False Overlays on Reality

What are false overlays on reality when looking at deception practices in institutions these days? In a previous post I showed how the Watchtower Corporation uses a deception strategy called “Inversion” to confuse and mislead vulnerable hearts and minds to follow their cult. I decided more needs to be said about this common practice of inversion used in their religion.

In the image I posted, I show how the inverted image is embedded into the Watchtower itself. That means when you look at the image, you can see the inverted image if you know what to look for. Everything is hidden in plain sight. Of interest, included in that same image is an armed soldier. That didn’t sit right with me because the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion who use the symbol of a Watchtower always claimed themselves to be a peaceful religion. Yet, the Watchtower by definition is a structure strategically placed on the landscape to watch for approaching enemies, so the inhabitants are never taken off-guard by a surprise attack. Perhaps they don’t really trust their god, if they are constantly on guard for dangerous attacks.The first question that comes to mind is, who is the “impostor” pretending to be good, when actually evil instead? Will answering that question reveal whether reality with a false overlay will readily present itself?

Think about the setting: We are examining a religious “mind-bending” strategy used to fool innocent people into believing a certain false theology. But, because of the twisted reasoning, the opposite actually becomes the reality. It’s a trick of the mind. The religion portrays belief in a god, when actually it’s the opposite of god who receives the worship. It’s the devil, or Lucifer, or whoever the version of evil is to a population of people.

False Overlays on Reality During Childhood

False nails overlay real ones and cause damage to the real nails posted on blog False Overlays on RealityAn easy example of false overlays on reality could be false fingernails. They look very pretty, but actually do serious damage to the real nail underneath, if the false nails are used continuously.

Moving onto a more complicated version of false overlays on reality can be explored from my own life experiences. When I found myself pregnant for the first time, I quit drinking and smoking because I wanted to be a good mom for my child. I wanted to set a good example. I asked my husband at the time if he too would quit his vices and join me in parenting. He flat out told me no because he liked who he was. He wasn’t about to change just because I was pregnant.

Suddenly, I felt very alone and began to wonder how I could raise my child in such a polarized environment. I wanted desperately for my child to choose the “good” road and not the “bad” road. I see now that my childhood religious conditioning was already kicking in. I was already set up to accept that in my marriage, my husband and I were a pair of polar opposites. With my husband as an addict, and I as enabler, I didn’t want my child to grow up in an environment so eerily similar to my own dysfunctional childhood.

Does the Bible “Fix” Dysfunction?

I struggled within myself. On the one hand, my father and mother were both Jehovah’s Witnesses and their marriage didn’t go well. My father was a heavy drinker. So, it seemed pointless to go back to that kind of belief system with a similar set of circumstances in which my father was alcoholic and my mother was his enabler.

On the other hand, I believed in the Bible at that time. Do you see the cognitive dissonance at play within my conflicted Self? I struggled back and forth for weeks or even months, wondering how to “fix” my horrible marriage. Meanwhile, my belly was continually expanding.

Then one day there was a knock on the door. It was two Jehovah’s Witness ladies. One of them asked me a question, “Do you think the Bible has the answers to life’s questions?”

I couldn’t talk to them because that question instantly overwhelmed me. I closed the door and the two ladies went away.

Too bad that wasn’t the end of it. That question played over and over again in my mind, to the point of distraction. I finally came to the conclusion that my parents’ marriage failed not because of their belief system. It failed because my father failed to live up to the Bible’s high standards. He drank excessively every day. I wouldn’t do that. Did my father even try to be a good dad to us kids? Did he even try to be a good husband to his wife — my mother?

So, I called a Jehovah’s Witness woman in the neighborhood who I knew from my childhood. I explained what was on my mind and asked her for a Bible Study. I was unknowingly planning to overlay my dysfunctional false marriage with an imaginary “functional” one, by pretending it was something it wasn’t. Religious rules would enable me to proceed. Well, wouldn’t they?

Epic Fail: “Rose-Colored Glasses”

Do we overlay the truth with rose-colored glasses when things are unpleasant? It's time to face the truth! False overlays on realityIt wasn’t till years later — after finding myself summarily disfellowshipped for my “defective” spirituality — that I realized I couldn’t live up to the high standards of the religion either. Why? Because living in such perfection demanded by their cult is a religious ideal. It isn’t realistic to impose that ideology on myself — or my children — because the religious false overlay would doom me and my babies to failure as well!

Well, well, well. I failed just like my father, even though I was trying to be a good person. But then, who is to say my father wasn’t doing his best? When I first struggled with the polarity of my marriage situation, how come I couldn’t see clearly that I wasn’t perfect and never could be in this lifetime? For Bible believers, doesn’t the Bible itself say no one is perfect?

Facing the Truth Squarely is Best

So why did I think I could succeed at “perfection” when not one single human has yet been able to accomplish that feat? Except for maybe Jesus, if that Bible story is even true. Didn’t I already hear it for twenty years of my childhood that I was an imperfect “sinner”? Didn’t I hear those words in my head every time I did something that displeased me, perhaps every day of my life? How could I succeed with a mentality of failure already embedded in my subconscious? Even if it wasn’t true.

Perhaps the inversion process kicked in and confused me enough to suck me back into that fallacious religious ideal? Another example of a false overlay on reality?

So, why did I get sucked back in? How could that happen when I got away safe already — once?

