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Is the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses a secret society?—or is it a society of secrets? I hope you like dark secret society stuff because it seems to be popping up as a subject for discussion more and more frequently. Especially is this true among the ex-members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community. Religious members demonize us, get employers to fire us, and say all kinds of lies about us. As a direct result of these attacks, ex-members awaken to the truth about the organization and it’s close affiliates at the speed of light. Lately, it occurred to me that religions are the interface which secret orders use to have access to communities. Perhaps these covert groups are behind the sick religious beliefs and the pedophilia scourge. Some people suspect so. Who can say?

Textbook Citing of Secret Society Connections

Occult Theocrasy reveals Pastor Charles Taze Russell First President of Watchtower was 33rd Degree FreemasonThe book Occult Theocrasy by Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller) designates a short chapter about Pastor Charles Taze Russell, first President of Watchtower Corporation. Chapter XCVIII is devoted to his upstart religion called The Russellites (International Bible Students). Today this religion is known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses found at jw (dot) org. Lady Queenborough also identified Pastor Russell as being involved with a secret society, specifically Freemasonry (pp. 721, 737). Isn’t it interesting how Russell’s name made it into a book with the title Occult Theocrasy, especially since Jehovah’s Witnesses reject anything even remotely related to the occult. Nevertheless, I’m confident their rules have no bearing on the higher-ups in the religious pyramid of control — only the lower rank-and-file members.

Book Confirms Secret Connections

Watchtower and the Masons by Fritz Springmeier Book CoverThere are certain apologists in the ex-members community of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who really confound me. Recently, there have been a few videos defending the Watchtower stance, claiming Charles Taze Russell wasn’t a member of any secret society. He couldn’t possibly belong to a secret society because he — well, he simply couldn’t.

What a lame defense! I could see what little research was put into the video. I read a book called The Watchtower and The Masons by Fritz Springmeier, which confirmed what I suspected. Interestingly, Springmeier’s goal was to investigate as a detective, to filter out spurious information, yet consider every relevant fact. All I had to do was read the entire book to realize these ex-member apologists hadn’t even read the book! Yet they claim to be in a position to refute what they know so little about. Let’s have a closer look.

Words of Pastor C.T. Russell

JW-masonic-secret-symbols-Charles-Taze-Russell-book-cover winged sun diskFritz Springmeier’s book referenced a transcript of one of C.T. Russell’s public talks in which he used secret society terminology consistently. Pastor Russell’s very title “Who May Know God’s Secrets” is itself a clue. Furthermore, consider the chapter which follows, written by a 33rd degree Freemason. If someone were to read both chapters to me, I would have figured they were written by the same person because of the similarities in terminology.

Besides declaring the superiority of his upstart religion over any other, Russell also claimed through various means, including his public talks that:

  • Jehovah was the Great Architect (p.41),
  • Jesus was the Grand Master (p.26),
  • a lie is not a lie when one deceives someone deemed not worthy to know the truth (p.58) and will lie under oath to protect brothers (p.59),
  • Jesus was killed by someone in the Junior Order (p.140),
  • limited membership in God’s Fraternal Order (p.141),
  • leaving God’s Order means death (p.141),
  • and degrees of knowledge (p.145).

The terminology is employed in both Freemasonry and Watchtower.

Degrees of Hierarchy

Then, I looked deeper at the Watchtower corporation. They have their hierarchy of degrees, just as do secret societies. The only people to whom members show respect are the ones above them. Fritz Springmeier shows clearly that secret society members believe in religion. Both groups use symbols such as the “winged sun disk”, the “cross and crown”, “Watchtowers”, “armed guard with shield”, the “rising sun”, “alchemist diamond” and many others.

Secret Society Connections Dallas Canada on Diamond Symbol in both Watchtower and FreemasonryWatchtower's alchemy diamond as seen on their website JW dot org.

As we know, another well used tool which Freemasonry and Watchtower both use is termed “Theocratic Warfare”. This tool gives them license to lie any time it suits their purpose. As a consequence, both Freemasonry and Watchtower have lost all credibility with me. They’re both very real and very deceitful — and deeply inter-connected. Their symbols are seen all over the place. I see them everywhere I go. I knew a woman once who wore a “cross ‘n’ crown” engagement ring. She hated me because she knew darn well that I knew what her ring represented.

Delusions of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watch Tower Secret Society Symbols on early magazineWatch Tower Secret Society symbols on early magazine, published during C.T. Russell's presidency of his upstart religion, the Russellites, then later their name was changed to International Bible Students.

