is “clean” is not clean. The chemicals used in the fracking process are toxic. Enormous amounts of water are utilized as a result of this process, which appear to be coming from the Site C Dam project — the future drinking water for BCers.

Allow me to pose a question here. Just how contaminated will our drinking water be, after using it for fracking “natural” gas? How safe will the Wet’suwet’en populations be having gas shipped through their drinking water source via pipeline — which will inevitably leak as all pipelines degrade?

Here’s the best article I could find on the proposed LNG fracked gas pipeline, which is tied to the creation of the Site C Dam. This is the only article which explains why LNG Canada will be one of the country’s largest greenhouse gas emitters — the very opposite direction of what we want or have asked for. Sadly and savagely, our government is deaf to our concerns.

Trans Mountain Pipeline

Please note that at this time in Canadian history, we as a nation have asked our governments to rein in the oil and gas industry. Yet, in 2013, the National Energy Board (NEB) approved a proposal by Kinder Morgan to expand their pipeline with a second pipeline, built roughly parallel to the existing pipeline.

The project would expand its capacity from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day, almost tripling the oil capacity. The Trans Mountain Pipeline runs from Edmonton, Alberta to British Columbia’s existing tank farms in Burnaby. As a result of the twinning of the pipeline, Burnaby’s tank farm is expanding to contain the tripling of it’s intake. Ocean tankers will be clogging up the local waterways, endangering the well-being of all sea life.

Does it sound like our government heard the objections of this corporate expansion by we-the-people? I answer with a resounding, “NO! We the people are not being heard!”

Site C Dam

Site C Dam is another project that governments thought would be a good idea, citing their most popular word, “Jobs, jobs, jobs”. What the government did not say was that most of those jobs would go to thousands of migrant workers along with the endless problems that accompany “man-camps” noted above. My friends, that is the tip of the iceberg. An in-depth article about the Site C Dam project may be found here.

Money, Resources, & Land Grabs

I am appalled that our current government and their pet gas and oil companies want to claim all the land and resources for themselves, whether or not it is legal to do so. They barged onto the private unceded land, where no agreements or treaties have ever been signed. Nonetheless, the oppressors just want what they want — money, resources, and land.

With that realization, I considered how I would feel if I as a local homeowner was invaded illegally by police. What if those police brought with them a dirty oil company to install a pipeline through my garden and my backyard, how would I feel? How would anyone feel?

On that basis, it may be a stretch for Canadians to call themselves “sovereign beings” anymore, since we’re all subject to our unruly governments. And that is exactly the reason why colonialist Canada wants to dispose of the Wet’suwet’en aboriginals. They don’t want the rest of us “slaves” to even know what free people look like — because the Canadian government wants to “disappear” all traces of what’s left of free people.

Crumbs of Truth

It’s refreshing for me to see more people recognizing that external authority is an illusion and essentially a euphemism for slavery. All the same, most people don’t grasp the significance of what I’m saying. Most folks still don’t even realize that in many ways, we-the-common-folk are already slaves.

During one of my essays on the subject of our sovereign nature, I received a response, “The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach people more than they would ever know in any other religion.”

Yes, I used to be a member of that religion, That statement was what I used to believe, too. However, I learned a lot since those days of darkness. Now I’ve become an activist who is helping folks heal after they leave that family-destroying cult. The sad truth is that Watchtower teaches only bits of truth in among all the deception, manipulation, and outright lies. Since I left the family religion, I am doing my own research and I found absolutely no reason to continue believing what Watchtower taught us all those years — as the one and only “truth”. Jehovah’s Witnesses certainly do not have a monopoly on TruthTM.

Colonialism and Zionism—Similar?

When I look at the patterns of government interactions around the world, I see similarities. Colonialism is political, with religious roots — Zionism is also political with religious roots. Just different religions. Roots matter little when it comes to greed, have you noticed? It doesn’t seem to matter which country I look at these days, Zionists are revealing themselves as they plan regime change favorable to their nefarious cause of stealing your freedoms. Zionists pay regular visits to our politicians. Just being “friendly”? Somehow I doubt it.

Deconstructing Scripture

Indeed, humans are meant to live as sovereign beings, along with the birds and animals who are not mind-controlled debt slaves, but rather inherently free sovereign beings. So, in the above instance, neither Colonialist nor Zionist governments teach us about self-sovereignty. I realize I’ve already stated that neither do our educational systems or religions teach us about self-sovereignty, but I’m repeating this for emphasis. Surprisingly enough, religious people acknowledge that their god is sovereign. The Bible contains,

  • 297 results for “sovereign”,
  • 289 results for “Sovereign LORD”,
  • 21 results for “Sovereignty”,
  • 6 results for “Most Sovereign”,
  • 0 results for “self-sovereign”,
  • 4 results for “Most High is Sovereign”,
  • And that’s as far as my search went.

Most Sovereign”? What exactly does “most sovereign” mean? Does that mean there are more or lesser degrees of sovereignty? Kind of like Secret Societies with lesser orders of hierarchy? Interesting how those words and phrases keep popping up right when I wasn’t expecting them. And no mention of self-sovereign? What’s up with that? Perhaps the powers-that-wanna-be would rather we didn’t know about our self-sovereign inheritance.

God’s “Image”?

