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Put on your rose-colored glasses to read Watchtower and PoliticsPut on your rose-colored glasses for this one, folks. On a hunch, I was doing a search on Internet for political connections with Watchtower and I happened to find something interesting. The title, “Tr-mp consoles Jehovah’s Witnesses on Russia Ban” seemed to indicate that Pres1dent Tr-mp, VP Pence and their wives visited a Washington, DC kingdom hall to express favorable news about the ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Jehovah’s Witnesses were abuzz, even joining the meeting from other areas, just to catch a glimpse of the POTUS and his wife. Obviously, someone had a “heads up”. Has Watchtower reversed it’s long-standing renunciation of politics and embraced the profane? The question had to be asked — Are Watchtower and politics an item?

Click Bait?—or What?

But, anyone who knows me must also know what a skeptic I am. Is this a fake link? Click bait? Was there more to the story? Who were those “privileged” Jehovah’s Witnesses — even from other congregations — who were given advance notice about such an auspicious visit, so they could be in attendance? Clearly, this was a special meeting, not for the lowly rank-and-file. It would be for the “elite” JWs only, I’m sure, having been a JW all my life till I left in 2000.

Nah, this is just too “far out” even for me to believe. So, what was really going on? I had to find out. I took the bait and clicked on the link. I had to know — is Watchtower into politics?

Trump Pence and wives visit DC Kingdom HallThis link led me to a login page to which I'm not a member, so I didn't gain access.

This link led me to a login page. Since I’m not a member of this website, and I’m too cautious to create an account, I did not have access. If anyone does have access, I’d be curious to know where this article led, and what news was being withheld from the “underprivileged” ones such as me. If any of my readers have the answer, I’d appreciate knowing what you have discovered.

A little more research and I discovered the so-called “fact-checking” Sn0pes website declared the article a fake — that’s always a turning point for me to look deeper because it usually chooses the mainscream side of an issue. To me, that means look deeper because I know what I know about Watchtower, having been a member for way too many years before waking up to their deceptions, manipulations, and outright lies.

My Brain in Speculation Overdrive

My mind was racing. The link above introduced the subject of the Russia ban on my old family religion. Beyond that, I wondered why the Prezident would be interested in this particular religious group. What else might be going on? Naturally, I wondered if Pres1dent Tr-mp was contacting all religious groups to make sure they would vote for him in the 2020 USA election — or were Jehovah’s Witnesses “special”?

Of course, with the upcoming election looming, I supposed the Pres1dent would tell any religious group that they were “special and would be remembered accordingly” — to assure himself of votes. I had to uncover whether or not Watchtower was really embracing Tr-mp’s presidency as some magical solution to the problems we see today. Watchtower and politics — really Watchtower?

How to Add Millions of New 2ionist Voters

I have seen a video about US Pres1dent D0na1d Tr-mp being a close associate with Izrae1’s Pres1dent Benjam1n N3tanyahu, even acquiring multiple fine awards. He has even been so bold as to declare himself to be the King of Izrae1. I suspected the POTUS might be reassuring the 2ion’s Watchtower members that they were being kept in mind when Israe1 announces itself as the global theocratic authoritarian 2ionist government.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be true. Members believe anything coming from the platform because Jehovah’s Witnesses always believe everything coming from the platform at their kingdom halls. That was certainly true of my conditioned response. And undoubtedly, the word would spread among any religious groups. Magically, D0nald Tr-mp would add millions of new “patriots” to his next election roll, feeling confident that he would have their unanimous votes. Indeed, if Watchtower favored a specific political party, it’s followers would all vote — just as instructed. If that’s true, Watchtower and politics are a real thing in bed together!

Could it be that Watchtower was ready and waiting for this day? Think about it. Here was a formerly “invisible” group that would suddenly and unexpectedly emerge from 2ion’s Watchtower religion to support none other than the 2ionist political agenda! I’m not saying this is true, but just to stretch the mind, bear with me for an object lesson in Watchtower’s politics.

