Birds in My Yard

Birds in My Yard are Most Welcome Visitors!

When healing from the ravages of a cult, one of the things needed for wellness is what is called a “safe place”. I live in Vancouver, BC, and my yard is a very restful place where it is easy to relax. Besides my home, my yard feels safe. One reason for the feeling of vital well-being is that I am surrounded by my favorite feathered friends. Chickadees, robins, hummingbirds, and flickers are a few of our frequent visitors. Sometimes, I even have a woodpecker visit me. At times it feels like these lovely creatures are aware of my presence — and they are watchful and cautious — but they still linger. It seems to me that birds all have their little behaviors and preferences, just as humans do!


Hummingbird resting in Crocosmias 2017. Birds in My YardHummingbirds are one of my all-time favorite birds. When I see one, it never fails to connect me to my heart. Sometimes I see two or three flying together. They appear to be playing — or flirting? So sweet. The photo on the left was taken by me in 2017. The hummingbird has a large body, seemingly like she’s pregnant. She too is taking a rest break in our Crocosmias, a favorite flowering plant of her and her friends.


Robin in our yard loves our birdbath 2017Many robins flutter about in the undergrowth of our yard. But, when the hot summer weather rolls in, they will bask in the sun and take a dust bath in a dry spot in the garden. Also, they like the bird bath. If I have the bird bath (water) in the garden, they won’t take dust baths. Perhaps they prefer the water. The Robin here definitely shows a preference to our birdbath. The photo on the right was taken in 2017 in our yard. Have you noticed that robins will run — rather than hop — as they scurry about?

Flickers and Woodpeckers2010 Pileated Woodpecker in our yard

Yes, there is much to say about birds. One thing I learned since moving here and obtaining some books about birds, is that the flicker is a relative of the woodpecker family. Besides looking different, woodpeckers build their nests in trees, whereas, flickers build their nests on the ground. Once, I was laying on the lawn enjoying the warm summer sun and a flicker landed in our apple tree about ten feet from me. It must have felt hot, because it had its wings spread out wide, as if hugging the tree. As well, it propped its tail against the tree, like woodpeckers do. It was obviously aware of my presence, because it watched me for a long time. Needless to say, I observed it for a long time, too!

Sorry I did not have the camera for that occasion. The photo of a Pileated woodpecker provided here was taken at a nearby park in 2010. Notice the red crown-like cap on it’s head? Both flickers and woodpeckers love to pick bugs out of dead trees. Apparently, their “peckings” are effective in helping the dead wood decompose faster.


Chickadee in our yard at bird bath 2011For the second year, chickadees are building a nest in our cherry tree. Maybe the birds just inherently know that I am a friend and our yard is a safe place — and I am eternally grateful for their company! They have many different sounds in their vocabulary — each meaning something different in their chickadee language.


One thing I don’t like is that the crows in our neighborhood like to wash their food in the birdbath — and they can leave quite a mess. Sadly, there are people in the neighborhood who feed them white bread. If only these folks knew how detrimental this bread is to them, they would likely quit feeding the birds. I have mentioned to one neighbor about an article I read  how bread actually produces health problems such as obesity and malnutrition in birds. After all, white wheat bread has no nutritional value. Any food value has been refined away. Nevertheless, she still feeds them. Apparently what I said did not seem to register.

No matter, I am pleased with the restful state of my yard, and knowing that the local birds find it restful too brings me even more contentment! Like I always say, the birds in my yard are always welcome guests!

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