Shunning Ex-Members a Religious Rule

Just when I thought all had been said that could be said about the subject of disfellowshipping and shunning — I’m wrong again! Indeed, shunning ex-members is a religious rule in the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religion. An unbending edict! How do parents simply shut off their hearts one day when a child has made an independent decision that conflicts what the parents would choose for them? Where is a heart of compassion? How can a god of love make shunning ex-members a religious rule?

Oppressive or Benign Religion?

I stumbled across a video of particular interest because it was on the subject of religious shunning. Jehovah’s Witnesses official stance is that they do not interfere in family life, and it is a personal choice to shun or not. Nevertheless, according to the video posted, I see clearly the official stance is merely propaganda for public consumption. The public stance creates the appearance of a benign religion — when in fact, quite the opposite is true. The true stance of the religion indicates that it is more important than ever to shun a disfellowshipped family member. After all, who wants to associate with one who has been judged for having “defective faith”? Shunning ex-members is not an option. It’s a strict religious directive — a religious rule.

Judging Family Members

God's Word is Truth: Shun Your Family! says Jehovah's Witnesses. Shunning Ex-Members a Religious RuleAs if humans have the right to judge. Watch the video “Shocking Jehovah’s Witness convention talk telling parents to shun children“.  This clip is taken from the “God’s Word is Truth” District convention talk of 2013 called, “The Truth Brings not Peace, but a Sword”—Matthew 10:32-38. It was originally posted on John Cedars YouTube Channel.

I’m glad the Watchtower Organization is showing it’s true colors about their unyielding shunning rule. It does indeed help people to make healthy choices about their spirituality, when their double-standard is so clearly displayed. In my case, I was happy to have already left the family religion back in the year 2000. I’ve been healing my Self ever since, because many of their rules and policies are seriously damaging to members and their immediate families. In fact, it seems to me that the religion is becoming even more hard-line than ever.

It seems to me that the Watchtower hierarchy are adamant they don’t lose any more members as a result of speaking with ones who have already left. Shunning ex-members, even family members, is an inflexible religious command which comes right from the top of the Watchtower pyramid.

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