A Short Flashback

I have a little story to tell. Not so very long ago Watchtower made a deal with a an Italian professor to re-write a book to soften his criticism of the group. After some “negotiation” the Professor censored out every possibly critical statement. Watchtower was so grateful that their leadership actually “invited” the thousands of Italian Jehovah’s Witnesses to turn into militant buyers of the book, almost as if it were the latest issue of Awake!, although the customers this time were only members of the religious order themselves.

Interestingly, a Jehovah’s Witness member of Trento in Italy was put through a tough spell of interrogation by his congregation elders. Unfortunately, he read the professor’s un-censored book, which landed him in some hot water. Read the article in it’s entirety here.

Upon reading that story, I realized it wouldn’t be the first time Watchtower followers will do anything they’ve been instructed to do, when they hear it from on high. Truly, Jehovah’s Witnesses are very obedient puppets of their handlers.

Another Flip Flop for 2ion’s Watchtower Policies?

When I was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we weren’t allowed to vote. We would find ourselves in big trouble with the elders if any member was ever seen stepping into a voting booth. How times change when it suits Watchtower’s agenda! And how quickly a political agenda became the order of the day! I could not imagine a political figure visiting any kingdom hall with which I was affiliated, back in the day. It would have been scandalous!

As I said, I’m just following my mind around the JW-ims of the past. Nevertheless, there is no explaining how or why Watchtower changes it’s policies on a dime. Unless there is a larger agenda which I heard about often, but never made the connection while I was a member. Sure, news about the New W0rld 0rder was often drummed into me while a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. It was their god’s theocratic incoming global government to usher in the promised paradise I had been hearing about my entire life. Exciting times to discover that Watchtower is into politics!

Except—Cognitive Dissonance?

Except that I remember being told Watchtower’s New W0rld 0rder had nothing to do with human governments. All those “worldly” governments were in line to be destroyed because they were satanic. At least that’s what we were told from the platform. Apparently that was only until 2ionism took over the reins of  global power—?

2ions Watchtower's corporate seals 1884 and without 2ion's1956
Left: The original 1884 stamp which is called 2ion's Watchtower Tract Society, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
Right: The Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of Pennsylvania 1956 updated Incorporation stamp. The word "2ion's" was removed. Also, the corporation became a nonprofit organization. Images from Wikipedia.

Whose Watchtower?

More and more it is evident that that today’s Incorporated Watchtower, 1881 2ion’s Watchtower — and Global 2ionism are all in bed together. One big happy orgy with money pouring into the 2ionist coffers to create the political New W0r1d 0rder!

Who knew? Well, certainly the 2ionist societies knew all along. Watchtower must have known. In 1891, Charles Ta2e Ru55ell wrote a letter to both the H1rsch and R0-hsch1ld Patriarchs bemoaning his passion to see Pa1est1ne become the stolen land of Izrae1. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses religious members were asleep to that political agenda. Clearly, we were all deliberately — and covertly — misled into believing Jehovah’s Witnesses were a religious order. A bot keeps breaking this link, but you could do your own search, as the letter is publicly posted at As well, I have a pdf version. This letter is also posted by Russell himself in 2ion’s Watchtower of December 1891, pages 1342-1343.

Even today, Jehovah’s Witnesses — and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses alike — will argue that Russell changed his views. Others will say Russell always favored the 2ionist agenda, and it was the second Watchtower Pres1dent, “Judge” Rutherford, who opposed 2ionism. I contend that Watchtower maintained a 2ionist agenda all along —  all of it was part of Watchtower’s deception strategy.

The Deception Strategy?

According to The Two Babylons the religious leaders had one job to do: introduce Babylon-ish ways to the entire globe — by stealth.

I quote,

“It was a matter, therefore, of necessity, if idolatry were to be brought in, and especially such foul idolatry as the Babylonian system contained in its bosom, that it should be done stealthily and in secret. Even though introduced by the hand of power, it might have produced a revulsion, and violent attempts might have been made by the uncorrupted portion of mankind to put it down; and at all events, if it had appeared at once in all its hideousness, it would have alarmed the consciences of men, and defeated the very object in view.

