Cartoon Christian Land

Cartoon Christian Bear, Christians believe in human sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a " sacrifice"?

Copyright © 2012-Present. Cartoon by satinka with my gratitude.

Strange things have been happening in our so-called Christian lands. So many rules and contradictions it boggles the mind! The cartoon does leave me with a few questions, though. Christians believe in human blood sacrifice. Do animals? If animals eat humans, is it a “sacrifice”?

But, if you live in one of those “Christian Lands” who do believe in the concept of human sacrifice, I don’t have to tell you. The practice seems barbaric to me. It actually originated in Babylon, didn’t it? Didn’t the god of the Bible condemn the nations around about for sacrificing their children? But, apparently if you sacrifice a human to the god of the Bible, it’s “good”. Otherwise it’s “bad”.

I’ll let the cartoon speak, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Copyright © 2012-Present. 

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