When I was a Jehovah’s Witnesses member, I expected elders all to behave selflessly, pristinely, and perfectly, without defect. In their near god-like state, never would I imagine them trying to hide or gloss over doctrinal controversies. True, I’ve been separated from the religious group since 2000. Undoubtedly, I’ve put much distance between myself and what I used to believe. I’ve also had plenty of therapy, and deliberately purged so much of my old mindset. Perhaps my critics and naysayers left the scene much later, had little or no therapy, and therefore still retain many of the old Watchtower–isms. I don’t know. I suppose some ex-members have their personal reasons for believing Jehovah’s Witnesses can yet be reformed into something even slightly functional. Personally, I have my doubts. My research has helped me to see the real direction in which Jehovah’s Witnesses as a religion are moving. What if they are their own secret society? They certainly are a society of secrets!

“If idolatry were to be brought in[to religion], and especially such foul idolatry as the Babylonian system contained in its bosom, that it should be done stealthily and in secret.”—The Two Babylons, p. 7.

Secrecy and Oaths

Secrecy and oaths were vital in Jehovah’s Witnesses order. Their version of “truth” had to be protected at all costs. Members — ones baptized into the order — are unceremoniously destroyed if they leave. I described my experience in the first paragraph of this article. Ex-members are fair-game to all kinds of nefarious, harmful, and destructive behaviors from members. We lose our families, and sometimes our homes and our jobs. We are treated as dead because of what they consider betrayal to the religious order. They will always claim the “ex members are the ones who shun because they left us” but that is just another lie to protect their secret order. The hierarchy doesn’t want other members to hear why we left. 

Likewise, a Masonic oath that is repeated by all at the Entered Apprentice — First Degree — and every degree after it, and taken on the penalty of mayhem and a violent death states,

“I…do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal and never reveal any of the parts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient Freemasonry which I received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in…” The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw and Tom McKenny (1988).

Trolls—a Sure Sign Folks Are “On Target”

I recently watched a couple of different videos on the suspicions that Charles Taze Russell was connected to the secret society underworld. Some folks said it seems like there is convincing evidence in the affirmative. Other video creators insisted his connections to Freemasonry couldn’t be confirmed.

Next, the arrival of trolls alerted my spidey sense, and they actually motivated me to look deeper, rather than shut my curiosity off. Trolls jumped into many conversations to shut down the narrative, accusing certain commenters that they were this or that.  I didn’t see a connection to this or that — but maybe trolls know more than I do about the matter. Then I was more sure than ever that I was onto something.

Secret Society Member HitlerOne large pink elephant in the room, repeated over — and over — again, was that Freemasonry was “popular at the time” — without acknowledging that it is even more widely prevalent now. Look around and you will spot their symbols everywhere. It’s how they communicate with one another. Perhaps such a critic says it over — and over — again to convince himself and his listeners that Freemasonry is not as pervasive now. That kind of repetition — used how he used it — really pushes my buttons. It reminds me of what one infamous master of deception believed to be a sure way to spread dis-information,

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”―Adolf Hitler

Example of Secrecy

Crisis of Conscience book cover by Raymond FranzAt this point in my research, I began to suspect that all the governing body members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses were involved with some secret society. It turns out I’m not alone in that conclusion.

An ex-member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Raymond Franz used to be a governing body member of the Watchtower Society. He wrote a book called Crisis of Conscience after he was disfellowshipped from the religion. Many ex-members wondered why he wouldn’t talk about Watchtower’s Freemasonry connections. Several others suspected his silence on the subject was because he too was a Freemason who had to protect the society’s secrets, upon threat of death. Nevertheless, he could talk about the Watchtower to a limited degree, if he stuck to sharing his own personal experiences about the religiously-created divide between members and ex-members. For example, he validly and vehemently criticized the policies around the practice of religious shunning of ex-members, including beloved family members.

The Charity Aspect

Both Watchtower Corporation and secret societies claim they are benevolent and perform good deeds around their communities and the world. Trolls who followed the various videos assured us how truly benevolent and helpful secret society members were.

Sadly, my personal observations showed me that any good deed they perform allegedly comes with a hook. Recipients of their “goodness” must be prepared for what happens as a result of their conditional benevolence. One day, these recipients will be called on for a favor — or even favors. Such a favor cannot be refused, even if they must sell their souls to accommodate their secret society brethren.

I will conclude this article on Pastor Russell by saying Fritz Springmeier wrote an entire book on the subject. I urge anyone curious about Watchtower’s connections to Freemasonry to read his research in it’s entirety and make up your own mind. Frankly, it’s none of my business what anyone else believes. Nevertheless, I do speak up about this issue because I believe that we are inherently meant to live as sovereign beings, not enslaved to man-made doctrines which surely lead to enslavement of humanity via a failed system of governance, whether religious or secular. Beware of any hierarchy. We are all humans, are we not?

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