Confusion as a Weapon

Tower of BabelThere is a Bible Story found in the book of Genesis where humans decided they would build a tower into the heavens and make a great name for themselves. It became known as the Tower of Babel. According to the rulers of the day, “god” apparently wasn’t happy with their plans, so used — of all things — confusion as a weapon of choice. He confused their language. Out of one became many different languages. Read the account here:

“Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words. …They declared, “Come on! Let us build ourselves a city and also a tower with its top in the heavens and let us make a celebrated name for ourselves…”—Genesis 11:1, 4

“God” Uses Confusion as a Weapon of Control

They did accordingly. When their jealous god discovered their intentions he raged in verses 6 and 7,

“They are one people and there is one language for them all, and this is what they start to do. Why, now there is nothing that they may have in mind to do that will be unattainable for them. Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another’s language.” Accordingly Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth and they gradually left off building the city.”

Governments Use Confusion as a Weapon of Control

Herein lies a lesson for modern times. Governments now use language to confuse and scatter entire populations of people. With what agenda? Same as in Bible times, perhaps? Perhaps governments are using confusion as a weapon of control. Think about it. In modern times we see governments throwing together incompatible groups to produce confusion. The most obvious example is the USA with it’s constitutional law being thrown together with groups who adhere to Sharia Law. As an observer, it becomes apparent this “confusion” move by governments is a divide-and-conquer strategy.

Governments today are using g00gle. If you want to shuffle the words around el g00g becomes a palindrome — if you leave out the pronoun “el” in the g00g example. Palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar. More at Wikipedia

Within the word “spelling’ is found the root word “spell” defined by as

1. A word, phrase, or form of words supposed to have magic power; charm; incantation: e.g., The wizard cast a spell.
2. A state or period of enchantment: e.g., She was under a spell.
3. Any dominating or irresistible influence; fascination: e.g., The spell of fine music.

And if you think I was out of line by saying g00g is a misapplied palindrome, that particular spelling is found literally at the link “” at the Alphabet website in the article “G is for g00gle”.

Weaponizing Language

As near as I can tell — and correct me if I’m wrong — g00g is weaponizing language to destabilize entire populations of people. The company changed it’s name to Alphabet, which carries more sinister connotations. If you don’t believe me check out this title: Google Casts A Spell On Millennials With Harry Potter Voice Controls For Android. Some folks might even say this app is satanic.

Who Owns the Right to Confuse and Disrupt?

It seems to me that g00g figures it “owns” our language, much like the god of the Bible who supposedly confused the languages back in the day. g00g will determine who uses it and how it is used, if they get their way. And they will exercise the tool of censorship to suppress dissenting voices. Seemingly, g00g is the Gestapo of the 21st century.

And even though g00g’s nasty agenda has been “outed”, your information is still being collected and stored. Check out the other apps they own to collect and store your data. Is this data assembly desirable? g00g/Alpha-bet, according to Librarian Shipwreck

“are primarily of the cosmetic variety: the company has not gone away, your information is still being collected and stored, the projects that evoked Huxley and Orwell in equal measure are still continuing, the same people are running it, and the same ideology is driving it.”

Now, I’m not the first person to say that g00g is using the alphabet to cause confusion. I found the same sentiment expressed as far back as 2015 by Librarian Shipwreck, mentioned above.

Industrialized Confusion

Anyone investing in Alphabet is betting against humanity in a spiritual war of evil vs. good. The New World Order is weaponizing languages, political views, races, sexes, religions, genders, equity — and anything else they can think of — as a tool to bring down humanity by turning us against one another based on anything where they can insert a wedge of division or confusion. The g00g is just one fascist company with this agenda. There are many others and it’s time for humanity to awaken to their evil agenda and reject it.

Humanity has become just another resource for the rich to use to prop up their faux world of soulless corporations. These want to replace everything natural on the planet and sell you their artificial, so-called “superior” product which is anything but.

Self-Examination is Critical

Take a look at your values. Are you living true to your own personal values? Or are disparate and discordant values at odds with themselves, creating conflict and confusion in your life? In your family? In your community? In your world? Perhaps it is time for self-examination. I had to examine myself and become the change I wanted to see in the world.

  • I buy organic food because I — and all people — deserve real, clean food.
  • I drink only purified water, because there are literally pages of toxins in my community’s tap water.
  • I refuse to buy genetically engineered anything including clothing.
  • I am working to eliminate toxins of all kinds from my life. No dryer sheets because they contain 800+ poisons to my skin, my home, and my environment.
  • I refuse to use chemical pesticides or herbicides in the yard.
  • I don’t watch television. We don’t even own a television — our choice.
  • I don’t allow ads in my Internet side-bars to dictate what products to buy or who to vote for.
  • I shut off all news notifications to my phone

What are you doing to “be the change”, clean up your world, and produce harmonious relationships?


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