In the Name of God?

I look around at religions these days at the horrific things being done “in the name of god” and think to myself we may have forgotten our humanity. Wars are fought, fathers, mothers, and children are being sacrificed daily. People hate each other over religious or political ideals. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder how I could have possibly shunned my own beloved mother, while under the spell of a religious theology. What would makes folks — me included — take such extreme actions, even against folks we claim to love?

I am a truly bookish person. When I read books, including the bible, I can’t help wondering what is the tipping point for us as cultures and individuals to be forgetting our humanity. It seems that no one behaves quite so badly, as those who perform their evil deeds while believing their god would wish it to be so.

Forgetting our Humanity

When God was a Woman book cover by Merlin Stone posted in 'In the Name of God?'Due to following extreme rules in religion, have we forgotten our humanity in the name of god? Is it because of this “forgetfulness” that some humans were able to elevate themselves over their neighbors to the point of worshipful domination?

I recently read a book called, When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone. The subject of gods and goddesses is being researched in academia now. Much new light is being shone on the subject of matrilineal cultures occurring thousands of years before Babylon. Personally, I’m intrigued about the subject and have been reading up on the goddesses for many years already. It seems my latest research is bringing the years of collecting disparate parts of information all together for me. It’s an exciting time, really.

Opening My Self to New Ideas

Now that I’m free of religion, I read all kinds of books that intrigue me. Especially am I attracted to religious origins documented in archaeological and cultural findings. I’m realizing that this can be an accurate way of discovering the earliest beginnings of cultures, practices of worship, ancient and not so ancient traditions, and dogma.

Sacred Sexual Customs in the Name of the Goddess

When God Was a Woman p 154 goddess deity posted in 'In the Name of God'During the Neolithic age (6500-5000 BC), the sexual act was considered to be sacred, and the Goddess was revered as the patron deity of sexual love.—When God Was a Woman, p. 154.

Without moralizing, women who worked at the temple were known as qadishtu translated “sanctified women” or “holy women”. Sexual customs may have been viewed as a type of symbolic magic to invoke fertility in cattle, vegetation, and humans.

According to Merlin Stone,

“The concept of reproduction was pictorially explained in a gray stone plaque discovered in the Neolithic shrine of the Goddess at Catal Hüyük, [Turkey] carved some eight thousand years ago. One side of the relief depicts the bodies of two lovers in a close embrace, the other side, a woman holding an infant.”—p. 154

Timeline—Linear? or Cyclical?

Book Cover for The Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas posted in 'In the Name of God?'My research led me back in time as early as 25,000 BC as Marija Gimbutas’s The Language of the Goddesses describes. She explains why her study in archaeomythology may prove to be a trustworthy path of research, since it includes archaeology, comparative mythology, and folklore. She found that the three fields of study came together rather well, chronologically. Archaeologists mostly disregard mythology and folklore treasures. It seems archaeologists disregard the historical path that folklore artifacts produce — yet, which presents a clear easy-to-follow timeline, via symbols. Interestingly, this symbolic system represents cyclical, rather than linear time. Cyclical time reflects nature more accurately. Furthermore, in earliest recorded time, symbols had entirely different meanings than with what we are presented now. Ms. Gimbutas describes in her introduction to the book,

“This symbolic system represents cyclical, not linear mythical time. In art this is manifested by the signs of dynamic motion: whirling and twisting spirals, winding and coiling snakes, circles, crescents, horns, sprouting seeds and shoots. The snake was a symbol of life energy and regeneration, a most benevolent, not an evil, creature. … Black did not mean death or the underworld; it was the color of fertility, …rich soil, the womb of the Goddess where life begins. White, on the other hand, was the color of death, of bones — the opposite of the Indo-European system.”—pp. xix-xx

Unfortunately, modern times have often seen the sacred symbols hijacked by corporations with evil intent. The Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Corporation clearly uses a system of inversion to deceive and control it’s members. I posted a link below.

New Light?

In view of the new information I’ve gleaned regarding matrilineal cultures in existence many millennia BC — before the Yahweh character came along — I’m looking at scriptures in an entirely different light. I am opening myself to new ideas. All the years in the Watchtower religion, I only heard about the singular “almighty god” myth. Until I woke up to the atrocities done “in the name of god.”

The singular new idea of relevance to me is that I don’t believe the bible to be historically accurate. Yes, it may have some threads of history — and it must if it is to be at all believed.

The Northern Invaders

Jacquetta Hawkes in Dawn of the Gods 1958 posted in 'In the Name of God'Jacquetta Hawkes, in Dawn of the Gods (1968) writes,

“On no subject have authorities differed so completely or with greater lack of objectivity than on the origins of these cultures. The reason for this partisanship lies in the one thing the authorities are agreed upon — that the battle axe cultures represent the roots of the Indo-European speaking peoples…What can be said with some certainty is that the battle axe people had a large ethnic, social and cultural inheritance from the hunter-fishers of the forest cultures…Though it may not always or everywhere have been so, this character came in time to be dominantly pastoral, patriarchal, warlike and expansive.”

