Why Write about Ancient Babylon?

Why would I write about ancient Babylon? What relevance could that ancient pagan city have for me today? Imagine my surprise when I began my research! I found some eye-opening books on the subject, which left me with an even more pressing question. What does the “worldly” book entitled The Two Babylons and the Watchtower book Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God’s Kingdom Rules! have in common?

According to The Two Babylons the religious leaders had one job to do: introduce Babylon-ish ways to the entire globe — by stealth.

I quote,

“It was a matter, therefore, of necessity, if idolatry were to be brought in, and especially such foul idolatry as the Babylonian system contained in its bosom, that it should be done stealthily and in secret. Even though introduced by the hand of power, it might have produced a revulsion, and violent attempts might have been made by the uncorrupted portion of mankind to put it down; and at all events, if it had appeared at once in all its hideousness, it would have alarmed the consciences of men, and defeated the very object in view. That object was to bind all mankind in blind and absolute submission to a hierarchy entirely dependent on the sovereigns of Babylon. In the carrying out of this scheme, all knowledge, sacred and profane, came to be monopolised by the priesthood, who dealt it out to those who were initiated in the “Mysteries” exactly as they saw fit, according as the interests of the grand system of spiritual despotism they had to administer might seem to require. Thus the people, wherever the Babylonian system spread, were bound neck and heel to the priests.”—The Two Babylons, p. 7.

Did Watchtower Inc. Know “the Plan”?

"Babylon the Great Has Fallen!"book God's Kingdom Rules!The religion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, controlled by Watchtower Inc., dedicated their religious publication Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God’s Kingdom Rules! (1963) to an entirely different cause!

Right here is the reason why I write about ancient Babylon. Astonishingly, in my family’s religion, not one word was mentioned about how Babylon’s practices would be introduced fraudulently. Our family read this book cover to cover during the mid-week book studies. Not one word of warning was uttered on how to protect their precious, much-loved members from such a covert deception. In fact, the very opposite was stated, namely, that Babylon’s religions would fall and would be replaced by their grand god’s New World paradise! The Jehovah’s Witnesses were being led right into a deadly mental trap! Below is what they claimed their publication would accomplish:

Babylon book dedicated to God Almighty no word of restoring ancient Babylon posted in Why Write about Ancient BabylonThe Babylon book of Jehovah's Witnesses was dedicated to God Almighty, who was to bring down Babylonish religions. Not one word of restoring ancient Babylon was ever noted.

Interestingly, Watchtower Inc. most certainly knew about the planned betrayal of their religious members. Indeed, Watchtower Inc.  were also invited to participate in the grand deception. All religions of the world were obliged to engage their flocks in the lie. If a religion would refuse to participate, that would very likely mean losing their government subsidies, and even — dare I say — their tax-exempt status.

How would li’l ol’ me know Watchtower Inc. knew? The book Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God’s Kingdom Rules! (1963) uses The Two Babylons as a sourcebook — no less — identified on page 20 (see below). Perhaps a better question to ask might be, “how could Watchtower — NOT — know?”

'Babylon the Great Has Fallen' uses 'The Two Babylons' as a sourcebook posted in 'Why  Write about Ancient Babylon?' Jehovah's Witnesses publication Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God's Kingdom Rules! (1963) uses The Two Babylons (1926) as a sourcebook.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Babylonish Connections Exposed!

The Two Babylons - the book to turn folks back to babylon, instead of freedomImagine! Back in the early 1960s Jehovah’s Witnesses members might have known the truth about their false religion — had they been awake enough to discern. Personally, I was just a very young girl at the time, struggling valiantly to keep up with all of Watchtower’s grand “new light” — as the Watchtower Society liked to call it — as far back as I can remember. The Watchtower religion promoted theirs as the One True Religion, after an inspection and approval made personally by Jesus. As a child, I was truly gullible enough to believe everything I heard. After all, how could my parents be wrong about such an important revelation!

My parents were both devoted Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that’s exactly the reason why I write about ancient Babylon today. It’s time to expose the religious lies and deceptions in which I was indoctrinated and enslaved for far too long.

So, I suppose the failure of ancient Babylonians’ ability to build the tower of Babel vertically, into the heavens, didn’t stop the narcissists of the day. After that first failure, they next decided to build their world empire horizontally. Are we not seeing that manifestation today? When I examine my parent’s religion and all their dysfunctional beliefs, I indeed see valid reasons why I would write about ancient Babylon at this time. I’ll be scrutinizing more about their specific beliefs in another article. I trust readers will feel welcome to let me know if you wish to follow along. I’ll happily add you to my mailing list. Please use the form on the Contact Page to notify me of your wishes.

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