Why isn’t Recruiting Children a Crime?

ignorance is like sleep. Folks, protect your children from indoctrination by Jehovah's Witnesses.
Folks, protect your children from indoctrination by Jehovah's Witnesses. Seriously, why isn't recruiting children a crime?

Why isn’t recruiting children a crime? Recently I watched a YouTube video that shook me to my core. The content creator saw a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) woman by her cart, in a playground setting, surrounded by small children. I’d leave a link, but she appears to have taken down the video. She was terribly upset as she described what she observed. When I heard what she had to say, I was disturbed also. She watched a religious organization recruiting children. It’s bad enough that Jehovah’s Witnesses indoctrinate their own children, but when they try to lure other people’s children into their nasty religion, that’s where I draw the line.

I believe it’s dangerous for children to be around a group known to have policies that protect pedophiles. It’s a religion known to victimize children who have been sexually abused. When the victim — or their families — try to protect children from crimes against children, religious elders threaten and attempt to silence those speaking up.

Religion of Fear-Filled Images and Narrative

This religion attempts to silence victims in order to protect their organization. Yes, I’m certainly talking about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. “You must keep silent, because you don’t want to bring reproach on Jehovah’s name,” is what the church elders say to child victims, to suppress the truth and protect pedophiles within their ranks. I know because I witnessed that sick behavior in my family — and the victims received absolutely no validation or justice.

I realize it’s difficult to imagine such a regressive policy being a “thing. Unfortunately I personally know several victims who don’t know each other, but who have testified to similar experiences about reporting their molestations by members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in good standing.

Further, the video disclosed that the JW woman at the cart was one of three cart-witnessing groups in the same park, blitzing the children. The first cart group was showing children coloring books full of propaganda about Jehovah killing people at Armageddon, if they didn’t worship him “correctly”. And of course the coloring book showed how to worship “the right way”. The second cart group was showing online videos from jw.org directed specifically at children for the clear purpose of child recruitment. No further mention was made of the third group.

Do your own research if you don’t believe me. As an ex-member of the JWs, I refuse to visit that horrid website. It’s filled with fear-based images and narrative — fodder for nightmares. More on that later.

Why Isn’t Recruiting Children a Crime?

Once upon a time there used to be laws that protected children from being propagandized by ads. But, it seems that once corporations discovered how effective advertisements directed at children were, they lobbied those laws out of existence. Children became fair game for advertisers such as fast food, toy companies, and cults.

Yes jw.org is a corporate religion and yes they recruit children into the thing they call a religion. Not just their children — YOUR children, too. How evil does a religion have to be that they would recruit children? Children are inexperienced with this world’s evil agendas. They are vulnerable, curious, and innocent of the ways of corporate and religious propaganda. They aren’t savvy about cults who prey on children’s innocent, trusting minds and hearts.

Cult Recruiters are Women???

In the case of the referenced video, the bulk of these recruiters were women. So, where was their maternal instinct that would understand what dangers I’m portraying here? Is their cult persona so deeply entrenched in their psyche as to over-ride their maternal nurturing instinct? Or is a woman’s maternal instinct in that religion now being turned against itself? Is it now being used as a part of the deception overlay strategy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, also known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Where are the women who will protect the children when our own governments fail our beloved children? How can women allow this subtle propagandization of children to carry on disguised as a benign religion? Are governments and predatory cults really wolves in sheep’s clothing?

No amount of belief makes something a fact. Why isn't recruiting children a crime?Admittedly, from being an ex-member I realize that Jehovah’s Witnesses members believe themselves to have the “only true religion”.

Well, I’m sorry ladies. Your beliefs do not represent reality. Just because you wish and hope a certain narrative is true — doesn’t make it factual. No matter how hard you wish it so — or how many times someone tells you it is true — still doesn’t make it true.

Flip Flops on Comics and Cartoons in JW-Ville

There was a time when the JW members were admonished not to watch cartoons or read comic books. But apparently TV cartoons were “bad” but Jehovah’s Witness cartoons are “good” — even if it’s propaganda? Cartoons and comics are recognized as influential to children and therein lies the danger. That religion pedals Armageddon stories which are clearly fear-based. Why do I say that? Because I’ve seen it and I was personally affected by that religiously-induced fear as a child. JWs tell children that if they play with certain non-JW-approved toys “Jehovah won’t be pleased with you.” Then, there is the ever-present sense of being watched and Jehovah will see something he doesn’t like. Next, the teaching is that the child runs the risk of “being destroyed by god at Armageddon”. Naturally, children don’t wish to be destroyed. Often, children begin having nightmares. It happened to me as a child. It happened to others, as well. A child’s life becomes terrifying.

My Advice to Jehovah’s Witness Women

For heavens sake, these are children! Allow them to be children. Let them be.  Let the children play. Don’t visit their playgrounds pretending to entertain when you’re trying to lure the children — and their parents — into your extreme religion!

Better yet, take yourself to the park and be child-like. Leave your literature-laden cart at home and go play, dance, sing with the birds, run, skip,  plant a garden or a baby tree — but leave other people’s children alone. Hasn’t your organization done enough damage to your own children? Stop targeting other people’s children with your dangerous, repressive propaganda.

Again, I ask the question, Why isn’t recruiting children a crime? It used to be a crime at one time. Oh yes, I remember. The laws were lobbied out of existence by corporations. That’s why recruiting children is no longer a criminal offence against our most vulnerable members of society.

I don’t care what tool you’re using to approach children. Advertising to children is wrong. Children are too inexperienced, too naive, and too vulnerable to see your corporate religious agenda to trap other people’s children and their parents into your “religion”.  Seriously, your recruiting tactics could be a big reason why folks call your order a “cult”.