The invasion by the northern groups was not a single major event, but rather a series of migrations — arriving in waves — and spanning a period of up to three thousand years, beginning at around 2,400 BC. Most historians and archaeologists agree with this view, based on literature and surviving artifacts.

Goddess Culture—Myth? or Real?

There is much discord in the research regarding dates and events surrounding the era of the goddess. Understandably so, since much about the goddess religion has been relegated to the status of myth. Also, perhaps it is another case of conquering nations re-writing the history, as is known to occur. Even so, the religion of the goddess cannot be discounted, since so much has been unearthed in recent decades, proving it is more than a theory. I can clearly see that in the period artifacts, carvings, figurines, etc. I lend credibility to Merlin Stone’s and Marija Gimbutas’s work, simply because these researchers revealed stories about the goddess that others carefully avoided. I have read other goddess books that won’t reveal how the women known as the Goddess, High Priestess, or Queen of Heaven behaved.

Are Bible Stories Credible?

JWs Josiah video ridding the land of the goddess culture in 'In the Name of God'Josiah video smashing artifacts to rid the land of the goddess culture, shown at "Love Never Fails" 2019 convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. Screen shot from John Cedars YouTube Channel.

Further on the subject of “biblical” events, I watched a video enacting a bible character named King Josiah who violently destroyed what he considered an “idolatrous” culture of his day. While neither the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion or the bible specify these worshipers of Yahweh were tearing down the goddess culture, using sledge hammers, it can be clearly seen @47:20 in the critique video of John Cedars, where the soldiers attacked the women. Their goal was to destroy every last vestige of the goddess religion and replace it with Yahweh’s Levitical patriarchal rule. Lloyd Evans, the content creator doesn’t make that claim. It’s simply my own observation.

Much so-called “historical” detail in the bible has been “rearranged” by the incoming patriarchs to suit their own agenda. It seems even the agenda can vary, depending on the religion. Because the King Josiah account is located in the bible, there is no way to determine a timeline.

Re-Writing the Creation Story

If you were raised in a patriarchal religion like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, you likely heard some version of the Adam and Eve myth. I call it a myth because it wants us to believe that no woman was involved in the creation of the first couple. That flies in the face of what we know about how life is really created. Yet again, here’s another example of reasoning “in the name of god”. In other words, if god says it, then it must be true. Even if these “gods” were mere men.

Since the fig tree was regarded in female cultures as a gift given by the Goddess, it was to be hated by the men who wished to destroy her. In that case, there might be nothing quite so effective as including a fig leaf in their revised creation story. And, if you were to eat of the fig tree standing by each altar, where sacred sex took place, you were declared pagan, along with the goddess’ sexual customs. Sex had now been declared somehow shameful, as I’ll go into more detail in another article. Better yet, you may wish to read Merlin Stone’s book yourself. It contains a wealth of knowledge about which we apparently are not otherwise entitled to access.

Harms in Matrilineal Culture?

Certainly, there is no reason for extreme actions that harm humanity. Women, like men, may have started out honorably, but somewhere along the way, the human ego interfered. It led women to forgetting their humanity and adopt a position of rulership over other women — and also men.

At some point, the practice of male castration became a thing, especially if the males were finished being a consort (lover) of the queen/goddess. Why? Here’s Ms. Stone’s explanation:

The Anatolian myth of the Goddess Inara revealed that once a man slept with the Goddess (presumably the high priestess), he might never again sleep with another woman, for fear that he would transfer the sacred powers of the Goddess to her. One Attis legend explained his voluntary castration as a reaction to his fear of being unfaithful to the Goddess. If the consort was not allowed to have sexual relations with anyone after he had been with the high priestess, castration may have been the solution that at first allowed him to remain alive.—When God was a Woman p. 148

Apparently, Osiris, Uranus, and Attis were at the receiving end of such brutal treatment — even if self-induced — just to prolong their own lives after the goddess got tired of them.

Reference to eunuch priests can be found in ancient Sumer, Babylon, Canaan, Anatolia, and other areas. After castration, the eunuch males donned female clothing, as if to deny their masculinity. That action would assure the female ruler that no child born could possibly be theirs.

Eunuch priests are still in existence today, under patriarchal rule. Ironically, it seems the males are following in the footsteps of the goddesses for cruelty and control.

How Did Men Gain the Upper Hand?

While reading about the dominance of a goddess culture and religion, I began to wonder how it was possible for humanity to transition to the right of divine kingship of the male deity. When I read about the abuses men underwent, I suspect that at some point, the men must have wondered how to stop their male oppression by the goddess cultures.

It appears the males devised a plan to bring down the female cultures. And males would have the upper hand, having the advantage of strength. Women are much more the nurturers. Men were protectors, and in this case they protected their own interests in dominating the women. Perhaps the aforementioned paragraph about King Josiah is an example of men protecting their own interests. Which brings me to another possibility for the practice of male castration. Even though we may speculate about the reasons for castrations of males, there is another possibility having to do with subversion of the matrilineal culture, which I write about in another article. Scroll down to the heading “Men’s Logic for Castration “Solution” ” for some interesting insights.