That object was to bind all mankind in blind and absolute submission to a hierarchy entirely dependent on the sovereigns of Babylon. In the carrying out of this scheme, all knowledge, sacred and profane, came to be monopolised by the priesthood, who dealt it out to those who were initiated in the “Mysteries” exactly as they saw fit, according as the interests of the grand system of spiritual despotism they had to administer might seem to require. Thus the people, wherever the Babylonian system spread, were bound neck and heel to the priests.”—The Two Babylons, p. 7.

2ion's Watch Tower_Oct 1,1907 from wikipediaCover of 2ion's Watch Tower Oct 1,1907 from Wikipedia. Any doubts about Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania being 2ionists now?

Watchtower and the 2ionist Agenda

It concerns me greatly that Watchtower appears to be shifting it’s position on politics, perhaps with the overall agenda of advancing 2ionism.

But wait! Aren’t we all supposed to be sovereign beings? Truly, all the years of being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I never once heard that we were supposed to be sovereign beings. Even though the god who supposedly created us is a sovereign — and we were supposedly made in it’s image. Yet, the religion was mum about our freedom. Rather than freedom, we became “slaves of Christ” according to scripture:

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ…”—Ephesians 6:5-6

Diversions Hide our Sovereign Nature

Not that people aren’t sovereign beings anymore. It’s more like they no longer have a sense of their self-sovereignty. Why? One explanation I personally noticed is simply that my attention is constantly diverted away from my personal sovereignty. Instead, the news, politics, religion, and other sources attempt to turn my attention to those outside my Self as having the only supreme power. In other words only a king or government “over” humans in general would be considered “sovereign”. But that’s a blatant lie. More of my research on the subject of sovereignty may be located at recent articles called “Sovereign Beings” and “Hijacking the Soul“.

Like my friends Kim & Mikey say, they are conspiracy analysts. These days we must all be careful to cut through all the deceptions, manipulations, and outright lies before getting to the truth of a matter. Not all is at it seems. I remain a skeptic about what I see on Internet these days. There may be grains of truth in among all those twisted “alternate facts” — if you know what I mean.

What About Democracy?

Okay, just to qualify the question of democracy, by whose definition? 2ionism has it’s own version of democracy. Noam Chomsky defines that type of democracy as extreme total dictatorship. People have nothing to do with policy, no decision-making power. Tax day becomes one of mourning, because the community has no choice what too-big-to-fail “Big Government” will use their dollars for. Will it benefit or harm their community?

True democracy is a system in which informed people get together, decide on policies, decide how they’re going to be implemented, then proceed. Actually, a pretty good measure of how democracy is functioning could be determined by people’s attitudes toward taxes. If you had a system like what Noam Chomsky described here, on tax day people would celebrate — “We’ve got it together, we decided what we wanted to do, we’ve decided how to fund it. Now we’re doing it!”[1]

So, which kind of democracy would you prefer? The dictatorship version? Or hands-on decision-making within our own community as described in the above paragraph? My sense is true democracy is actually an exercise of our self-sovereign nature in which we are very much self-empowered .

Measuring Rod for All “-isms”

I gauge conundrums like this: It always comes back to to my measuring rod of holding all philosophies and “-isms” up to natural law. The biggest question I ask is whether or not 2ionism would allow for personal choice, our sovereign nature, our free will — or not.

To me, 2ionism is Fascism on steroids, since the NW0 plans to restore Babylon’s Ka66alah, animal and human sacrifices, Noah1de laws, and human slavery. Does any of that sound like freedom? I remind myself that nature intended us to live in freedom, without having gods, governments, and kings hovering over us, judging every move we make. I claim my self-sovereignty to live the life best for me, not some false ideal of serving undeserving, evil, self-serving patriarchs who claim to be “of god”.

I maintain that the human spirit is strong and will not tolerate these Babylonians the right to destroy humanity’s spirit of freedom. These lovers of Babylon failed once already, with the construction of the vertical tower of Babel, while trying to access heaven. When those same headstrong patriarchs decided to conquer the entire globe linearly, they will once again fail, because of humanity’s indomitable natural spirit of freedom.

[1] The interview with Noam Chomsky has been condensed and edited for clarity, quoted from “Our Democracies are Crumbling” in Broadview Magazine, May 2020 Edition, page 18.

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