Case in Point — McDonalds Ads Targeting Children

McDonald's Pink Slime is disgusting, but children insisted on parents taking them to eat at McDonalds. Recruiting children to sell an idea to their parents is effective strategy.When McDonalds began advertising campaigns directed at children, and parents asked,”Where shall we go for dinner?” how effective were the ads? The children learned fast, “McDonalds! McDonalds!” — because the children wanted those free plastic toys. They wanted to play in McDonald-land. They wanted to see Ronald McDonald. They wanted innocent fun.

Did that campaign bring benefits to the entire family? Look at the level of people’s health after decades of eating cheap, fat-laden, genetically modified food from factory farms, selling glued-together meat parts, and pink slime. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Perhaps that illustrates why recruiting children is a big corporate success — but an epic fail for humanity. Fake food is just as harmful as teaching fear to children — it’s faux “spiritual” food.

Parents Be Aware!

Parents, be aware of who’s influencing your most precious offspring — your beloved children. Instruct your baby-sitters about this danger, as well.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses groups are directing their preaching campaign at your children in local parks where they play.

I remember when I was a JW and took my kids to stand outside the library with JW literature. This was long before the literature carts. I had a briefcase of literature, not a cart. A woman approached me and called me out for brainwashing my own children. Many years later I still remember what she said to me. “Stop teaching your children that cult!”

Sadly, I never woke up at that time. I had on my cult persona, the mind-kontrol program was switched full ON. I spell control with a “K”, like in MK-Ultra for emphasis. My beloved children grew up to follow my cultish example and today our family is a broken family. My children shun me because I left the religion and their father after they left home — after I woke up to the evil hidden in plain sight in that religion. It’s my own fault for teaching them that cult. I recruited them and I now accept that it was my own religious indoctrination which ended up utterly shattering our family bonds.

Divisive Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses

What many members and the general public don’t realize is that The Watchtower uses subliminal messages / images in their inverted mind-kontrol system. Their intent is not benign. It’s evil and pernicious, or they wouldn’t use these dangerous MK-Ultra tactics on their own members.

So, yes. Sadly, I was on the inside of that organization from birth until decades later when I was able to awaken to the deceit and dishonesty of the family’s religious teachings. I left with the greatest of difficulty, so take this as a warning. I’m still re-training my brain years later. I’m hoping it’s easier to prevent the JWs from indoctrinating your children, than to try to restore them after indoctrination has already taken hold. The cult is stealing hearts and souls and replacing them with rules to OBEY their false religion, directly from ancient Babylonian teachings.

Money isn’t my goal for exposing what I know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. I called back my sovereign nature and I’ll not sell that again. My purpose is to warn folks and/or help people to awaken to the dangers of religious mind-kontrol within the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Personally, I would like to see broken families reunite. Watching families crumble is devastating to observe and even worse to experience.

Parents Urged to Be Watchful

So, what I’d like to see is for parents to be watchful for outside forces trying to usurp your loving influence over your children. I never would wish for your love to be replaced with religious rules. Babylonish Watchtower policies are guaranteed to destroy your happy family. Stop the Jehovah’s Witnesses from advertising to children — yours in particular. Additionally, if you see it happening with others, you may wish to say something to protect the children by interrupting the recruitment session.

You might choose to observe Jehovah’s Witnesses if you see them at a park where children are playing. Be observant whether children are flocking around the the JW literature carts — because those children’s hearts and souls are in danger of being snatched away by those evil teachings. What you observe may appear harmless enough, but that’s only because most folks believe women are supposed to be naturally maternal. What these children and even adults may not realize is that these once-maternal women have had their heart of wisdom stolen and replaced with harsh, fear-inducing, man-made rules, orders, laws, and policies of Watchtower.

VERY IMPORTANT! Legal Ramifications of Hovering Around Children

Here are the legal ramifications of JWs (or anyone) who hovers around parks and playgrounds with children, showing them pictures, and terrorizing children. This arrived in my email from a person named Franz:

When you witness any form of predatory behavior near playgrounds ... make a call to your area Child Protective Services agency... asking that they monitor and warn these naive ladies ... That hovering around parks and playgrounds frequented by children and showing them pictures MAY get them cited and profiled and even booked for child endangerment ... as they are terrorizing children. They are also teaching these children it’s okay to go speak to strangers and look at their pictures and listen to what they are told. Loitering, pandering, stalking, and recruiting children to provide a “not so charitable corporation” with a free labor force IS against the law."

I’m not the expert on the legal aspects, especially after being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, because that organization doesn’t even respect the authorities. The religion’s official position is that they do, but their actions to by-pass the laws of the land belie their claims. So, I really appreciate learning this important information.

Now tell me why isn’t recruiting children a crime? Take this as a wake-up call, dear folks. And let me know in the comments your thoughts on this subject, if you’re still with me, and if you’re concerned as I am about this societal crisis.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Destroy a Family

Lloyd Evans formally left the JWs in 2013, three years after “I woke up from indoctrination”. He says: “It’s impossible to leave without punishment [being] inflicted on you. I’m paying the price of something that happened when I was 11 [his baptism].” He is now “shunned” by his father and sisters. “My baby daughter has never seen her grandfather. ...Evans claims JWs are increasingly trying to win over children, as adults become more sceptical about the nature of the organisation. “They are getting hammered on the internet. You can push any amount of [JW] material into people’s hands, but then they go home and open Google, and the whole thing collapses. The more you look at Jehovah’s Witnesses, [the more] you realise they are a fantastically successful cult.”—The Guardian

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