False Overlays Hide Reality

When I look again at the image, I understand that the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion is not on the side of truth or peace. It’s a false ideology — a false overlay — hiding the reality. Why? For one thing, because a real god doesn’t need a Watchtower. So, it must be a false god pretending to be a real god. Could it be Satan and His Watchtower who have set a soldier to guard what he claims as his? Could it be that Satan and his demons are at war with the planet — thus the image of the watchtower, the soldier with a sword, and shield — and that false overlay is the true state of the world currently?

Certainly it doesn’t take too much searching to see that evil ones are at war with the planet and all it’s inhabitants. They want possession of the planet, but are currently unable to inhabit the planet because they are incompatible with our earth’s environment. But, if the planet is dead, with no oxygen or carbon dioxide, they could exist here. Thus, the demonic archons — reptiles — have “overlaid” our beautiful planet with a “faux reality” (Read: foe), with the goal of destroying it. They’ve even got people believing it’s their fault the planet is dying. People who call themselves “green” are making the planet even more sick by reducing their “carbon footprint” — yet forgetting they have bodies made of carbon. Another frightful inversion perhaps?

But, let’s not go into fear. In fact, let’s delve for a little deeper understanding of the fraud the Watchtower calls “reality”.

Earth’s reality is false in the sense that we, as inherent self-sovereign beings endowed with free will, have sold our freedom in exchange for “faux” ideologies made to appear to be “The Truth”. This “truth” is presented as “The Only Truth” when the reality is they are all lies. Sadly the lies permeate every area of human existence at this time. Let’s take a look how these Inversions insert themselves into our so-called modern world to present reality with a false overlay.

Modern-Day Overlays on Reality


In religion, members are taught to follow strict, unbending external rules instead of following the inherent guidance of our loving inner heart. The endless rules over-ride the heart, categorically removing love as a deciding factor in arriving at a healthy decision. Without love, it is impossible to come to a compassionate conclusion on any matter.


Ideologies such as Trotskyism, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Zionism, Capitalism, and myriad other “isms” all require rules and laws which must be followed — instead of permitting trust in our own internal guidance or heart’s “inherent knowing”. It’s all about “conforming” to external rules and expectations by big gov, big brother, or whoever is in power. Sadly, humanity has given their power away to the political ideologies of the day, where ever we reside.


Instead of trading or bartering goods for goods, that means of exchange was replaced by goods for Babylonian coins, then goods for paper, and now it’s just a one-line entry on your online bank account — plus ever-rising compounding interest rates — we have become debt slaves instead of free self-sovereign beings.


Unnatural toxic chemical drugs now replace herbal remedies and natural medicines grown freely in nature. Deadly vaccines destroy the body’s natural immunization process, resulting in bodily inflammation and dis-ease. “A pill for every ill” has all but replaced nature.


Chemicals, poisons, and artificial fertilizers are now used on crops instead of keeping nature in balance in a natural way. Faux “conventional” food replaced what our parents and grandparents ate. It’s called “conventional” wrongly because it’s not conventional at all. It’s toxic. It’s genetically modified. It’s heavily subsidized by our governments! It’s “contrary to nature” — does a scripture come to mind, anyone? (1 Timothy 1:10) The food our forefathers ate was the real conventional food, but now “real” food is expensive and called by a new name: “Organic”. It’s out of reach for many people just because of it’s artificially inflated cost. Actually, it may be the true cost, whereas what we now call “conventional” is fake food, but heavily subsidized with our tax dollars in an attempt to destroy the real, healthy, organic food market.


Corporations are mining, raping, and monetizing the planet, charging populations for natural resources which were meant to be free. For example, pristine water flows off the mountains. Corporations are — deliberately and with malice — damning up the good water and selling it to us in toxic plastic bottles, while using our clean watersheds as toxic waste dumps.

Endless Wars

At the behest of our world’s psychopathic leaders, war has replaced peace — and it’s by design.

Faux Energy

Humanity is capable of producing free energy. Sadly, what we are confronted with comes in the form of harmful electrical currents, microwaves, radiation, all which we must pay for, instead of free energy, such as Nikola Tesla attempted to provide for all of humanity.


Entertainment is presented in the form of Hollywood movies, gaming, pornography — none of it is reality.


Selling humanity a “lifestyle” is the name of the game these days. For example, using sexy girls to convince men they could have a girl like that if only they’d drive a certain kind of car, etc. Included in this are public relations (PR) firms who are able to — for a price — spin any product — beneficial or evil — to appeal to consumers and “appear” beneficial. Like the “green” movement mentioned above?

Natural Law vs Mans Law the ultimate reality vs false overlay
Natural Law supercedes and overwrites any law made by man. Any who believe otherwise act contrary to nature. Truly, human laws and governments overlay nature with lies  — a false reality. Source

Rethinking Reality

Earth’s reality is false in the sense that we, as inherent self-sovereign beings with free will, have sold our freedom in exchange for “faux” man-made ideologies which are made to appear to be “The Truth”. Yes, these “isms” are presented as “The Only Truth” — but the reality is they are all lies. Twisted, right? Are you able to wrap your head around that deception, presented as “The Only Truth”? Me neither. At least, not any more. I’m done with all those faux overlays. I’m getting back to grounding myself to the earth. I’m speaking my truth, that which works for me personally. Others may argue for their own version of “truth” and must be allowed to do so — they are where they are at.

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