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”—Genesis 1:27 KJV

The bible does indicate that humans are made in god’s image, which means they too are sovereign. Regardless — curiously — even the scripture quoted just diverted itself to the issue of male and female, which has nothing to do with sovereignty. Unless of course you’re a bigot and believe men are superior to women — and women are to be subservient to their male counterparts. Jehovah’s Witnesses do strongly believe that! It’s a core tenet of their hierarchical system. No women are allowed to sit on the Governing Body of policy-makers, and no women elders are found in any of the local congregations. Women are diminished in the Watchtower structure.

Somehow, that little detail about sovereign beings was carefully left out of all the propaganda we heard from the kingdom hall platform.

Zionism—Fascism on Steroids

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret AtwoodNow I believe the bible is a book written by patriarchal men to enslave and control humanity, as they covertly bring in their high-control government, the infamous New World Order. Ex-members of Jehovah’s Witnesses will remember hearing that term “New World Order” from the kingdom hall platform. For years, Watchtower was preparing us for Zionism by training us to “be obedient”, “be subservient”, “be in subjection”, “listen and don’t ask too many questions”, “learn in silence” and the list is endless.

I find it interesting that Watchtower magazine’s earlier name was Zion’s Watchtower. That tells me Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Inc. leaders are covert puppets of the Zionists. We aren’t supposed to “remember” that little detail about Zionism hidden on the front cover of their early issues of Watchtower.

Now, Watchtower has replaced that early narrative and turned it into their Armageddon spin. What do I mean by that? As a former member, I was taught that anyone not a Jehovah’s Witness will be destroyed by god’s own hands. That propaganda compels members to believe — by threat of death — that it is important to be obedient, slave for their invisible, silent, deaf, and non-responsive god. Really, members are conditioned to slave for Zion’s Watchtower because after all, why would an omnipotent god need money? Saddest of all, not once do church leaders remind us that we are already — inherently — sovereign beings, and we don’t need religion.

You may wish to read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale if you want an accurate description of life under a theocratic Zionist-style government. I already lived much of it in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious order. Ms Atwood publicly stated that everything she wrote in that book has already — or is presently — happening somewhere in our world. She’s right.

Overwriting Our Sovereignty

It’s not that humans aren’t supposed to be free. Rather, human freedom is “over-written” by another narrative — a one world religion where all our sovereignty is handed over to the religious political leader. Also, everything uttered is “in the name of god”. Disobey — and you’ve rebelled against someone’s god — and you will be punished.

The bible speaks of god “giving” sovereignty, greatness, glory, and splendor to Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar, even though we were never taught that specifically. The story we were told is that Babylon was considered a pagan city and Nebuchadnezzar was an avowed enemy of god. Inverted much? After reading the context, am I to understand that evil men had sovereign power, but not people of integrity? How twisted is that?

“Your Majesty, the Most High God gave your father Nebuchadnezzar sovereignty and greatness and glory and splendor.”—Daniel 5:18 KJV

Interesting how I don’t recall hearing a discussion of god “giving” Nebuchadnezzar sovereignty. Whether good or evil, wasn’t Nebuchadnezzar already a sovereign being — by virtue of being human? And aren’t we all self-sovereign by virtue of being human?

The True Purpose of the Bible

My conclusion is that the bible is a book written in such a way as to generate confusion in it’s readers. In fact, religious elders insist that one person on their own could not possibly understand the scriptures because they’re just too deep for us “simpletons” — their word, not mine. That’s how those meetings went, back in the day. We were all drinking deeply of the koolaid. We all gave away our power to those men.

Even so, I have another theory about why they want us tied to religions. The answer lies in what I discovered while reading a book called The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hislop:

“Thus the people, wherever the Babylonian system spread, were bound neck and heel to the priests.”—The Two Babylons,” p. 7.

With an evasive, deceitful agenda of wanting us tied to religious lies, who would know humans are supposed to be free even to this day? It’s utterly tragic, but most humans are fast asleep to the agenda.

Wake Up World!

I say, pick up your cot and walk away in freedom from Zion’s “religion”. I now know they are in fact political and fully intend to enslave humanity.

Certainly, religions wish to hijack our self-sovereign nature. For a certainly, priests and elders want us to believe we cannot figure scriptures out for ourselves. Nevertheless, I discovered to my delight that I learned a lot more about life in the years after leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses Babylon-ish religion than I did my entire lifetime while being immersed in that religion.

The thing I am most clear about is that I no longer require my Self to follow a religious order to give my life meaning, purpose, or direction. Why? The answer is simple. I allow my own soul to guide my path as a self-sovereign being, regardless of what some delusional men believe about their dominion over other humans. Because the fact remains, we can rightly choose and exercise our inherent sovereign being-ness — right now — today. Even if we aren’t sure what steps to take, we could learn to allow our souls to lead the way. That is how to reclaim our personal sovereignty.

[1] The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) originally rode horses and they’ve never updated their colonial status. I guess that means they’re still Colonial-ists.

More on Self-Sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en

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MUST READ! INVESTIGATION: Industry, government pushed to abolish Aboriginal title at issue in Wet’suwet’en stand-off, docs reveal Documents obtained by The Narwhal reveal representatives of resource industries and government sought the ‘surrender’ of Indigenous land rights in the wake of the precedent-setting Delgamuukw decision, which affirmed Aboriginal title on unceded territory.

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