Matrilineal and Patrilineal Cultures Both an Epic Fail

If what researchers suspect is true, in many ways, the matrilineal culture was just as archaic and hurtful as the patrilineal culture of today. One is no better or worse than the other, because both systems were — and still are — out of balance with nature. Being in balance with nature is my measuring rod of a success — or failure — of religions and cultures.

Simply put, my research has led me to realize that I, as a human being, is meant to be inherently self-sovereign. I don’t need to give away my power to something or someone outside of myself.

Both the god and goddess cultures demonstrate clearly the errors of such “supreme-being” thinking. Sure I could consult with someone more knowledgeable in a specific area of study. But, there is certainly no need for worship, to which both male and female cultures aspired. Could this obsession with godship be the reason for forgetting our humanity?

The God or Goddess Principle

How could both the matrilineal and patrilineal cultures get their subjects to worship them? That’s where the “god” or “goddess” principle was enacted. If they could convince their subjects that “god said” or “goddess said” then it became the law of the land. It became a case of “spiritiualizing” the politics of the day. It became the stick to make people turn obedience into an act of worship. Fortunately for the power brokers — and unfortunately for the common people — this “deity” principle worked. Anything could be declared as truth if it was pronounced in the name of god.

“In the Name of God”—Self-Perpetuating?

Where the goddesses once had a self-perpetuating system, that has now been replaced by the male’s. It too, is self-perpetuating, in that the prejudices and choices of the goddesses have been hijacked by the patrilineal culture. Men are now teaching that their wishes for worship — which includes paying of taxes, the offerings of child rape, and blood sacrifice — must be accommodated. The men now define what “in the name of god” means. Even their conquered predecessors had no choice but to comply. Now it is the woman that must be subservient to the male, whether in marriage, the office, or elsewhere. Self-perpetuating indeed!

“In the Name of God” in Bible Times

In order to achieve their position of prominence in a male-dominated culture, the priests convinced themselves and their followers that sex — the very means of procreating new life — was immoral, It was declared the “original sin”. This new male religion of the bible regarded the process of conception as shameful and sinful. Sex became an act to be hidden. The Adam and Eve characters now had to cover themselves with that infamous fig leaf.

A great modern-day example of male dominance is the tyranny of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. Females are now encouraged to be respectful and understanding, while yielding to their rapist. How’s that for patriarchal rule “in the name of god”? (See link below.)

It is worth mentioning that rape isn’t about sex only. More often than not, it is also about “power over” another — in this case, the power of the patrilineal culture of the Watchtower Corporation (see link below).

Since the overthrow of the goddess culture, we are being molded to fit into the narrow and peculiar needs of this patrilineal society. Of interest is that the modern-day “gods” readily found in political, corporate, and religious systems elevate themselves above the law of which the common people must abide.

Is it Too Late for a Healthy Shift?

Maybe we can still learn something from that lust for power over people. I can see that both the female and male cultures turned away from service to community — to one of self-serving status — at some point.

When that desire for god- or goddess-status was realized, the rulers of the day became unbalanced in themselves, which in turn unbalanced the family, the community, and the entire culture. It seems that matrilineal cultures existed up till the time that Babylonian male culture gained power.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Vienna, Google Art Project Wiki CommonsAt that time, the men rose against the women because of a desire to make a great name for themselves. Even the bible admits to that greed for power. The men attempted to build a tower into the heavens, according to Genesis 11:1–9. But, as the tower got taller and taller, it became apparent that it was a ridiculous idea. The building project became next to impossible to access the heights these men desired. Even at it’s highest, there was still no heaven in sight. The men were wearing themselves out. The entire project began to feel futile. Instead of making themselves feel great, the monstrosity they struggled with every day made them feel smaller and less significant. Their grandiose idea became a humiliation.

The people were losing hope in the concept of accessing heaven by sheer height alone. All the sacrificing of children and whatever else was demanded of these men yielded no results. Personally, I don’t believe that some imaginary god confused the language to disperse the men. The abandonment of the project happened much more naturally. Seriously, how could these men be so shallow to think they would access heaven? If heaven is even real? Was it another case of “in the name of god” of which the men attempted to convince the people was real?

Learning from the Past

Gradually, the men in Babylon left off building their sky city. Their failure proved embarrassing and the men decided it best to put distance between themselves and their grand idol. Their coveted building project came to a standstill. Maybe it was then they decided to conquer linearly instead of vertically.

They didn’t seem to learn that human bodies are here on the earth to accept their humanness and their limitations that a human flesh suit offers. They forgot their humanity as they continued to strive for godship status.

Still, humans are striving for godship via a global movement to conquer the planet. All their plans are in place — and have been for several centuries now — even if they can’t all agree on every detail.

Why not instead live as a human being with integrity? Why not learn to love our humanity? Let’s get grounded in our humanity. Let’s relish this life as an earthling.

For me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I don’t want to miss! Personally, I don’t want to mess up by getting greedy for power. How about you?

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